Overnight with Bo Bo

Name: Bo Bo
Height: 5'5"
Size: 37E-25.5-35.5
Race: Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin)
Rating: 9/10


After my last working girl experience. I decided it was time for the overnight experience. So I picked up the phone and called Bo Bo to ask her to come over to my apartment and spend the night. She accepted immediately and told me that she'd come over at 12:00am.

At 12:00am on the dot, she called me from downstairs and told me to come down and bring her up. I noticed her from a mile away and asked her to come over. She smiled at me and we got in the lift. I must say the silence was awkward. She knew what she was doing though. She held my hand and we walked towards my apartment. Once inside, she put down her sl**p over bag and looked around my apartment. She was wearing a long coat down to her knees and cute little high heeled shoes and asked me if it was ok to take her coat off. I nodded as she slowly undid the belt. I could tell before she took off the coat that she had a great pair of tits because they were clearly pushing through the coat. As the coat came off, I looked at her and was amazed to see what she was wearing. A tiny little pink skirt without any underwear and a small white tanktop which could barely contain her tits.

She looked at me and laughed when she saw that my penis was bulging in my jeans. She came over and sat beside me and stroked my cock for a couple minutes and told me that my cock maybe too big for her. But then again it's usually too big for Asians. I nodded at her and she asked if I could show it to her. I stood up and let her undo my pants and zip and she was excited. She was grabbing and pulling until she got to me boxers. She stopped for a minute to take it all in and quick pulled them down to let my cock fall out onto her face. She gasped and put a hand on her mouth as she looked at my cock in disbelief. She was speechless and I was horny, so I pulled off her top and skirt and asked her to get on her knees. She grabbed hold of my cock with two hands and put the tip into her mouth. I knew this was going to take a while, so I reached down and put my fingers into what was already a very moist pussy and she moaned. She grabbed a condom from her bag and put it on me and told me to sit down so she could jump on top and ride me. We explored many positions and many different areas of my apartment before I was ready to explode.

As we left the kitchen, I quickly pulled the condom off and laid her on the couch where she pointed at her face. I'd never really done something like that before. I mean I've cum on a girls stomach before, but never the face. She stroked my cock and dropped my balls into her mouth until I heard I was close and she watched as my cum shot out into her eyes, mouth and nose. I covered her face with hot white cum and she screamed!

I fell onto the couch and watched her wipe the cum from her face and hair. After cleaning up, she put her head on my lap and let me penis lay on her cheek before heading in for a shower. She blew me again in the shower but I as too tired to fuck at that point. So we got out and dried up and put on a movie to watch before heading into bed. She had put on a small silk robe and ask me if I could finger her throughout the movie and I accepted.

At 8:00am she woke me up the next morning with her mouth around my cock and asked if I wanted a quick fuck before she left. I lay there and watched her bounce on my cock for 15 minutes before letting me explode in her mouth. She smiled at me and got dressed before leaving. I just lay there in disbelief.

53% (2/1)
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