My neighbor the dog walker

This may be a little longer but it's worth it!!!!!

Every year as the morning temperature starts to rise I make it a morning ritual to walk out onto my deck stark naked. I get up for work at the same time everyday and, if the temperature permits i drain my semi erect cock off the side of the deck.
2 summers ago.....before I had quit smoking.... I would occasionally take a smoke after peeing. 1 morning I noticed the neighbor's dog was out doing his business. I glanced over and saw my neighbor, I'll call her Pam, also having a smoke while waiting for the dog. Not sure if she had seen me I sat still until she went in. When I knew it was safe I went in and got ready for work. For about the next week I was always looking over to see if the dog was out before I went out. That next Friday morning I really had to pee so I rushed right out not paying attention. I drained my cock and went in to get a smoke. As I headed in I noticed Pam going into her house. I thought, Oh wow, did she see me?
Saturday and Sunday afternoon I spent working in the yard. Pam was a neighborly person but didn't really go out of her way to have extended conversations with me out of the blue. Both days she came over and had a conversation of more than 5 minutes with me. Not that I thought anything of it but usually I initiate the conversation. That Monday morning as I went out precisely at 4:15 I sat smoking my cigarette and i saw her kitchen light go on. Should I rush in or just sit and hope she doesn't see me. I stayed. For some reason she just let the dog out and went back in. So I finished my smoke and got up to walk in the house. As I did I saw her bathroom light go out. Feeling like a risk taker, I stood there for a few seconds before I went in.
For the next 3 days when i went outside I knew she had figured out my routine. Each of those days she walked out onto the deck right after I finished peeing and each day smoked a cigarette. All 3 days I had no choice but to wait for her to go in. This also made me think....was she watching me full view....pee off the side of the deck facing her house, every morning?
4:15 Friday morning as I cautiously walked out to pee, I saw no visible activity over there. I pee'd, took a smoke and started in. Just as I got up I saw her sliding door open. The dog ran out and I quickly sat back down. To my surprise Pam followed the dog out.....dressed only in a camisole and panties. All the other times she had some sort of night clothing on. She stood on her deck in a spot that was visible from almost anywhere on my deck. After several minutes the dog came up and she went into the house. Saturday and Sunday the weather sucked so I wasn't outside at all.
It was mid June and I was on vacation. I was so intrigued by what had been happening I purposely got up at 4:15 that Monday. I took my piss and went to the back corner of the deck, where it's the hardest to be seen. Her bathroom light was on. I sat there longer than usual. The light went out and right after that the door opened and out came the dog, followed by Pam, wearing only a pair if white string bikini panties. I almost fell out of my chair. I sat there and just gazed at her. Not once did she look my way. For a woman of 44 she had small, b cup I'd guess but still quite firm tits. I didn't get much of a view of her from the waist down because of the railing, but I did know she had a pretty good shape. Now you know what this means....I have to get up early tomorrow too. So I did, only I took it a step further this day. Like yesterday, the bathroom light was on. Instead of sitting down for a smoke , I stood there full view ....and smoked my cigarette. Right after I lit it up the light went out. When I was done i went over and sat right in the corner of the deck. As I expected, out she came, again , only in panties. Like yesterday, she smoked, only today, she took the dog out on a leash. Which meant she came down the steps and was now in full view. Again she was wearing string bikinis, maybe 1 size to small because they were tight across her ass. And, as i assumed, in pretty good shape for 44.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning, for some reason she didn't come out. Saturday, as I was out in the yard, she came over to chat. I was blushing a little but didn't think she'd notice. She asked if I had any vacation planned and I told her I was just finishing up vacation. She said "Really, I've seen your lights on all week about the time you usually go to work." A little startled I just said it's routine after all these years. She said she had to use 3 vacation days because she was sick the past few days. That explains her early morning absence. We chatted for qiute some time. I asked about any male friends and she said after 4 years she's about given up.I commented that I know how she feels because I haven't had much in 4 years either. She laughed. She asked if my wife was still on a lot of meds. I said just enough to take away her sex drive and make her sl**p like a bear in winter.I told Pam I enjoyed our talk and we should have a cookout soon. She said , "sounds good" and off we went.
Now, I couldn't wait till Monday morning. Like clockwork I was there at was she. Only today, she was totally naked. As I sat there and watched her she again took the dog out on the chain. As she moved down the steps I witnessed the most beautiful, full bush I'd seen in years. Now I know it's 2010 but I still love a nice beaver. This was perfect. Not overgrown a bit. I waited for her to go in. When she did I felt it was time to take a risk. I stood there in view....if she was looking....and waited . Her bathroom light went out and I opend my gate and sat on the steps facing her house. I laid back and started stroking my semi erect cock. Within seconds it was a fully erect 8 1/2 inch missle ready to explode. I closed my eyes and imagined her naked body walking not 40 feet from where I was sitting. Hoping she was watching from her bedroom window, I spread my legs and started stroking faster until I had the most explosive orgasm in years. I laid there for what seemed like minutes. I stood up...looked towards her house and went in.
Tuesday and Wednesday came and went with no activity. Wednesday night I began to wonder if I had crossed the line with my jerking off. I was quite depressed thinking that maybe the fun was over. Nonetheless, Thursday morning, at 4:15 I walked outside. I took a piss and glanced toward Pams house. No lights were on. Was she watching? I turned to head to the back corner and I almost jumped out of my skin. There in the corner was the most perfect 44 year old.....butt naked woman I'd ever seen, laying on my deck. She looked me in the eyes and asked if I was surprised. I said,"stunned" She asked if my wife was awake or if she'd wake up and I said "only if a bomb goes off" She said she didn't feel right fucking the next door neighbor but said it was ok to play. She told me to sit back and enjoy. She handed me a pair of her panties and said she'd noticed I enjoy panties. She must have seen me on the few occasions I wore panties while outside. She laid back and just started rubbing every area of her body. Noticing that her panties were somewhat wet, I slowly drew them toward my face. I couldn't take my eyes off her bush. As she rubbed her breasts she slowly opened her legs....exposing the slightest view, through her bush, of the most perfectly shaped, pink pussy lips. I immediately shoved the panties to my nose .....smelling her sweet pussy juices. My cock, now fully erect, i sucked so hard on those panties I thought I was going to swallow them. By now her hand was slowly rubbing her pussy. Using her left hand to spread her lips, she began lightly rubbing her clit. I now had my hand grasping my rock hard dick. Suddenly she thrust 2 fingers deep into her soaking wet pussy. I could hear her gushing as she thrust them in and out. Within seconds she began to shake. She looked at me and said "don't you even think about cumming" I immediatly stopped stroking my throbbing cock. She started to moan but I wasn't concerned because the air conditioning unit was running. Suddenly I heard a gushing sound coming from her soaked pussy. Her hips shaked as she had the most explosive female orgasm I'd ever seen. It lasted for what seemed like 45 seconds. The deck was soaked with her woman juice. She looked at me and said when I say stroke that big cock as fast as you can. She now shoved all 4 of her fingers in her pussy and went to town. In and out with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. Within seconds she said go. I sat there in the chair and stroked my cock like never before. As she started cumming again she said now!!!! I stood up between her legs and pounded my pecker like a chef poundind a piece of tough meat. As she started gushing again I let loose. I shot my juice all over her abdoman, her tits and her big hairy bush. As I drained every last drop out she lay there, legs spread watching me drain my joint. As I dropped to my knees she sat up, got to her knees, kissed me on the cheek and walked away
Friday morning 4:15 AM.............................
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2 years ago
great story. love to hear ore and see how things work out.
3 years ago
Loved it.. Great story
4 years ago
sexy story