Living with Mother ….. continued

Living with Mother was always interesting, especially because she loved to see me dressed as a girl/woman. For almost 4 years, weekends would always be special time, whether Mother, my s****r and I were at home together or whether I was there with either of them. The dressing was just what I did, evenings were always rather easy but the weekends much more intense.

A typical weekend would start Friday evening when I returned home from school, straight into the bath, made myself as clean as possible and then into the clothes I had laid out before I went to school that morning. Nothing too outlandish, just the usual smart/classical styles, the nicer, smarter clothes were saved for Saturday and Sunday.

The main difference was that by the time that my s****r and Mother arrived home, I was fully made up, perfumed, all my nails painted and with supper ready.

If mother was going out straight from work, my s****r and I would often spend the evening in our nightclothes, she loved to see me dressed and evenings alone, sitting together on the sofa or having her sit on my lap in an armchair was always wonderful, feeling our bodies rubbing against each other, Jacqui feeling me getting hard and making sure that if I really needed relief that I could get it. It usually meant that I would sit next to her on the sofa, slip my panties to one side and gently wank myself.

Occasionally though, she would get excited, slip one hand under her nightie and start to rub herself, making me watch whilst she had an ever slower, more sensual wank. One of the really good things about this was that, technically, my s****r was my first sexual partner. She would gently wank me, watch me cum over her hand, over my stockings, over Mother’s shoes, even over her wonderfully pouting 17 years old breasts with the huge nipples always ready for my lipstick mouth to be held in place while I gently stroked her mound.

She was wonderful where sex was concerned, there was never any chance of me impregnating her but where manual sex was concerned, she was perfect. She also made me ‘inspect’ her, slip my fingers into her, gently stroke and lick her clitoris, watch her hair getting thick and sticky as her cunt-juice trickled out over my fingers, it was just a perfect way of finding our about sex with a female.

Mother didn’t actually allow me to have any sex with her. I am sure that she knew that Jacqui and I were lovers in our own, rather immature way, and she obviously realised what the stains in her everyday panties were but that was all.

Except for the morning that I couldn’t control myself any longer ………. But that’s another story, I’m far too hard to think about writing about it now and I must just nip off to wank over some of the photos I have of Mother.

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1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
nice story for libral family xx
2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
Want to read that other story
3 years ago
You write very well.
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
Yes like to hear more
3 years ago
Will be looking forward toreading more of your stories now i have to take care of this hard on thanks Candi