Michael and his aunty Sylvia's panties

When Michael’s aunty Silvia first moved in with him and his mum he wasn’t particularly pleased about it. But after a short time he realised that she always wore stockings. Often in the evening as they watched television we would often be able to see the tops of her stockings as she lounged about on the sofa. She wasn’t aware she was exhibiting herself and even if she did she wouldn’t have been bothered as Michael was part of the f****y.

Michael always made sure he sat opposite his aunty so he would get a good view of her stocking clad legs. Now at the age of 19 and masturbating daily whenever he was home by himself he would go into aunty’s bedroom and find some of her stockings. The first place he looked was always the laundry basket as he loved finding a pair that she had already worn. This particular morning he had found a pair that he recognised her wearing the previous day. He took them into the bathroom, undressed and started pulling them up his legs. He loved the feel of the nylon against his skin making him even harder.

He suddenly had a thought and decided he wanted to wrap a stocking round his cock while he pleasured himself. He went back into her bedroom and found another pair of aunty’s stockings. He went back into the bathroom and standing in front of the mirror tied one of the stockings under his balls and over the top of his cock. Michael loved the feel as it pulled his balls up and made them so large.

The other stocking he wrapped round his cock and started pumping his erectness. The feel of the nylon on his legs, balls and cock soon had him spraying his cum into the stocking and soaking it. After he had emptied his balls he untied himself and took the stockings off. The other was soaked in his cum and he decided to wash it clean and then drying it as much as he could he then dropped it into the laundry basket in aunty’s bathroom knowing all she would do was to pick all the dirty washing up and put it in the washing machine.

That was what he expected aunty to do.

When Sylvia got home she went to her bedroom and changed her clothing. As she opened the laundry basket to drop her dirty clothes in it she saw her stockings were at the top whereas she remembered that they were further down when she put them in there. She pulled them out and realised there were two pairs and she knew she had only put one pair in there. It puzzled her and then realised that one of them was very wet as if it had been washed. She looked at it closely and was shocked when she saw that there was a lot of quite sticky stuff on it.
Immediately she realised it was cum and as Michael was the only male in the house it had to be him. Sylvia didn’t know what to do, she didn’t want to tell Michael’s mum, her s****r so decided when the time was right she’d have a word with Michael and tell him not to do it again. She didn’t get an opportunity to say anything that evening and they all spent the time watching television. Sylvia noticed that whenever she looked across at Michael he seemed to be staring at her legs.

They all went to bed and Michael soon had a raging hard on, he wished he had kept a pair of aunty’s stockings and he could have used them to masturbate and decided that first thing in the morning he would get a pair from aunty’s bedroom.

Meanwhile Sylvia was thinking about what she was going to say to Michael but just thinking about it started getting her aroused. It had been awhile since she had felt like this but she loved the way her nipples were getting hard and she was getting moist between her legs. She really wasn’t one to masturbate but soon the urges were so strong she was unable to resist and found her fingers plunging in and out of her pussy. Her orgasm was very quick and very strong and afterwards she lay relaxing and realised that as she masturbated she had been thinking of her nephew.

She slept well and decided that at the first opportunity she would say something to him but first she had to go out for a short time.
Michael heard the front door close and knew that he was home by himself. He went straight into aunty’s bedroom and found a pair of her stockings in the laundry basket and undressed in her bedroom, sat on the bed and put them on.
Sylvia was waiting at the bus stop and suddenly thought, she really needed to get this problem with Michael out of the way, so turned round and walked home. She unlocked the door and walked in. It was all quiet. She was tempted to call out to Michael but decided to find him. He wasn’t anywhere downstairs and then upstairs. As she got to the top of the stairs and turned round the corner she saw Michael, the bathroom door was wide open and he was wearing her stockings and rubbing his cock.

Totally shocked, she sort of squealed. Michael turned round to see his aunty standing there. He immediately pushed the door shut, took the stockings off and dressed. Sylvia went downstairs and waited for him.

Michael went downstairs feeling very embarrassed and said, ‘Oh aunty, I’m so sorry, I know it’s wrong and shouldn’t have done it, but I just couldn’t stop myself.’

Sylvia’s first reaction was disgust and wanted to really tell him off but there was something stopping her. She said, ‘What is that you like about my stockings?’

He replied, ‘I like the feel of the nylon against my skin.’
‘Yesterday,’ she said, ‘I found a pair of my stockings that had been washed and what I think had the remains of some ejaculation fluid. It was yours, wasn’t it?’

‘Yes aunty, I’m so sorry, please don’t tell mum,’ he replied.

‘Have you still got my stockings on under your trousers?’ she asked.
Michael merely nodded.

‘Show me,’ she demanded.

Michael unbuckled his belt and dropped his trousers to the floor, he was still wearing her stockings and his erect cock was standing out in front of him.
She said, ‘Oh Michael, I can see what effect my stockings have on you. Now let me see what you were doing to yourself, let me see you play with yourself.’

‘Oh aunty, I can’t,’ he begged.

‘OK, I’ll have to see what your mother says then,’ she replied.

Michael looked at her and his hand went down to his cock, he had to admit that the thought of his aunty watching him aroused him even more. He started rubbing himself. Sylvia loved watching her nephew and could feel herself getting aroused. She pulled her skirt up higher so he could see her stocking tops and her bare thigh. Michael loved seeing this and knew he was going to cum soon. Sylvia smiled and beckoned him over to her. He knew what she meant and as he shot his cum he pointed his cock at his aunty’s legs and cum all over them.
‘Oh aunty, that was wonderful,’ he said after he had finished cumming.

‘You have made them very sticky I think you need to lick them clean for me now,’ she said.

Michael had never tasted his own cum so reluctantly knelt down and started licking his aunty’s stockings clean and amazingly found that he liked the taste and texture of his cum. This was arousing Sylvia and she took his hand and put it on the panties. Michael loved how wet she was and had soon slipped a finger inside his aunty’s wet pussy. Her orgasm was almost immediate.

Sylvia went to the bathroom, washed and then went out. When she returned Michael’s mother wasn’t home and she went and found Michael in his bedroom. She sat on the bed and said, ‘where are my stockings?’

Michael reached under his pillow and handed them to her. As he stood in front of her she reached forward unbuckled his belt and took his underpants and trousers down. His semi hard cock was only inches from her face. She took the stocking and wrapped it round his cock and started rubbing it. Soon he was rock hard and it was only a few minutes before he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into the stocking.

Sylvia then stood up and took her stockings off and slid the one that was covered in her nephew’s cum up her leg. She loved the feel of the sticky hot ejaculate against her skin. She then took her skirt and panties off and said, ‘Right, it’s aunty’s turn now.’

She pulled him down to her and f***ed his face against her wet pussy. Michael started licking her and found her clit and sucked it. Soon she was soaking his face with her orgasm juices.

Eventually Michael’s mother came home and they all had dinner together. As they sat down later and watched television Michael could see that his aunty was still wearing the stockings that he had cum in. He also noticed that she had her skirt up higher and was showing more of her stockings.

Sylvia had trouble sl**ping that night as she kept thinking of what she had down with her nephew and although she knew it was wrong she also knew that she enjoyed it so much that she would be unable to stop it continuing.

The next day as soon as Michael’s mother went out Sylvia went into his room and undressed in front of him. As she took off her bra he saw her big tits and she said, ‘Right first of all I’m going to give you a tit wank.’

He lay on the bed on his back with his hard cock standing to attention. Sylvia leaned over him and squeezed her tits round his cock and rubbed them up and down. In no time at all he was shooting his cum all over his aunty’s tits.

She then said, ‘While you get hard again you can lick aunty’s cunt.’

He dived between her legs and licked her to her first orgasm. The day continued like this with lots of licking, sucking and fucking. At the end Sylvia said, ‘I’ve got one last special thing for you.’

She sucked him and got him hard, then slid a stocking over his cock and then tied it tightly round his balls and then started sucking him again with the stocking round his cock. Michael couldn’t believe how great it felt with the nylon against his cock and his aunty’s mouth clamped around him. When he eventually came he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into his aunty’s mouth.

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I wish I had been the son. Many thanks.
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nice story
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