My Mr. T , another true story

We started swinging a long time ago but all ways as a couple. While enjoyable I wanted to swing alone. So we setup a new account with an adult swinger site as individuals. I let my husband write up what I wanted. I received a lot of replies my husband did not which I found amusing. Most of the replies were guys focused on themselves and not mutual sexual fun. But I found a few that were funny and enjoyable to received. I settled on a British gentleman who is married, average and interesting. I wanted a lover who would be a long time friend and not a onetime thing. I let my husband review my choices and settle one which I will call Mr. T. I arranged to meet Mr. T in the park close to my house where I walked my dog. I dressed up casual but with a tight blouse under my jacket. We met and he was as delightful as his emails and phone call. We kissed and I let him feel my boobs. It was very exciting. I felt like a school girl doing something bad in school and getting away with it. We decided to meet again at my house before he goes on shift.

My husband likes to prepare me and on the day Mr. T and I were to meet my husband took some time off to prepare my bath with oil beans and laid out a sexy black two piece nightly that was see though that he bought for the encounter . The inter part was a top and bottom black lingerie with a red bow. However, he took the panties away. Over that was a long black robe with a v-neck and extending to my ankles. It had a red silk belt. With it was black silk nylons with red garters which I wore with my black platform shoes with inter lacing straps. My husband also set the fire place on and shaved my legs and pussy,

Around 10 Mr T called and told me he was on the way. I open the garage door so that he could drive right in and park his park without being seen. He arrived with a great bouquet of flowers and a box of English Tea that I like so much. I boil the water for the tea and we talked. He was a real gentleman and I made the first move by sitting on his lap. He fondled my boobs and we kissed. I then took him up stairs to our bedroom and we kissed some more and I let him undress me. I undressed him and sitting on the edge of the bed I started sucking his cock which was extremely hard. We got on the bed and kissed some more while I stroke his cock and he fingered my pussy which was very wet. He then eat me till I came and pulled up to fuck me. He wanted to use rubbers but i told him he did need to. We fucked a lot and he came in me. He had a lot. After we rested we went down stairs and I made him lunch. After lunch we went to the living room and I laid me on the rug and suck him some more and then mount him and rode him hard. This time I had him cum in my mouth and continued sucking him after I swallow till he couldn't take it no more. One last thing I had Mr T do was to give my boobs nickies. My husband told me that if he enjoyed me he was to put his mark on my boobs.

When my husband came home from work I was standing there in the garage with a big smile on my face. I took him immediately to our bedroom so that I could show him the large nickies that Mr. T had given me without the k**s around. I then gave my husband a blow job.

Mr. T and I met very week for 7 years. When his wife was away I would sl**p over at his house and phone my husband so that he could listen to Mr. T fuck me. Twice I met Mr T at Liege and Paris while he was on a business trip and spent a few days with him. I always made sure he was well rested when he went to his conferences. Only once did I have a threesome with Mr. T and my husband. I was Mr. T's mistress and that was my special time.

Mr T had different names for various sexual positions. High English was when he was on top with my legs up resting on his shoulders. The Canadian - I'm on top riding him. The Australian - anal. The French - 69. The American - I just lay there - missionary style. The Russian - he ties me up with my legs and arms tied to the bed post and he fuck me. The Japanese - he sits down while I'm on my knees sucking him.

In the end, we had to leave Europe.

I miss being my English Gentleman's mistress. Mr. T.... I miss you.

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10 months ago
Nice story but not enough detail
3 years ago
That was a great story. My mistress recently passed away and this reminded me again how much I appreciated her. Thank you.
4 years ago
like that ,wish you were my mistress!
4 years ago
Enjoyed that!
4 years ago
had all that fun in europe to move to syracuse...why?
4 years ago
4 years ago
you can be my mistress