Busty French Study Partner, continued

...So, This geeky christian-conservative girl with huge swinging tits has been on my mind for like two years of high school at this point. For as long as I've known her it's been hard to get close, some awkward tension between us. Probably because I came on too strong for a girl like that, or not strong enough in equal measure...
In any case, it was a new school year, and now I had her in my last period French class. I elbowed my way to a chair one row over and immediately behind her, to better stare at the profile of her hardly concealable jiggling tits. I got good grades, but I was a terrible student, at least partly the fault of those breasts...
After a week or two, and few casual conversations after class, I suggested we meet in the evening to study for the first big test. She agreed. I picked her up and we went to a coffee-shop. We never opened our books. We just sat on a couch flirting and getting cozy. Before I dropped her off at home she got real quit and strange. As soon as I parked the car she slid over and started kissing me, passionately and desperately. I responded immediately. As soon as I got my hand under her shirt she moaned, whispered "no" and immediately sat up. She smiled, grabbed her bag, and hopped out of the car.
We started doing this two or three times a week, and it ended the same frustrating way, until one night she asked me to come in. She lived with her Mom at the time, who had apparently gone out of town for a few days. I had never been in her house, or really anywhere besides school and the coffee shop with this girl, and didn't know what to expect.
We stepped inside and I followed her to her room upstairs. She made a big fuss of making a pot of tea, picking out records and turning on the radio, getting all her french notes organized, making small talk about music and movies and bullshit.
...And then I don't know what happened. Suddenly we were on the floor, rolling around on the carpet, making out, her wrapped around me tight, skirt bunched up around her waist. She rolls on top, straddled me, softly grinding on my instantaneously rock hard cock, rocking back and forth, moaning.
I was working on her shirt, which finally came up to reveal a huge lacy bra like a fucking straight jacket: I later learned those breasts were double e's or f's something, and special gear was required to hoist them into place. I pinched the plastic and nylon combination lock in the correct sequence and she spilled out of her bra with a gasp. I lifted her breasts, one in each hand, sagging into my face, licking at them with wonder and, frankly, disbelief at my final lucky break. Her shirt was pushed up, bunched around her neck and hiding her face, and she arched over me, leaning forward and shuddering as I squeezed her fat tits together and kneaded them firmly, nibbling at her nipples...
Our first fuck was, admittedly, all too brief. She slid her panties off underneath her skirt, sat down across me and I sunk balls deep into her dripping little pussy like it was an perfect ripe summer peach. It was, up to that point, the greatest sexual experience of my life, and I came, sputtering and gasping, after a few hearty pumps...
She goes to the bathroom and cleans herself off, comes back sheepish but with an impish little grin. She does have her shirt, bra, and assumedly panties back on however, and she starts fiddling with the French book again, ready to pretend nothing happened like a good little girl...
The opportunity is too good to pass up. With time and a house all alone, I finally have those big tits to myself and I wasn't leaving until I'd fucked them. I'd never fucked a girls tits, but I intuitively wanted to put my dick between those fat titties while she sucked my dick, looking up at me with those big blue eyes. That was the fantasy I had been seeing her in so vividly all during French class everyday for months, and now it was so close to becoming real. I couldn't just let that be the sad end...
Without a word, I swallow my embarrassment and press her down to edge of the bed, lift her shirt back up and and start kissing her neck. She starts to protest, surprised, maybe a little scared, or maybe annoyed that I won't let her actually study French, but I firmly press her down to the bed. I keep her shirt over her eyes, and twist it into one hand and press her hands down behind her, kissing her face, neck, and cleavage. She sighs,squirms, and spreads her legs. I let go of her arms, push up her skirt (no panties after all) and go down on a woman for the first time in my life...
Well, that's not true, but it might as well be. It was the first time I did it right, that is for fucking sure. That tiny, tight, quivering little pussy opened up into a hot dripping flower. She was stock still at first, in shock I think. But then she started to moan, grinding into my face, and then gasping and crying as I sucked at her swollen clit...
There were a lot of firsts that night. I left several hours later feeling a strong sense of education. My French Lessons were coming along better than I ever imagined...

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3 years ago
Good job.. don't stop. :-)
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more soon...no editing function on hamster blog
4 years ago
you left out a lot