The sound of the door closing woke Mrs. Duffy. It was almost summer, and the nights were getting warmer. She looked at the clock next to her, twelve-thirty. Early, she thought. She kicked off the bedspread,stuck her feet out, and listened to the night sounds.

She heard Julie Ann, her daughter, talking with Jerry, her boyfriend. She heard him. The television in the living room went on, to hide the noise of their love making. Mrs. Duffy heard them stop talking, and over the blurred sound of a talk show, she heard the squeak of the day-bed and their moans and sighs. She thought of Jerry, handsome, polite, twenty, a real catch.

She had been divorced and a single parent since Julie Ann was a little girl. Eleven years, she thought, eleven, without a man and, she sighed, thirty pounds ago. She was an attractive and charming woman, who could have dated, who needn't have been celibate, but who had gotten into the habit of working at her career and caring for her daughter to the exclusion of men or romance.

She heard them, humping faster, moaning louder, and she felt herself getting excited. She pressed her legs tightly together and rubbed them against each other, creating a gentle rocking pressure against her mound. She thought of Jerry--faceless in her fantasy--she smiled and her hand drifted under her panties and between her legs.

Play with me. Make me cum. Her hips pumped as fingers found her clit, hard between her wet pussy lips. There, rub it, rub it hard. She saw a cock, his cock, a hard cock. Make me cum and I'll suck you off . . . Make me!

She fell asl**p wondering if she would ever feel a man inside her again.

Saturday, Julie Ann got a call from her dad, a surprise visit. She left early to spend the weekend with him. That afternoon Jerry came over.

"Hi, Mrs. Duffy," he said standing on the doorsteps. "Julie Ann and I are going to the movies."

Mrs. Duffy looked at Jerry. She had her long red hair down, loose around her shoulders. She blushed, remembering her fantasy from the night before, Baby, eat my cunt. . . . She was glad that she was wearing a caftan: it hid the small, but obscene and lustful, gyrations of her hips. "Come on in a second," she asked impulsively. "I've got some ironing to finish."

She turned and walked into the kitchen.

"So, where's Julie Ann?" Jerry asked. He leaned against the kitchen doorway.

"Her dad called," Mrs. Duffy said, adjusting a white slip on the ironing board. Jerry looked away from her, uncomfortable having her lingerie out in plain view.

Jerry knew Julie Ann was fond of her dad, and she would never pass up a chance to spend some time with him. "Gotch ya. Then I'll just be going."

"Have a seat a minute, I want to talk with you."

Jerry pulled out a chair, spun it around, and sat backwards on it.

"Jerry, you like Julie Ann?" Mrs. Duffy asked, standing at the sink, filling her spray bottle.

"Well yeah, of course."

"You two make love?" She looked at him. She was surprised hearing her own question, but she gave in to her instincts.

Jerry blushed. "Well, you know, I mean--"

"Yes or no?"

"Well," he swallowed, "yes."

"I'm sorry," Mrs. Duffy turned off the water, "what did you say?"

"Yes, we've made love. Everybody--"

"I was afraid of that." She picked up her laundry basket and sat next to him. She began sorting and folding her clothes. "You two aren't everybody."

Mrs. Duffy picked up a pair of ruffled, pink, panties, a naughty little girl's undies, she thought, and spread them out on the table. Over the years, in spite of her chastity, she had allowed herself the pleasure of buying and wearing fancy lingerie. "But. . . " she began to slowly fold them. She noticed that Jerry was trying not to look at them, but his eyes kept drifting back. ". . . She wasn't brought up to follow along with everyone."


She pulled out a green, lace bra. Jerry looked at it, then involuntarily at her large bustline. He tried to imagine how the tiny cups of the bra could hold her breasts--how much would he see? her areolas? were they pink or tan? her nipples, how big did they get?--he almost gasped realizing that he was thinking of Mrs. Duffy as a woman!

"I don't care about everyone," she said. "I care about Julie Ann." She rubbed her fingers over the lace cups, as if she had been reading his mind. "And, of course, I care about you." Playfully she dragged the bra across the table. "I like this," she let it rest on the back of his hand, "but it's a little revealing."

She put them in the basket, and took out a matching pair of panties--green, lace and satin, bikini cut. She laid them out on the table, and fussed with them as if looking to see if there were a spot on front.

"You understand," Mrs. Duffy looked seriously at Jerry, "my concern."

Jerry smiled nervously at Mrs. Duffy, confused by her ambiguity. "I think so."

She stretched them out in front of him. "So revealing. . . . Hardly like wearing anything. Of course, that's the idea." She smiled at him. "What do you think?"

Jerry blushed. "Why ask me? I mean, if they're yours."

"Yes," Mrs. Duffy grinned and held them to her cheek, "but women wear this kind of lingerie for men."

"They're nice I guess."

"Guess?" She stood up, and she knew what she wanted. "You shouldn't have to guess." She took his hand and pulled. "Well, come on."

"What?" Jerry asked.

"I want your opinion."

"Mrs. Duffy?"

"It's April, please, and, really, it's not asking much."

Reluctantly, Jerry stood up, letting himself be led to her bedroom down the hall. It was bright and airy with the curtains open. She had a large bed, a make-up table, and in front of the closet was a folding screen with Japanese cherry blossoms painted on it. She had her own bathroom next to the closet.

"Sit," she said to him as she went through her closet, pulling out some additional pieces of clothing. She adjusted the screen, and stood behind it while she changed her clothes. Over the top she watched Jerry.

"I've started dating, again," she lied, "and I'd value a young man's opinion." She pulled on the panties, What am I doing? she asked herself, but she couldn't stop.

She bent over to clip her stockings into her garter snaps. "I'm a little heavier than I used to be, but," she put the bra on, "I don't think that matters too much."

April stepped from behind the screen. She weighed almost one hundred and sixty pounds, at five six. The tops of her dark aureoles showed above the green lace of her low cut bra, and to Jerry's even greater surprise, her matching green lace panties didn't completely cover her. She stood in front of Jerry. "Well?" Her hands shook as she pulled up on her panties, making it more obvious how much of her curly red pubic hair was left uncovered. Her heart raced, and she could hardly talk.

"See . . . what I mean? . . . Revealing."

Jerry crossed his legs, hiding his excitement. "It's not so bad."

April stood a little closer. "Well?" She ran her hands up to her breasts, "Not so bad? Should I wear them or not?" She turned around in a circle.

"I . . . don't . . . know what you're asking." He sputtered.

April faced him. "I'm asking if I look good in this underwear, or not."

"I guess so."

Or not, the words echoed in her mind. She had come this far, rather than making a fool of herself, Jerry couldn't take his eyes off her. April hefted her breasts out of her bra. They were large, and hanging free, they were pendulous. She cupped them in her hands for him, and rubbed her nipples with her index fingers. "Do you like my tits?"


"Can you see how big my nipples are getting?" She rolled them between her fingers.

She stepped closer to him and leaned forward presenting her breasts to him. She could feel his hot breath on them. Jerry involuntarily licked his lips and moved to kiss her nipple. "Mrs. Duffy." He caught himself, and moved back. This was his girl friend's mother! "Please?"

"Please?" She asked. "But you haven't answered me." She unhooked her garter snaps and slid her panties off, and tossed them into his lap. "Well?" She stood with her pussy and breasts bare before him. She couldn't believe herself. Even when she had been married she had never done anything like this--to wantonly expose herself like some slut for a man's inspection and approval. And she was afraid that having gone this far she might scare Jerry off. Her heart pounded, and she felt faint with excitement. "This is the or not."

"Mrs. Duffy?"

She stepped up to him, straddling his legs, her dark, hot, crotch inches from his face.

Jerry put his hands in his lap, hiding his hard-on. He stared at his girlfriend's mother's vee. No woman had ever shown him her sex, not like this. He could smell her musty scent. He was excited and repulsed.


He knew he was staring, and embarrassed he looked up from her vee. "I don't know what to say."

"Then don't say anything." She sat down on his knees. She leaned into him, flattening her breasts against his chest. "But I think you could show me."

"I don't--"

April bit his ear lobe. "Fuck my daughter," she whispered, "fuck me."

April stood up, grabbed her panties and put them back on. "She's good?"


"Julie Ann. She's good?"


"I'm asking if she's a good fuck. . . . That's not a hard question."

"Yes, she's good."

"I'm good." April teased.

Jerry adjusted the bulge in his pants. "I'm sure. But, I don't think--"

April knelt in front of Jerry. "Don't think." She rubbed her hands on his thighs. "How does she like it?"

Jerry tried to shift his weight, but April held him in place. She looked at the bulge in his pants. So close, she thought. It took all her will power to resist tearing his pants open and loving his cock--that had been life's lesson: sex is pleasing a man, loving his cock, making him cum. But years of abstinence gave her a new, stronger need. I want you to beg for me. Beg! She looked up at him, "How do you two do it?" Her hands rubbed along his legs, avoiding, his hard cock.

"I've heard you humping on the day-bed." She pushed her hands up into his hips, letting her thumbs rub hard along the inside of his thighs, pressing into his groin. She stopped when she felt him try to move his hips. "If you don't know how she likes it, I suppose that you just yank her panties off, climb on top of her, and stick it in. Thats it, isnt it?"

"Mrs. Duffy--"

"April," she suggested.

"April . . . I'm . . . I mean--"

"Tell me. How do you make love to my daughter?"

"Like you said."

April slid her hand away from his crotch. "Tell me about it."

"I can't," Jerry said. He couldnt believe what was happening, he was excited by April, but he couldnt talk about making love.

April unbuckled his cloth belt and pulled it out from his pants.

Jerry let her take his hands and tie them tightly behind his back. It meant she had to move around him, touching him with her breasts, and hands. He felt intoxicated by her perfume that engulfed him.

"I'll help you," she said, pushing him back, and straddling his chest. Jerry felt himself get more excited looking up at April in her green lace bra and panties, feeling her weight on top of him, and her smooth, stockinged legs pressing against his chest, and being controlled by her. "Does your penis get stiff?"


"Do you take it out for her?"


April leaned forward, putting her hands on his shoulders, and slid her hips back, rubbing her crotch over his stomach. "See how easy it is to tell me."

Jerry nodded.

"Does she suck it?"


"You like that?"

Jerry couldn't answer.

She rubbed her breasts across his mouth. "Ill bet she doesn't let you cum in her mouth."


"That's when you fuck her, right?"


"Just stick it in and hump," April mimed her disapproval. "Does she cum?"

"I guess."

April shook her head, then unhooked the front of her bra but left it hanging from her shoulders. "You like my boobs?"


She leaned forward again, this time letting her nipples touch his lips. But when he tried to suck them, she pulled them away. "You want them?" She teased.

"Yes. . . . Please . . . . let me suck them."

April let him have a nipple. "You go down on her?"

No, he shook his head.

April swayed back and forth, letting her nipples slip in and out of his open mouth. "She must have a sweet pussy, so soft and juicy. You've never wanted to kiss it?"


April sat back, putting her knees on his shoulders. "Oh, baby," April sat up, with her crotch above Jerrys face. She remembered when she discovered the joys of cunnilingus during a brief affair, her only one, during her divorce. It was also her first orgasm. "Why not?" She asked.

"You know."

April put her hand inside her panties. "Mmm," she moaned as her fingers found her clit. "Why not?"

Jerrys hips humped as he watched April touch herself. "You know."

April pulled her hand out. Her fingers were wet with her juices. She held them to her lips, and licked them. "Why?" She put her hand to Jerrys mouth. "Smell me?"

Jerry shook his head.

She put her hand back into her damp crotch. She pressed her fingers into the soft, moist, folds of her pussy. Her fingers glistened as she put them back to his mouth.


Jerry nodded.

"Smell my cunt."

Jerry breathed in the scent of her sex. "Yes."

"And you didn't eat my daughter's pussy?"


April stood up. She unbuttoned Jerrys pants, and pulled them off him. She smiled, seeing the head of his cock sticking, swollen and red, out of the elastic of his underpants. She pulled them down, letting them hang loose around his knees. "That's nice," she blew a kiss towards his cock, "I can understand why Julie Ann might want to suck on it." She put her fingers under his balls and gently bounced them on her fingers. "I like your balls."

Jerry wiggled his hips at her touch. "Mmm," he moaned. April moved around to the side of the bed and kissed his cheek. "For every time you fucked Julie Ann, you'll fuck me. And for every time you came, you'll make me cum." She reached down and dragged her finger nail slowly up his cock. "And you'll beg for me." April nibbled on his nipple. "You'll beg for my titties. . . for my sweet, sweet pussy . . . and if you're a good boy and do everything I ask, as a special prize, I'll let you have my asshole." April played with his penis hole. "Would you like that?"

"April?" Jerry wanted relief, to shoot his cum, and drain his balls; but thinking of anyone's asshole as a sexual experience repulsed him. "I don't know, I don't think I could."

April pulled down on his cock, tightening the skin, then she pinched his cock between her thumb and index finger, and began to shake it up and down over the sensitive flare of his cockhead. "You don't know what?"

Jerry began to pump his hips. "Oh God! I like that."

"What can't you do?"

"Dont stop!"

"What can't you do?"

"You know . . . your . . . asshole."

April stopped and sat up. "I'm sorry." She touched her finger to the drop of pre-cum juice oozing from his penis hole. "And you were close." She ran her finger tip around his slippery cockhead. "So close."

"Please? Don't stop."

"You don't understand." April licked his juices from her finger. "My ass is a treat. And," she stood up, "you will beg for it."

She went to the closet and took out a couple of scarves and sashes. She knelt at the foot of the bed and tied first one then the other of Jerrys feet to the beds casters. "Your hands must hurt." She sat next to him, and helped him sit up. She untied his hands. "Better?"

"Yes," Jerry said, rubbing his wrists.

April stroked Jerrys face. "Honey, you don't know how much I want your cock."

Jerry smiled, he wanted that too.

April took his hands and held them in her lap. "And I want you to shoot your hot cum." She kissed his lips. "I want it in my mouth and on my tits." She pushed him back down on the bed. "I want your cock in my pussy." She tied a scarf to his left wrist. "I want you to hump me, hard and fast, and shoot your load deep inside my cunt hole." She tied his left hand to the spindle of her headboard. "I want to feel you rubbing your cock against my ass." She tied another scarf to his right wrist. "I'll spread my ass cheeks for you while you shoot your cum on my asshole." She tied his wrist to the headboard.

Spread-eagled, naked and helpless, on the bed, Jerry looked longingly at April. He had never been teased like this before, and he had never wanted to cum as much.

April licked his face, while gently tickling his balls. "But most, I want you to want me . . . to dream of me . . . to beg for me." April stood up. "I want you to do anything I want." She hooked her thumbs inside her panties. "Anywhere." She slid them off. "Anytime."

Jerry stared at Aprils dark crotch. "Of course. Anything." April took several pillows and propped up his head with them.

"I'd like to believe you. Honest I would. But I know you're also excited and a stiff cock has no conscience."

"No, no," Jerry begged. "I want you." And lying there, he did want her more than anyone else. "I'll do anything."

April took her panties and turned them inside out. "Smell them." She held the damp crotch to Jerrys nose and mouth.

"Mrs. Duffy." Jerry tasted her pussy juices on the fabric. "April." He licked them, hoping she'd believe him. "I'll do anything."

April walked to her make-up table. She took out a vibrator, and pushed everything to one side. It had never before occurred to her to masturbate for a man. She didn't know if Jerry would find it exciting or disgusting. For a moment she looked at herself in the mirror, standing naked, her breasts sagged, and her stomach pushed into the edge of the dresser with a large fold; her round face was flushed with excitement, and she felt foolish, standing with the large, plastic vibrator in her hand. Part of her wanted to stop--shocked at what she had already done, and horrified at what she was about to do. Behind her, in the mirror, she could see Jerry tied on his back, struggling to get loose, his hard cock--the first she had seen or touched in over a decade--bouncing against his stomach.

She climbed on top of her make-up table, and sat with her feet up on the padded bench. "I don't believe you'd do anything." April opened her legs, turned the vibrator on and held it to her clit. "Mmm." She moved it up and down her crack. "But I'm sure you'll convince me."

Jerry had never seen a woman use a vibrator. He watched, as she rubbed the pink plastic between her legs. He smelled her panties d****d over his chin, and tried to suck on them.

April began to wiggle her hips, and she squealed with pleasure.

"April, I want you." Jerry strained at the bindings.

"Oooo." April pushed the vibrator inside.

Jerry tugged, but the knots tightened. He watched the pink plastic dildo slide in and out of Aprils wet pussy. "Let me loose. Oh, God, I'll do anything."

April screamed.

"Please! I'll go down on you."

April slapped her fleshy legs open and closed. She pumped the vibrator in and out, faster and harder.

"I'll kiss your cunt," Jerry begged. "I'll lick it and fuck you with my tongue." His hard cock flopped back and forth as he struggled. "Please?"

April couldnt hold back. She stiffened as she began to cum.

"Let me loose. I . . . want . . . you!"

April screamed in ecstasy.

For several minutes she basked in Jerrys pleading. She pulled the vibrator out and took it to him. With one hand she began to jerk on his cock, with the other she held the slippery plastic to his lips. "Lick this clean."

Jerry opened his mouth to lick the vibrator. April slipped it in, and watched him suck on it. "This is what a woman feels, giving a blow job. Do you like it?"

Jerry felt himself getting closer to cumming, and he desperately want to cum. He didnt want her to stop. I'm sucking your dildo! Fuck my mouth with it! God, it was in your cunt! His eyes pleaded with her not to stop. He nodded, yes.

"Thats good." She fucked his mouth with it.

It excited him to be possessed by her like this, and to be able to do what she wanted.

April pulled it out of his mouth, and smiled as he tried to keep sucking it. She stopped pumping his cock. "Wouldn't you like to fuck me?"


April untied his feet. "You'll do anything?"

"Yes. Yes."

April untied his hands.

Jerry slid his hand into her crotch. It was wet and hot. His fingers played in her luxuriant, curly hair, prying her swollen lips apart. He felt for her slippery, smooth, hole.

She liked it--she hadn't felt a mans hand on her for a lifetime, but she needed an insurance policy. "No." She took his hand away. "Not yet."


"You said anything."

"Oh, yes. Honest."

April picked up her green lace panties from the bed. "Put these on."


"Put them on."


"Okay," April said. "Come here, I want to show you something."

April held his cock like a handle, and playfully led him to her closet. She opened the door. "Look inside."

It was a large, walk in closet. It smelled of her perfume, and was full of shelves, covered with lingerie, gowns, and robes. "Go on, look around."

Jerry stepped in. "You've got a lot--"

April closed the door behind him, and locked it.

"April! Please!"


"Please, let me out."

"Will you wear my panties?"

"How can you ask?"

"Then you'll stay in there a while." April put her hand on her pussy. She want his cock, but she instinctively knew that he would learn from this lesson. "I'll be back."

The closet was dark, and he heard the bedroom door close. Jerry reached out. Everywhere, he felt April's lingerie. He tried the door, it was locked. He screamed for her to let him out.

In the silence he lost his temper and swept her clothing off the shelves and all over the closet floor. He slumped down. "Damn her!" He pounded his fists on floor, into her panties, and slips, and bras. "Damn!"

* * *

Minutes turned to hours. His anger disappeared. He began to talk to April as if she were there with him. And he began to wonder. He had never felt so excited as he had with April. He saw her sitting in front him, an adult woman, masturbating for him. He put his hand on his cock, imagining it was April touching him. He had liked her scent; he had liked the feel of her panties against his lips; and the thought of standing in front of her, wearing her panties. . . .

A woman's panties were so different from a man's, designed to be sexy, intended to excite. Lace, satin, or even cotton. How they hug her shape. Jerry realized that from his earliest c***dhood, when he tried to see what was different about a women, he saw their panties. And they became a symbol for a woman's sex and of all his secret discoveries.

He picked up a pair from the floor--his hard cock sticking out, it excited him. His hands shook as he tried to figure out where the front of the panties was. He stood up and put them on. He knew what he was going to do . . . he felt the wave of humiliation sweep over him, but he needed her. "April?" He felt a thrill wearing her panties for her. "April!"

There was no answer. He slumped to the floor. "Please," his voice cracking, "Please?"

Jerry curled up, April's lingerie all around him, and he fell asl**p.

April sat in a robe in the kitchen, drinking coffee and cursing herself for trying for too much. She knew she had been a fool, and more, she knew that her daughter would find out. Afternoon became evening, and then night.

Prepared to plead for forgiveness, April walked quietly to her bedroom, and unlocked the closet door. "I want you to know I made a fool--"

She stopped herself. Jerry was curled up, wearing her panties!

He rubbed his eyes, and looked up at her. He got to his feet. "April, I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't--"

April's stare interrupted him. He had forgotten that he was wearing her panties. His face flushed, but his cock jerked, hard and throbbing, and his swollen, red cockhead stuck out from her pink lace panties.

Jerry looked down in a wave of humiliation, but he needed her. "I put them on for you," he whispered.

April didn't know what to say, but Jerry misinterpreted her silence. He dropped to his knees. "I need you."

April had never had a man need her like this; she felt her womb tingle and get hot. She wanted to consume him in every way a hungry woman could consume a man: she wanted him on top of her; she wanted him inside her fucking her with his cock; she wanted to suck his balls and eat his cock; she wanted to drown in his hot, white, cum.

She looked down at him. His face was flushed with excitement and shame. But he looked away from her, and covered his crotch with his hands. "I'll do anything."

April's hands slid down between her thighs. It felt good to touch herself, but better if they were Jerry's hands. She opened her robe. Except for a pair of yellow cotton panties, she was naked. "Come here."

April helped Jerry to his feet. She hugged him, savoring the feel of his hard cock pressing into her stomach. She bit his neck and pushed her hips into him. "Fuck me," she whispered.

April let go of him, and stepped back to take her panties off.

Jerry grabbed her hands. "Let me."

April removed her hands, letting Jerry slide her panties down. He knelt in front of her to help her step out of them. He looked up at her, his eyes lingered on her dark, hairy, vee, over the swell of her stomach and between her full breasts, which framed her face. "April?"


Jerry held up April's panties up. She had masturbated in them that the afternoon, and they were crusty and rich with her dried juices. He put them to his lips.

"What?" April asked.

"Make me," he whispered into her panties. "Make me do things."

April heart raced, make me do things. She watched him kiss her panties. "Don't look away from me."

Jerry looked up at her, excited that she was watching him.

"I masturbated in them. Do you like that?"

Yes, Jerry nodded.

"I thought of your cock, and I rubbed my cunt."

Jerry breathed through the fabric.

"Can you tell I came?"

Jerry licked her panties, and nodded, yes.

April grabbed Jerry's head and turned it towards her mound. She felt his hot breath on her. "Do you like it? . . . Do you want it?"

"Yes." Jerry breathed in her perfume. "God, I want it." Jerry tried to kiss her pussy, but she held
him an inch away.

"What do you want?"

Jerry's tongue flicked at her. She let him touch her curly hair, and taste her. "Is that it?" She teased him, moving her hips back and forth. "My cunt?"


"Say it."

Jerry tried to look up at April, but she held his head tightly. "Yes! I want to eat your cunt."

"Good," April let go of him and sat back on the bed. "But first," she laid back and spread her legs with her knees up. Jerry stood up. She stared at his hard, red, cock, sticking up out of his pink, lacy panties.

Jerry waited. He wanted to hide his cock, embarrassed to be wearing panties, her panties, and having it stick out, betraying his excitement.

April put her hands on her swollen pussy lips and spread them for him. Her hole gaped, invitingly, pink, and moist, and dark. "Service me." He started to take off the panties.

"No. Leave them on."

April put her hands on his shoulders and guided him on top of her. It felt good to have a man on her. His hard cock pressed hard into her mound. "Fuck me," she ordered. "Stick that cock in me."

Jerry fumbled with his cock, trying to find her hole. "Help me." He kept missing it.

April loved his frustration. And let him try longer.


"What?" She teased.

"Put it in."

Mercifully, April reached between her legs and guided his cock into her pussy. He pushed it, slowly, deeply, into her. "Mmm, that's good," she sighed. His cockhead pushed into her womb. "Oh!" April 's body jerked.

"Did I hurt you?"

"Don't talk. Fuck me."

Jerry started to pump his hips.

His balls slapped against her.

"Fuck me."

Jerry humped faster.. He held himself up on his hands, watching April's large, soft, tits jiggle as he pumped his hips hard into her.

"Do me," April said. She loved his weight, and his enthusiasm. Her hips wiggled in rhythm to his. "Make me cum!"

Faster and faster they humped. His balls hitting frantically into her.

"Deeper!" She screamed.

Jerry had never been so excited. No one had ever teased him like April had; no one had ever humiliated him--and he wanted to please her, to wear her panties, to do whatever she wanted; and she was a woman--not a girl--mature, and larger than the girls he had slept with before--and, she was Julie Ann's mother! "Oh! Oh!

I'm cumming!" He screamed.

"Shoot it!" April reached between her legs and fingered his balls. "Squirt it deep!"

Jerry stiffened as he came. April clawed his back. Jerry shoved his cock deep into her and shot his load.

April felt herself cumming. She let go of his balls and rubbed her clit.

Her legs wrapped around Jerry's ass, and clamped him hard to her.

She arched her back and screamed. "Ooo! . . . God!" Her fingers rubbed harder. "Yes! . . . Yes!"

He smiled at her ecstasy, pleased that he had serviced her. When she relaxed, he collapsed on her. April ran her hands over his back.

"God, that was good," he said.

April squeezed her legs against him.

"I mean, I've never cum like that. Never."

April felt Jerry's cock shrink and slip out of her. Oh," she said, disappointed.

Jerry rolled off her and rested, on his side, smiling at her. He played gently with her nipples. "Did I make you happy?"

April stroked his face. "Yes."

"You really came."

April kissed him. "It was good."

He whispered, "Your the best lover I've ever had."

April grinned at him. "You want to make me happy?"

Jerry flicked his tongue over her hard nipple. "Yes."

"You can make me even happier if you spend the weekend."

Jerry grinned, pleased to be asked to stay. "I'd like that."

"And you'll do anything I ask?"

Like a hungry baby, Jerry sucked her nipple. He let it slip from his mouth, and he buried his head between her tits. "Yes," he said. His heart fluttered, knowing, and hoping, that he was committing himself to things he couldn't even imagine, and to more humiliation. "Anything," he whispered. He waited.

April held him tightly, and wondered if she had the fantasy to take advantage of Jerry's compliance. She felt her pussy drain of their mixed juices running coolly out of her. "Show me."

Jerry looked at April. "How?"

"Tongue me." April put her hands on his shoulders to guide him to her musty crotch. "Clean my cunt."

Jerry resisted, that would mean licking his own cum. "But--"

April pushed him, and spread her legs. "Anything," she cooed.

Jerry moved between April's legs. Her pussy was puffy, and her curly red-brown hair was wet with sweat, and pussy juices, and, between the wrinkled, pink, folds of her cunt, their heavy cream dripped out. Jerry was getting excited again--minutes ago he had wanted to kiss her sex, dark and mysterious between her closed legs . . . to feel her hair against his lips . . . to smell her . . . to taste her. And they fucked. Now, she was spreading her legs for him. He kissed her mound. Afraid to move down . . . afraid to commit to what she wanted.

"Eat it," April said.

Her scent was strong, overpowering. He kissed her pink, slippery pussy. He stuck out his tongue and licked her hole. April grabbed his head and held it against her. Jerry slurped their oozing--salty, sweet, and acrid, juices. April felt naughty making him eat her out now, after they had fucked.

Jerry clamped his mouth over as much of her sex as he could, and he sucked on her.

April began to hump Jerry's face. "Yes! . . . make me cum again . . . ooo!"

Jerry's world darkened as April clamped her legs against his head, and held him tightly to her. He could hardly breath, and her bucking made him bite his tongue--but he needed to make her cum. He put his hands under her ass and let himself be engulfed by the most beautiful, desirable pussy he could imagine.

April stiffened, and made him stop licking as she climaxed.

In a timeless void, they lay locked together in their ecstatic, sensual embrace.

April put her knees down. Jerry kissed her wet mound. When he looked up, April was watching him. She smiled at his glistening, flushed face.

"Come here." She pulled him to her mouth. "You smell of pussy." She kissed him. "And cum."

April licked Jerry's face clean.

"So you'll stay the weekend?"

"Yes," Jerry said. He pushed his hardening cock against April's thigh and began to hump her. "I want to."

April pulled her leg away. "And I want you to, but I don't want you to cum now." April sat up, and looked at Jerry's cock sticking out of his panties. She leaned down and kissed his slippery cockhead. "Mmm . . . I like your cock." She fondled his tight balls. "And your balls." She pulled his panties down and sucked one of his balls into her mouth and flicked her tongue around it.

"Oh, yes," Jerry cried.

April played with his balls, letting Jerry get more excited. "I like these," she said. Then she licked him from the middle of his crotch, over his hairy balls, and up, along his stiff cock.

"Make me cum," Jerry asked.

April kept licking, but each time she started further down his crotch. When her tongue touched the rim of his tight asshole Jerry screamed. "God!"

April let the tip of her tongue dance lightly over Jerry's hole.

"Yes! . . . Yes!"

April sat up. "But now I'm hungry. I'll cook dinner."


April flicked her finger tip over the ooze from his cock hole. "Later." She gently bit his cockhead. "You'll cum when I want you to." April pulled Jerry's panties back up and stood. "You'll need something more to wear. Suppose someone came over?" She laughed and walked to her closet, "What a mess." She turned to him. "Come here."

Jerry stood next to April as she fished around the clothes on the floor. She held up a pink satin chemise, "How's this?" She rubbed her hand over his bulge. "It matches your panties."

Tears of humiliation welled in his eyes. "I --"

"No?" April asked.

Jerry nodded his consent.

"Lift your arms."

Jerry reluctantly lifted his arms, letting April slip the chemise on him. She straightened it out, and turned him towards the mirror. "You look beautiful," she stood behind him and whispered in his ear. Her hands moved in small circles over his stomach. "Go on, look. . . . open your eyes."

Tears ran down Jerry's face as he looked at himself, and realized how excited it made him to be shamed like this.

April nibbled his ear. "Dressed like a girl . . . such a naughty girl . . . I don't know if I should punish you or not."

Punish? Jerry's heart raced. "Punish me? Why?"

April put her hand over the bulge in his panties. "You messed up my closet."

April and Jerry looked at each other in the mirror.

"And you've messed my panties with your cum."

His face reddened, and he tried to pull the chemise down to hide his cock and the spreading wet stain.

April pulled his hands away. "No, don't hide it."

Jerry let his hands fall to his sides.

"Shouldn't I punish you for that?"

"Yes." Jerry looked down.

"Good, but not now. " April moved around him, fussing with his chemise. "You're my very special boy, my little girl-boy."

Jerry nodded.

"Let me cook you dinner," April said. She started getting dressed. "After all," April hooked her bra together, "we've all night."

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Wow, this story was great, hope there are more