My public sex adventures

My first public sex occurred a long time ago. My husband and I went to an adult book shop in Texas. I wore a pink cotton tank top and a blue shorts. I wasn't wearing a bra. The shop had several video booths and we went into one. The booth was real small and there wasn't much room in it. So I squatted down and have my husband a blow job while he kept the door open. Eventually a guy saw us and came over to watch. Somehow we all managed to squeeze into the small booth. My husband allow the guy to fondle my boobs while I continue to suck my husband's cock. He guy was rough on my boobs and kept pitching my nipples making them hurt. Once my husband came I swallowed and stood up. The guy wanted me to blow him but since he was rough with me I said no and we left.
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4 years ago
some people don't know how to treat a lady thanks
4 years ago
sucks for that guy lol