My Wife's American Lover.

It's Wednesday evening and I notice you have have the back door open and have the radio on while you are sunbathing nude by the pool.

I yell over the radio honey I'm here... you jump up and run to greet me with a sloppy wet french kiss and then you say well we need to get you naked too.
While you are kissing me you start undoing my belt while I loosen my tie, after you have my belt off you start undoing my pants and drop to your knees and pull my cock out.

You start by licking my balls then moving up to the head of my cock you start licking and sucking my entire cock until its nice and hard.

Meanwhile, I finished taking my shirt off and I step out of my pants.
You are now bobbing your head up and down on my cock while you moaning sends vibrations down my cock.

I say damn Cami you know how to please me!
You can sense I'm getting close so you speed up more and you start sucking harder and harder.

Then all the sudden I blow and you start swallowing my cum not missing a drop.
You look up to me and say I missed you today my stud.
I reach down and pull you up by your hands and carry you over to the pool and jump in.
After we resurface I tell you after that amazing blow job your American lover needed to cool down.
Then I help you up on the edge of the pool and spread your legs open while your legs rest on my shoulder.s

I start by licking your inner thighs until I get to the edge of your pussy.
I start teasing by blowing my warm air across your wet pussy and by nibbling on your clit.
You're begging me to stop teasing you and eat you out.

I tease you until you had enough and you put your hands on the back of my head and shove my mouth onto your pussy.
So I start eating you out and your moaning at the top of your lungs and telling me how much you love me.

Then all the sudden you start shaking and you are cumming hard then I start sucking and licking you faster not wanting to miss a drop of your cum.
After you come down from your amazing sexual high you look me straight in the eyes and say my stud that was amazing!

I grab your feet and pull you into the pool with me.
You reach down and start stroking my cock and say looks like his ready for round two.

You jump up on me and wrap your arms and legs around me then I line my cock up to your pussy and you slide down on it.
I grab your ass and start fucking you with slow, long strokes then short quick strokes.

We fuck like this for a little while until you say darling lets get out of the pool so I can ride you the right way.
You run up the stairs and pull me with you then you have me lay down on the bed and you get on top of me and mount me.
You start slow and steady then you speed up riding me as fast and hard as you can.
You start shaking again so I pull you down and take over fucking you as hard as I can while you are still cumming.
I sense that I'm getting close and your pussy muscles are starting to milk my cock so I give in and explode in you letting out juices mix then, we fall asl**p…

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1 year ago
love it