American Man's Fantasy makes My Wife's P

My Fat Stiff Cock is tingling and Pulstaing to the Erotic Fantasies that I'm having about about You and continue to Swirl through my imagination because Right now I am thinking how I would love to lay NAKED Side by Side with you in my Big Soft Bed... Squeeze, Caress and Fondle one of your Soft Luscious Tittes, While I Kiss, Lick & Suck the other...
After One hand has thoroughly enjoyed malling your Soft Tits, I Slide it downward... Gliding all over your Soft Supple Skin, down to Your Moist Warm Pussy!
Slipping two of my Slender fingers between your puffy moist lips, I wanna flick, twirl, and Massage Your Swollen CLIT... Thrust my two Slender fingers DEEP in your Moist Pussy, until I locate that elusive pool of Slippery Pussy Juice Deep Inside You!
I wanna wriggle my fingers, slip 'em in and out... coat them with Your Warm Juices, and Slide them out... Soaked with Your Creamy juice, Stroke your Pussy Lips and Clit until Your tingling, Swollen Clit and Pussy lips are wringing Wet!
Then, I'll LICK my fingers clean, and proceed to Kiss & Lick ALLLL Over Your Soft Skin ALL the way, down to your Wet Squishy Pussy!
With both hands lovingly caressing, fondling & squeezing your soft supple tits... I'll nuzzle my mouth into your Gaping, Juicy, Wet Pussy! Having Sucked your Sensitive Clit between my soft lips, I'll Suck a little harder and Shake my Mouth & Face, from Side to Side.
As you thrust your ample hips up and down, I'll LICK & FLICK at your CLIT as I PLUNGE my tongue in and out of "Honey Pot PUSSY!"
Gliding my hands ALL over your supple silky soft skin, caressing and fondling your Big tits...tweaking your hard nipples, my tongue will FUCK in out of your HOT wet pussy!
Mmmm, You Sexy Girl, I'm to going to LICK, SUCK & TONGUE-FUCK your Sweet Juicy Pussy, RELENLESSLY!
With my open mouth pressed FIRMLY into your STEAMING HOT Pussy, I'll continue LICKING & SUCKING at your CLIT, while TONGUE FUCKING you HARD and as DEEP as I can f***e my PROBING TONGUE inside your JUICY "HONEY POT!"
I'll continue to LICK, SUCK & TONGUE FUCK You... DEEP and HARD until you thrust your hips up against my PUSSY PLEASING MOUTH and your CREAMY CUM...GUSHES in TORRENTS... FLOODING, FILLING my mouth, and DRIPPING down my chin and streaming through the crack between your plump firm Butt Cheeks... Again and AGAIN ~ forming a pool of warm CUM beneath Your Plump Round Butt Cheeks!
AFTER I LICK your HOT PUSSY DRY, I'll swallow my mouth full of your Creamy Warm CUM and KISS & LICK my way up your warm body as you struggle to catch your breath with a racing, and pounding heart!
With my skinny, 140lb. body, sprawled across your soft, warm Sexy frame... I'll KISS, LICK & SUCK on your Neck, ALL OVER your Face and especially your Warm, Wet Soft MOUTH!
You'll feel my HOT THROBBING Stiff Cock Penetrate your Juicy Wet PUSSY!
As my Rigid Fat Dick Burrows increasingly DEEPER, your hips thrust forward FORCING EVERY HOT inch of Pussy PLEASING Cock DEEPER, HARDER snd FASTER inside you! Just as our sweaty hips come together, I'll draw my Long Hard Cock back out, only to be RAMMED back into you so DEEP and FAST that as OUR HOT Sweaty Bodies SLAM together, a LOUD SLAPPING sound will fill the room...
I'm going to POUND my Stiff Dick in & out of your HOT PUSSY... OVER & OVER... FAST, DEEP & HARD until you SCREAM... MOAN LOUDLY and I feel your finger nails DIGGING into the spacious skin on my back! As you thrust your hips forward, You thrash around, squealing as a wave of cold shivers ripples through your body and I SHOVE my LONG, HARD DICK DEEP into your HOT PUSSY filling you with a mixture of our mutual HOT CREAMY CUM! The copius amount of combined CUM will surround my Cock, DRIP from my heavy Balls and trickle through the crack between your Soft, Plump Butt Cheeks!
"Thank you, Sexy Baby.. You are an AWESOME Lover!"

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