Summer Beach Fun

The following is a fictional story, however the people are real.

Summer Beach Fun

Summer is always a good time of year, the sun, surf, beaches and the hot guys in their skimpy speedos and tight boardies. Summer has been an enjoyable time for me lazing back on my towel with my shades on perving on the guys all around.

I had decided to go down to Maslin’s, which is a nudist beach down the south coast, to see if there was any hot eye candy around and maybe some hot action as well. Maslin’s is a popular spot on a hot day and as you go further south the more guys there seems to be. Now I am only an average looking guy but luckily seem to crack onto some fun most times. Guys tell me I have a good personality and are easy going. . Now to be totally honest the first few guys here, weren’t what I call all that hot, but hey I do love the male body and as a young guy, was still very impressionable. The guys and the bodies that were there were to my eyes like a smorgasbord of meat.

I set myself up not far from the point and laid down on my stomach, I was not wearing any underwear under my tight white boardies so you could see my arse outlined. I had been laying there for about 10 minutes when I felt a bit cool on my back and realised that a shadow had fallen over me. Slowly tuning over I noticed this guy about 25 standing above me, “nice looking arse mate” he said. “Thanks” I replied “any thoughts on maybe doing something with it”. He grinned at me, thought for a minute said “ yeah I could do a lot with that”, winked and headed towards a more secluded rocky section just behind me and turned to see if I was following. Well you don’t have to hit me with a surfboard, I was up and following him in no time lol.

Now this guy was about my height 5’ 11” nice looking body and when he turned towards me could see he had a decent sized package. He stopped and leaned against a large rock so I moved up to him and felt his hot cock through his Speedo’s and moved in nibbling on his ear lobe. He let out a long sigh as I moved down his neck and around to run my tongue along his sexy lips. He opened his mouth and I slid our tongue in, him doing the same and we frenched kiss, all the while I am rubbing his cock which is now rock hard and leaking pre cum. I leave his lips travelling down to caress his nipples gently nipping them then give his belly button a lick out, finally resting my lips on his boner. I gently nibble on the outline of his cock from the head to his balls and back again. When I get to the head I started to suck on it and tasting his juices, which is turning me on and I can feel the head of my 6 incher rubbing against the fly of my boardies. I peel back the leg of his Speedo’s with my teeth exposing the head of his cock to the warm air and my hot mouth. I slowly take his cock in my mouth and use my tongue to swirl around the sensitive head, he reaches down and slides his togs down so they drop to his ankles then steps out of them allowing me access to him. I move down his cock taking him all in, the scent of his sexy body is mixed with the scent of coconut oil from his sunscreen making it even more exotic.

He pulled me up and whispered into my ear “I want to fuck you”. I stepped back, pulled the drawstring on my boardies undid the velcro and let them fall to the ground, I grabbed a towel and dropped to my knees with my butt pointed at him. He dropped behind me and I could feel his hot breath on my butt and his tongue moving to my hole, I shivered, if felt so sensuous and his tongue flicked my ring and lapped around the rose bud, finally slipping into the crevasse, gradually opening my hole. I moaned in heated abandon wanting this guy to take me and make me his. He rimmed my hole for what seemed like ages but was only about ten minutes before I felt him lined up his cock and slowly enter me. I held my breath, the feeling was so sexy, having his cock sliding in me an inch at a time, he was about half in and I couldn’t wait any longer and shoved myself back impaling me on his manhood, feeling his pubes tickling my balls.

He cried out “yeah” and rested for a couple of minutes savouring the feel of his cock up my chute, then he started to withdraw it and I clamped down to ensure he couldn’t withdraw it all and lose that sensational feel of his cock. He started to move back in and I looked up at his hot body and noticed a couple of other guys watching us rubbing their cocks in their swim suits. He also noticed them at the same time, which turned us both on even more, and he started pounding my arse even harder, I didn’t mind at all. One of the guys watching moved closer, leaned down and started to play with my hard on, then moved underneath me and started to suck on my cock, I motioned for him to move around so we could 69 which he did. So there am I having a 69er with this guy while another hot guy is shoving his cock in my arse. I felt the balls on the guy I was sucking tightened, hinting that he was ready to join me in blowing our loads, it didn’t take much longer when I felt cum erupt from the tip of his cock and shoot down my throat. I exploded at the same time, both swallowing each other’s load. As my arse ring tightened the guy fucking me called out that he was cuming and started depositing his load in me, he blasted about six hot loads of cum in my hole. We all collapsed onto the sand exhausted from the hot sex. I was the last to recover and got up, the other two had gone and I was on my own, I made my way back to where my gear was looking around to see if I could see them but no.

To my surprise when I got back to my gear there is a sheet of paper with both their numbers on it and a message, need to do that again.

92% (9/1)
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2 years ago
fuck yeah - can't wait for the next story ;)
2 years ago