Meeting her Folks

Lois invited me to her parents' house for dinner. It was our third date, and although I did want to meet them, I really wanted to spend the hours with her, fucking. She asked me to be good, "Please come, I promise if you don't have a good time, I'll find a way to make it up to you."

What could I say?

When we got there, her dad came to the door and gave her a big hug and it was quite obvious as his hand slid over her ass and squeezed it, this was not the first time. I was introduced, Dad was a nice guy, I'm older than Lois, and he was somewhat older than me. Mom, a little plump, good looking, with obviously a great sense of humor. "So now with a nice lookin' guy, you ignore your dad?"

Lois gave my hand a squeeze and go up to sit next to her dad. "How can I make it up to you?"

"Give your old man a proper kiss."

She put her arms around his neck and they kissed . . . like it was a first date!

"Oh, don't mind them," her mom said, "they've been doin' that for years, since she was a k**."

"It's just a surprise."

"They've always been close . . . why don't you give me a hand in the kitchen. We're having turkey and it's too big for me to pull out."

We were having turkey, and I did take it out of the oven. But no sooner had I put it on the counter than Mom was pressing against me, pushing me back into the counter. "Mrs.--" But her tongue in my mouth cut me off. "Yes," she growled as she broke the kiss and looked at me, "I like when Lois brings home a good one." Her hand grabbed the bulge in my pants. "But we know how to handle the big ones."

"Mom!" Lois yelled from the next room. "You gotta leave some of that for me to take home."

She laughed. "She knows her mom too well." Her hand stroked me. "But I think I'll decide what she’s taking home."

She turned and sashayed back to the living room, wiggling her hips . . . knowing that I was watching.

Lois's hair was messed up, and the top of her blouse was open. His arm was around her shoulder, and her hand was on his thigh.

"She's got the nicest titties," Dad said, sliding his hand inside her blouse. "Suckable and fuckable!"

Lois ran her hand over her dad's cock. "It's gotta get bigger than that." She laughed.

He pulled her to him. "All I have to do is smell a little of your pussy and it will be plenty big!"

Mom went over and gave him a playful slap on the head. "You two, break it up. The turkey's ready."

They ignored my discomfort during dinner. The talk was light and playful. A little about f****y, a lot about the weather, the movies, and Lois's new job.

"Let's go in the f****y room and get comfy and have desert, " she grabed my arm , "and why don't you help me clear up."
I stacked the dirty dishes, collected the silver ware and carried them intot he kitchen. But I almost dropped them. Mom had taken off her dress and was standing just in her panties and bra . . . with one hand inside her panties. "I might be getting older, but I still appreciate a good man."

I moved towards her to kiss her.

"No," she pushed me back. "Naked."


She stepped close. "You will take your clothes off," she whispered, "and you will call me mom or mommy."

"This is getting--"

"Now!" She snapped.

I was aroused, but I was also confused and taken aback by her sudden attempt to control me. I wanted to get Lois and go home, but that was not about to happen.

She put her arms around me. Softly wiggling against me. She kissed my neck. "Don't you want mommy? Her hand slide over my cock. "Yes, you do. I think you want to breed me."

Her words were like electric shocks. "Yes."

She wiggled and pushed her panties down, then picking them up with her toes, she took them and held them against my face. "Don't I smell divine?"
I breathed in her scent. I was getting d***k on her . . . and all I wanted was more. I fingered her, so wet and hot. She squirmed.

"Take your clothes off," she whispered.

This time I did not need to be ordered. I stripped. My cock was hard and wanting.

"Let's join the others." she said.

"I can't! Not like this."

She smiled. "Then put my panties on."

"I can't."

She handed me her panties, and whispered, "Put them on." They were lilac, lace and satin, with lace scallops around each leg, and a satin diamond on the front that seemed to point down to her pussy. I held them to my face, as she had. I inhaled her scent . . . her arousal. "Yes, smell my cunt . . . put them on, feel my wetness against your skin . . . feel how sexy they feel . . ."

I put them on. I gasped as I slid them up over my balls.

"Mmm . . . yes, sexy . . . and I think you almost squirted, didn't you?"

"Almost," I whispered, and it was true, they felt so exciting.

She pressed herself against me, rubbing her lace covered breasts against my chest. "Almost . . . what?"

"I almost--"

"No," she pushed her mound against my cock and she began to grind into me, "Almost, who?"

"Mom." For a second, I thought I was going to cum again. When I calmed a little, I realized that, nearly nose to nose, she was staring into my eyes. "Yes, I almost came . . . mommy."

"You know that mommy's cunt is special . . . kneel and kiss it."

It was like she was all women, a goddess, and I needed to worship her. I knelt, my face inches from her beautiful mound. Her lush, dark brown bush, flecked with gray, was full and just barely trimmed. I looked up, over the swell of her tummy. She smiled down at me, as if to say, "Good boy." I watched as she removed her bra, freeing her magnificent large breasts. I put my hands on her bare ass.

"Yes," she whispered.

I leaned closer, kissing her tummy . . . then lower . . . lower . . . until my lips were pressed into her fur. She moaned softly. I could smell her . . . rich, fragrant . . . a woman in heat. I pushed my open mouth deeper . . . my tongue probing . . . I wanted to lick her and swallow her. I found her cleft and then her swollen clitoris, I sucked it into my mouth.

She stepped back. "God, I want you! But we need to join the others."

I tried to pull her back to me, but she laughed and spun around in my hands, so that her plump ass was in my face. I kissed her fleshy cheeks. She wiggled and giggled, "Ooo, you are a naughty boy." As she said that, she spread her cheeks, and suddenly I was kissing and tonging her tight pucker. I had never . . . but it seemed to make her wild, and for a moment, I knelt there, kissing and tonguing her asshole.

"Okay . . . wow . . . okay," she turned again and guided me to my feet, "you and I will have to continue this, but we must join the others."

She took my stiff cock in her hand and led me into the f****y room.

Lois and Dad were naked. His cock was hard and she was between his knees sucking it. Oddly it didn't shock me because I was numb . . . realizing that Mom . . . that Mom owned me.

"Aren't you cute . . . mmm . . . in panties!" Lois said. She stood up and and kissed me. I could smell cock on her . . . her dad's cock!

"Lois," I whispered.

"I'm proud of you! You look so pretty."


"My mom and dad come first for me. And I want them to come first for you. I want you to know them better than you've ever known anyone."


"I want you to greet Daddy like you should . . . like I was doing."

"Lois . . . I'm not . . ."

"Baby, you're wearing panties!"

"I'm . . . a . . . man."

Lois stepped back. "Okay, then leave, now!"

I couldn't move. I wasn’t gay. I had never even thought about sex with men.

"Darling, I'm proud of you. I want this for us." She leaned close and whispered, "A good girl know how to please a man. I want you to know how it feels . . . " she was rubbing my cock . . . "Don't you want that?"

"I guess." I didn’t, I did . . . I didn’t. I was confused. In the space of an hour, I found myself in panties in front of Lois’s naked father and mother . . . and she wanted me to suck his cock!

"Good!" She leaned down and picked up her clothes. "Put these on, so you can be more like a . . . mmm, second daughter."

"Lois, this is . . . I mean, I can't"

She dropped everything to the floor. "Then leave." She sat back down next to Dad.


"It's simple. If you want to see me ever again, you will put on my clothes."

Mom stood behind me. She wrapped her arms around me. "Don't let this end like this," she whispered in my ear. "I want to mate with you . . . so put on her clothes. You'll look so sexy."

I felt shame at having to do this. I felt the tears well in my eyes.


And I heard my words . . . "Yes, mommy."

Lois had worn a pink satin garter belt, panty, bra set. I didn't know where to start.

Mom picked up Lois's panties. She smelled the crotch. "I have always loved her cunt. . . . Lois picked the set out special . . . so you should put her panties on."

I changed panties, then slowly put on Lois's clothes with Mom’s help. Then as a last gesture, mom put lipstick on my lips. "Perfect!" She kissed my nose. "Now, greet Dad, like a good . . . girl."

I felt silly and humiliated. Was this a terrible joke?

Mom stepped away from in front of me. I saw Dad sitting, naked, his cock was soft, with Lois next to him. Mom sat down next to Lois and slid her hand between Lois's legs.

"This is interesting," he said. "Lois, she's adorable."

"I know Daddy."

"Have you dressed her before?"

"No, she's a . . . virgin, just for you!"
I stood frozen, listening to them. My eye kept drifting back to his cock. It was bigger, as he looked at me, it twitched, slowly stiffening. With a start, I realized I was exciting him.

"Lois, why don't you and Mother, sit over there. I want to get acquainted with . . . April? It is April, isn't it? That is what Lois told me over the phone."

As Lois walked to the other sofa, she paused. "I picked that name for you! And the panties and bra. I really want this to be a special night." She kissed my cheek. "Thank you."

He patted the sofa next to him, and I sat down next to him. I tried not to look down . . . to look down at his cock. But I did. It was hard and stiff, with a drop of clear pre-cum oozing from the tip.

"Hmm," he said, "you like daddy's dick."

"I . . . no . . . "

"Shh," he kissed my face, "Daddy knows." He put his arm around me and kissed my face again. "April, honey, Mom and I both want you to know us like we know each other. And like Lois does. Do you understand?"

I nodded, yes . . . hypnotized by the situation, and realizing that he was roleplaying with me, but . . . for real!

"Have you dreamt of Daddy?"

"Dreamt? How?"

He smiled at me. "You know," he whispered. He moved so that his chest was on mine, and he kissed me, full, on the mouth, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I struggled to get away, to end this, but I couldn't move. I could smell pussy on his face . . . and knew it was Lois's. He pushed one hand down under me and squeezed my ass.

I was dizzy, almost nauseous. I pushed him, trying to end this. His mouth never left mine. His tongue probed and rubbed against mine. Then I felt his cock pressed against my stomach . . . I mean, really felt it. It was like time stopped and I could see us. And I began to understand . . .

I managed to pull back from his kiss. "Daddy?" I whispered. Could I touch it, kiss it, suck it? And if I did . . . what did that make me?

He stopped, and sat back. I could feel a wet spot on my stomach where his cocked had leaked pre-cum. I looked at him. He was handsome, a little out of shape, but quite masculine. And I looked down at his cock. Then I looked at Lois, she smiled. She leaned close and whispered, “Please, hold it . . . for me.”

I put my hand around it. I had never touched another man's cock, let alone held one when it was hard. It felt heavy. And I knew it was hard for me! My mind screamed no, but my heart raced.

"Yes, baby . . . stroke Daddy's dick . . . " Lois said.

"I'm going to cum just watching this," Mom said.

It was going to be quick. I leaned down and kissed the tip of his cock. It was soft and velvity, and the drop of pre-cum was like sweet nectar. It was like I was struck by lightning. I really excited him . . . and he wanted me.

"Do you want Daddy's dick?"

"Yes, Daddy, yes." I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my hands. I could just cup his balls and hold his cock. I kissed it again, this time letting it slip into my mouth. I was afraid of choking, but it felt . . . exciting and right, yes, right, to have him in my mouth. I let it slip from my mouth, as I licked and fondled it. I was crazy with lust to pleasure him. I wanted feel him cum in my mouth, to make me his “daughter” to fuck and breed and mate . . . to be owned by him . . . to drain him of every drop of sperm. I rubbed his cock over my face. "God!" I cried out, "I love your dick! . . . I want you . . . to . . . fuck me! . . . Please!"

I hear Lois gasp, and Mom clapped her hands.

Being dressed, made me want to feel him use me like a woman. I needed him to take me. "Take my ass," I begged. “Fuck me!”

"Oh, April, how tempting, but not first." He stood up. Now sucking his cock was more obvious, my face wasn't buried between his legs, but kneeling in front him, and sucking his cock was much more obvious . . . and out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Lois and Mom were watching me. "I don’t want you to hide behind your hands, so put your hands behind your back. Now, open your mouth and look up at me. "

He slid his cock into my mouth, and I began to suck.

"See me looking down at you . . . your mouth full of dick . . . cock . . . sucking . . . a cocksucker . . . yes . . . sucking my dick . . . and you're dressed like a girl, like my little sissy April."

The words stung . . . and it was shaming to have him looking down as his cock fucked my mouth. But I also knew that he wanted me and was using me for his pleasure. In seconds, he began to thrust his hips faster, as his orgasm approached. I tried to keep up with him . . . and then he grunted, his cock pumped, and he squirted stream after stream of sperm into my mouth. And I tried to swallow every drop. Some leaked out and dribbled down my chin. Part of me wanted to wash my mouth out . . . but I also felt proud . . . I had taken Daddy's load.

And Lois sat next to me. She licked the cum from my chin. "Who would have thought?" She kissed my cheek. "And you are so sexy. Both Mom and I came, watching."

"Lois . . . you don't mind?"

"What, silly?"

"That I . . . that I . . . liked that?"

"I'm glad, I like it too." She pushed past him and sucked Dad's soft cock into her mouth.

For a moment, I didn't know what to do, then Mom had her hands on my shoulders. She kissed my ear. "Mmm . . . I like the new you . . . April. But we did leave off . . . and I'm feeling hot after that. And as I suspected, you have a very talented mouth . . . and tongue."

She pushed him back, onto the floor, and she sat on him, with her legs straddling his shoulders. She teased me with her wet pussy. Moving just close enough for me to just get a taste of her, then pulling back. "Do you want my cunt?"

"Yes," I strained to taste her. "Yes, Mom, yes."

She moved close and let me lick her and kiss her. "Such a good cunt licker. . . . mmm . . . men fuck me there. Big hard dicks, squirting and throbbing. Sweaty balls, slapping against me. I've had gallons of sperm in me, and of course, on me. Think of it . . . look at my cunt . . . imagine it stretched tight around cock after cock. Men grunting and groaning, thrusting into my womb to mate. Kiss my cunt." She moved closer, and began to rub her wet, open, pussy hard against my mouth. "Mmm," she squirmed, "here," she moved forward, "tongue my asshole."

My god! it was insane to be this intimate . . . I kissed and tongued her. From her tight little butt hole to her clit . . . she screamed and writhed . . . suddenly she leaned forward and began to hump my face hard and fast. Faster. Faster. And then she came, wetting my face, clamping my head between wet thighs.

I could barely breath . . . smoothered with cunt . . . Mom's cunt. I ran my hands over her body. savoring evey curve, evey crease, every inch of woman. After fucking his face, she stretched out on him. "You must be horny as hell."

"Yes. My god, yes!"

She got off me, and sat next to Lois, who had just fucked Dad. "April . . . stand up and stand there." She pointed to the center of the room.

Mom, Dad, and Lois sat watching me. "You're so cute dressed up . . . look at April's bulge . . . we should get her a bra that fits better . . . you'll have to dress her more often . . . can't you just see her in that cute babydoll I bought your mother . . ." and I was burning with shame.

"Darling," Lois said directly to me, "play with your nipples."

Keenly aware that my cock was sticking up demandingly and obscenely behind my skirt, I touched my nipples through my blouse and bra. They were sensitive and and hard. Each pinch made me tingle.

"Pull your skirt up and show us . . .”

I pulled my skirt up.

“I love how April's balls are sticking out . . . " Mom said.

"Marion," Dad said, "you just love balls, don't you!" They all laughed. "Rub yourself all over," he said to me.

The more I kind of danced and caressed, the more they liked it.

“Now, push your panties down a little," Mom said. With my cock flopping about, she smiled, "Mmm good, now masturbate for us."

Of course I jerked off often, but never in front of anyone, not even a lover. Now, in front Lois and her parents . . . I put my hand around my cock.

"Wait!" Mom giggled. "Don't you think you should ask permission?"

"Yes, you should ask," Lois added.

Although I was wearing stockings, a garter belt, bra, and panties, they were sitting, naked, watching me. The room smelled of sex. And I needed to cum. Despite all that I had done, I felt embarrassed. "Mom . . . can I . . . touch myself?"


I was moving my hand up and down my cock slowly. "Mom . . . mommy . . . I . . . need to play with myself . . . I need to masturbate. Please, mommy?"

"Of course," she smiled.

As I gave in to my need and lust, I became even more excited by showing them something so intimate . . . so naughty . . . I fingered my balls . . . stroked my cock . . . "Watch me! . . . Watch me play with my cock . . ."

I shimmied out of my skirt and tore my blouse off. I wanted them to see naughty April in her sexy lingerie . . . I ran my hand up and down from my stockings, over my panties, and around my bra.

They were not only watching but they were excited by watching me masturbate. I wanted them to watch . . . I wanted them to see me squirt!

Dad was hard, slowly stroking. But it was Mom and Lois I couldn't stop watching. Lois's leg was over Mom's, and they were rubbing each other's cunt. Both had beautiful bushes . . . each was aroused, their pussy lips were swollen and open. I stroked faster . . . for them . . . for them . . .

My knees buckled, and I sank to the floor, as I began to squirt. A stream of hot, sticky cum squirt from my cock, then globs followed covering my hand. Mom jumped from the sofa and came over to lick my hand and cock. She seemed to gurggle and grunt as she slurped up my sperm.

As she stood up after cleaning me, she said, "When you get hard, you're going to fuck me!"

She started to turn, and I grabbed her hips, pulling her ass back against my face. The soft fleshy globes pressed against me, and I kissed them. I pushed my tongue between them, probing until I felt that tight ring of muscle and she groaned. My fingers pushed under her belly, and between her legs . . . rubbing her clit and probing her wet hole. I kissed her pucker, and pushed my tongue into her.

"Oh, God! . . . Oh, God!"

As my cock twitched and stiffened, I knew we weren't leaving any time soon!

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1 year ago
Amazing! Certainly in the top 10, maybe 5 stories that I have read on here!
1 year ago
Love the story,especially the Dominant Mommy. Not a fan of bi-guy scenarios.
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1 year ago
Outstanding! Almost had to take a pause and pull my meat!
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Nice story. Got me hard
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No offence bro but you should have added the gay male ninch.
1 year ago
your a good bitch. :)
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An amazing story,,,soo erotic,,,I hope it goes on and on.
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Oh God I want that too ! ! !
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Excellent...Can't wait to