Fucking my Bosses Chubby Daughter

True story, though doesn't every one start that way...
When I was twenty I worked at a resort in the hills of Northern California. I was cooking for a seasonal resort hotel-restaurant. The place was, or still is, in a part of the redwood forest on a secluded stretch of Highway 101, a short walk from the dramatic cliffs and winding trails down to lagoons of the California coast.
The job was lousy, but the pay was incredible and the scenery was unbeatable. The main advantage of the place was that it was a beautiful resort, and it was large and secluded enough that it had housing and apartments for its staff and employees. I worked there for the summer, and into the fall, and had a lot of weird adventures in that part of the world, like the night of my twenty-first birthday, but some nights were sleazier than others...
My Boss, the Chef, was a veteran scumbag, a staggering alcoholic who only got up only to place a few inventory orders and then fiddle in his office before retiring to his cabin on the hillside to drink himself into oblivion and fuck his pet hostess of the season. His main culinary techniques were to drink stolen beer, avoid the kitchen, and hope it didn't burn down around us. I realized at some point that was indeed my role, and demanded more money. This worked well, until we too often closed early to better spend the till at the titty bar in Selina...but I digress.
The partnership between by superior and I was ended when, halfway through the summer season, his daughter showed up. She was older than me (twenty-five), and out adrift on her own. She was "taking a break" from college and asked her Dad for a job. He got her a spot as a cashier in the gift shop.
A few days later a few of us got together and snuck into the hot-tub/pool house in the guest-area of the resort. We had done this several times, but it was the first time she was there. We were pretty d***k, and when no one was looking she just casually slipped her top off and starting swimming around in the dark. I watched her, and then was looking right at me, and slowly stood up in the shallow end of the pool...
It was dark, I was d***k. I hadn't been laid in months, due to isolation and work. But the moonlight and the water and the pale skin of her huge, fat glistening tits suddenly rising from the pool, her cruel, teasing, and obviously horny grin as she watched me watch her reveal herself...It was a trip, a shock...
She was not classically beautiful,but she was definitely built the way I like a woman...a little chubby, extremely curvy. Huge swollen tits and pink nipples, softly curving belly, plump ass. I don't think I even knew her name then. I knew she had pale white skin, chopped blond hair and big green eyes...
We went back to our separate rooms that nights, but a few night later, and almost every night after that for the rest of the summer, was the same...
She would knock gently at my apartment door, or I would d***kenly slam on hers, and then strange needs were fulfilled...
It took me a few night to get how completely depraved she was, but I realized she needed to be roughly dominated to get off. I would fuck her mouth for what seemed like hours, her on her knees, slobbering,drooling and masturbating, gagging herself on my cock like I had never seen any woman do before. Fucking her doggy-style, I starting playing with her ass, and she shook and quivered and begged me to put a finger in...She was the first ass I ever fucked, and I came almost immediately. She sucked my dick afterward. My dry spell was definitely over...
I started pushing the limits. I had a lot of fantasies, I'd seen a lot porn, but never had a real slut at my complete disposal...
I started putting more fingers into her.I rubbed her g-spot with one cupped hand and pressed down from the inside with three more fingers in her ass. Eventually I would have her gagged with dirty panties, wrists behind her back, legs in the air above her head. I'd lube up her ass, put in one of her big toys and lick her pussy, fisting her and fucking her mouth till she squirted all over both of us.
No matter what I did, she went with it. I had never done any of these things, but she guided me, a natural whore, and pretty flexible despite her thick and curvy body. She was also loud, and rowdy...

There was a lot of alcohol involved in all this, remember. One morning I woke up, pants-less, in unfamiliar surroundings. The Chubby Blond Girl was passed out on the couch next to me, panties around one foot. I heard something and turned to see a man pouring a cup of coffee. It was my Boss, the Chef. It was his cabin I was in. His home I suddenly remembered drinking excessively in the night before. His couch I had slept on. With his daughter. Her juice all over my face, the smell of booze and sex and recrimination hanging in air...
One night, I had loud d***ken anal sex with my bosses daughter in the living room of his cabin, and I still remember that sometimes and laugh...

90% (49/5)
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3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
great story. sluts like that are hard to find, but definatly worth it when they are found.
4 years ago
nice and naughty, she sounds so hot and sexy
4 years ago
4 years ago
very hot
4 years ago
great story man
4 years ago
Great story.
4 years ago
but it sounds so good, you would do it again