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Detail to follow later of my cousin fucking Fiona

On Saturday night my cousin stayed the night and ended up fucking Fiona, Needless to say I watched and wanked. He then slept in between us and I felt her playing with his cock most of the night. We spent most of Sunday catching up on lost sl**p.
Will give you all the messy details later when I get time to write it.
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My CBT is getting a bit more intense as the day goes on and producing more and more precum.
Posted by arbymore 5 months ago

Aching balls

My mild CBT is really making my balls ache and precum is dripping out. if I wasn't going to fuck Fiona tonight I'd be wanking by now.
Posted by arbymore 5 months ago

At home

A nice bit of gentle CBT this morning. Strap under my balls and over my cock. Hairbands round my balls and the grandk**s loom bands round the head of my cock and leaking lovely sticky precum. So keep going to the loo and wiping it off and eating it - yummy.
Posted by arbymore 5 months ago

Sunday Morning

You can't beat a nice Sunday morning fuck especially when you're woken up with your wife stroking your cock.
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My night in the hotel

I want to tell you about when I stay away for the night in hotels. This happened a couple of weeks ago.

This is NOT a story but a true account of what I got up to last time I stayed away and it’s very similar to what I do every time I stay away.
For many years now I’ve enjoyed wearing ladies underwear and have accumulated quite a bit over the years. It started with me trying a pair of my wife’s knickers on to me buying my own and sometimes very sexy stuff.
On the morning I knew I was going to be staying away I woke up very horny. After I showered I used two of my wife’s hairbands and pu... Continue»
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Oh how I adore my precum. Fiona wants sex tonight so I can't wank and cum. I've get two of her tight hairbands under my balls and over my cock. My precum is almost pouring out of me so I wipe it off with my fingers and lick them clean. I also love smearing it over my lips and under my nose so I can smell it all the time.
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Yesterday on the beach

Went to the beach with our son and daughter-in-law yesterday. I was delighted when she decided to go for a swim and took off her undies and put her swimming costume on. I saw where she put her undies and as soon as they were both in the water I had a really good sniff of her white panties. They were damp and smelt wonderful.
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Lipstick on cock

I've recently discovered the pleasure of pulling my foreskin right back and coating tht head of my cock with deep red lipstick and lipgloss before wanking. Does anyone else do this - I'd love to see some photos please.
Posted by arbymore 6 months ago


Precum now pouring out of me. stood in front of the sink and let it run out and then wiped it all over my mouth and licked my fingers clean.
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Pantie Swap

We met a couple on a cruise at the beginning of the year and he and I swapped our wife's panties. They came to stay for the weekend and after a couple of hours he asked if I wanted to swap them again. Needless to say we did and he gave me a nice pair of black stained silk ones. They have now gone and I've managed to have a wank while sniffing them - wonderful. I also looked at the facebook photos at the same time.
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I need someone to fake some pics for me

I need someone to fake some pics for me. I have some facial photos of my sexy married nieces, a slutty neighbour and my secretary. I need someone to fake their faces onto other slutty bodies for me to wank over. Can anyone help me please?
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Looking for a wank/suck buddy

I'm home alone Wednesday lunchtime and looking for wank/suck buddy to join in. I am near Bournemouth.
Posted by arbymore 8 months ago

Home Alone

I'm home alone on Wednesday lunchtime and already planning my wank. Any ladies like to chat and help me or even join in with me?
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Fiona's panties

Just found Fiona's panties in the washing basket that she wore yesterday and delighted to see that they had a nice thick white cunt seepage stain on them. They smelt and tasted wonderful.
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What I really want

What I really want to do is to stand in front of a married woman and make her watch me as I wank myself off while looking at her.
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Back home

Back home from holidays. Wonderful kinky time with watching Fiona in a threesome with a married couple and then another threesome with two guys. Lots of details later. Needless to say I'm horny again.
Posted by arbymore 11 months ago

Anyone cam tomorrow

I'm free all afternoon tomorrow - Wednesday - I want to watch someone wank and cum on cam - anyone interested.
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Blow job tonight

Really horny today and Fiona has promised to suck me off tonight, can't wait.
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Achy balls today

Balls are really aching today and in need of relief, it'll either be the wife's hand or mine. Hope it's hers.
Posted by arbymore 1 year ago