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Continuing the Sunday afternoon cuckold

As you have read Fiona has spent the past couple of Sunday afternoons being fucked by our neighbour after he split up with his girlfriend. Although I wasn't allowed to watch at first Fiona did give me all the details as she wanked me off afterwards.
During the week we noticed that his girlfriend seemed to be back with him and when we asked him he confirmed it. We said we were pleased and hoped he enjoyed the Sunday afternoon fun. He said he did and then shocked us by saying he had told his girlfriend and that she'd like it to continue as long as she could join in.
We couldn't make it yesterd... Continue»
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[Story] Jemma’s Dance Contract – chapter 2

Jemma’s Dance Contract – chapter 2
Jemma was fuming as she showered and got ready for her performance in Chicago later that evening, but as the warm water splashed her body she realised that her nipples were hard and that she was getting damp between her legs and it wasn’t the shower that was doing it.
She had to admit to herself how much she enjoyed what had just happened to her, it was just that they had filmed her that annoyed her. However, she had no intention of joining them when she got back from the performance. In fact she intended to ask some of the other dancers whether she could s... Continue»
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This weekend

Celebrating our wedding anniversary this weekend in a London hotel. Hoping we can meet another couple there who will be happy to come back to our room for some fun.
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Sunday afternoon cuckold

Our neighbour has asked for a repeat performance of last Sunday with Fiona. I have agreed as long as I can watch and he has said I can so we're both going round to his place at 2.30. Fiona is going to give him a Viagra so she can get repeat cums from him. I am already very horny and when I asked Fiona where she wants him to fuck her she says both holes and mouth.
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The sex shop meeting

As I got out of the car and headed to my local adult shop I saw another
couple in front of me. They looked like any other ordinary couple out
for a bit of shopping but I was pleasantly surprised when they went
into the shop. I was looking for another vibrating cock ring but I also
wanted to see what they were going to buy. I quickly found what I
wanted and as I went to pay the other couple were in front of me and I
heard them ask if the sold nipple clamps. The very attractive girl
behind the counter said they didn't sell them but their other shop
about a mile along the road would have ... Continue»
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Sunday afternoon cuckold

This afternoon I was cuckolded by my wife and my next door neighbour. His girlfriend left him a few weeks ago and he was clearly devastated. My wife Fiona felt it was only right to comfort him as he has been so good to us. Whatever she says goes so I couldn't disagree otherwise she would have locked me in my chastity cage all week. I asked if I could watch and although she was happy about it he felt he would feel awkward when he saw me so I was not permitted to watch. She was at his house for about an hour this afternoon and she came home and told me everything while I wanked. I was also instr... Continue»
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Home alone yesterday postponed until this morning

I've got my cock and balls tied up and wearing the wife's panties. Will be wanking from about 11.30. hoping to make it last as long as possible.
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[Story] Jemma's dance contract - chapter 1

Jemma was delighted when she opened her email telling her that she had been chosen as a dancer for a three month contract in Cabaret at The Pavilion theatre in Bournemouth. She had never been there before but was soon looking forward to it although she knew it would be hard work. Also she would have to leave her girlfriend behind – oh how she was going to miss those intense orgasms they used to give each other.
Being there for three months she knew that she would have to get somewhere to stay so she got the latest trade magazine and started looking through the ads for places to rent.
One tha... Continue»
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[Story] Used and cuckolded

Used, abused and cuckolded
I had been locked in my chastity cage since last weekend by my wife. She told me I would be released on Friday which was yesterday.
When I got up yesterday she told me she would release before I went to work. I showered, got dressed and had breakfast and she said, ‘right, now let’s get you ready.’
‘Take your trousers and underpants off,’ she said.
Then she bent down and unlocked my cage. Relief after a week of being locked up. Then she handed me a pair of her black panties and showed me the gusset with a thick white cunt seepage stain on them and said, ‘sniff and... Continue»
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Home Alone

I'm home alone on Wednesday morning and already planning my wank. Any helpful suggestions?
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Our neighbour

Our neighbour who is 48 has just broken up from his girlfriend. Fiona has told me that as he has been so good to us that she's going to invite him round to have sex with her. Whether I want to watch is up to me.
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I was used, abused and cuckolded. Details to follow during the day.
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This is kinky

I've been making lots of precum lately which I love wiping of with my fingers and licking them clean. I admitted this to Fiona and when we last watched porn together I was leaking so much precum that she let it drip onto a spoon and fed it into my mouth. Then we smeared it over both our lips - wonderful.
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[Story] The Shopkeepers Wife

This is a continuation of the original by coljac. His first chapter was a true event but this second chapter is my imagination.

The next day at work I noticed that Pauline seemed to be wearing quite a bit more make-up and in fact she definitely had deep red lipstick on that I had not seen before. During the morning Jim had to make a delivery and Pauline said, ‘I don’t know whether I’m pregnant but I have to confess that I really enjoyed it.’

I replied, ‘you’re not the only one.

As was usual in those days we closed for lunch and as normal we sat in the back of the shop and had a sand... Continue»
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Fion's cum confession

The first time I had sex with Fiona I fucked her but she told me not to cum inside her. Instead she sucked me off and I cum inside her mouth, amazingly this even triggered another orgasm from her. She then confessed that she was addicted to the taste of cum and told me how it all started.
When she was 14 she lived with her mum and dad and 16 year old b*****r. During the school holidays she noticed that as soon as their mum went out during the day her b*****r would dash up to his bedroom and shut the door. He would come out about half an hour later. One day she followed him upstairs and went... Continue»
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[Story] Fiona and her two lovers

Fiona and her two lovers
Rob and I had only been chatting to Steve for a few weeks but straight away we got on really well and it was really only a matter of time before we met. Rob and I both fancied Steve and he fancied both of us. We regularly played with each other while we looked at the photos and videos Steve had made for us where we saw him tributing both of us. In addition both Rob and I wanked ourselves privately without the other one knowing although we both admitted it afterwards.
We knew that Steve was going to Amsterdam one weekend for work and we found out which hotel he was st... Continue»
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This morning

Wife has sent me to work wearing her black soiled panties she had on yesterday. She has informed she wants sex tonight - she who must be obeyed.
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Sometimes you wake up and you just know it's going to be a horny day. First thing was to squeeze my balls through a nice small hairband and then take another two und put them under my balls and over my cock. As I had breakfast I immediately logged onto hamster. Oh yes, it's really going to be a horny day today.
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Does anyone have the same problem when precum just pours out of their cock. I put my hand underneath it and in no time I've got a huge pool of precum in it. I don't wast though and lick it all up and then smear the rest over my lips.
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My cousin fucks Fiona

Now and again Fiona gets the urge for another cock and we have a few guys that we have had some fun with. A few weeks ago a guy contacted us making it clear he would love to fuck Fiona if the opportunity arose. They chatted online a few times and Fiona was happy to consider him the next time she needed another guy’s cock.
Last Friday we had a phone call from my cousin Al and said he was in the area tomorrow and could he call in to see us, which we were happy to do. He had been with us about half an hour and was enjoying a cup of coffee when he announced that he had seen our photos and videos ... Continue»
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