So it's happening at last, it's 10 days

I've just spent 10 days in the Uk and one of the benefits is that I could do a lot of gurly shopping, so it was into various stores, a new wig for a new look, new dresses, lingerie and makeup and feeling so horny and very sexy.

I drove to the Uk and back, spent a night at a hotel in Dover and desp[ite my best efforts, couldn't find a date, not even some telephone fun. The next evening I was in Chartres and the same thing happened again, some links through a French website but that was all.

So yesterday I left the hotel earlier than I anticpated and headed home, arrived a little after mid-day and then got myself organised. I was already shaved all over and have been moisutrising all over for a few days, so after I did all the boring things I decided it was time to get gurly.

Online and into my favourite French contact site and within an hour I had a date, a guy I had previously met with another tgurl and he's been trying to get to meet 1 2 1 for ages. So it was all arranged and I had to get myself ready, which I loved doing and I thought the new look was really good, dark hair, smoky eye shadows, really bright red lipstick and gloss, heels, very expensive stockings with a 4" deep lace band, you get the idea, all topped up with my new dress.

And he arrived on time and after he paid me quite a few compliment - sexy and elegant among them - we started to kiss and then I could feel him getting hard in his jeans, he was stroking my arse and then he slipped his hand round to my front and started to fondle me.

We moved onto the sofa, he didn't take long to slip out of his pants and undies and shoes (no socks) and I saw his wonderful cock - it is truly a magnificent specimen, very hard, long and thick, photo to follow in my galleries later. I started to suck him and it was so long even I couldn't deep throat him. I was very tired and really didn't want to be fucked but he was rather insistant so it would have been rude to refuse. I tried to sit on it but I was too tight so it was a large amount of lube, inside and out and all over his cock, I knelt on the sofa and after a little bit of pushing, me relaxing and the exquisite pain of being rammed into, I reached back, took hold of his balls and made sure he was right up inside me.

It was exquisite, the mixture of pain and pleasure and as I was so tight it didn't take long for him to start to grunt and groan before he pushed in hard and I felt him filling me with his warm seed. He pulled back and I still had time to take him in my mouth, just to finish him off and to make sure that he was nice and clean, after all, that's what my mouth and tongue are for.

He went into the bathroom and cleaned himself off before he went home to wifey - nice to know I give him what she wont - and then it was what to do next. I was still on line so had another look at my fave French site and there was another contact, a guy from the next village - I didn't know him - and he wanted to drop by. So after a bit of chat and then waiting for him to arrive - my home is rather isolated - he turned up, he'd never met a TV previously, so it was all very new to him. Again, more compliments - I'd only fixed my makeup so was still dressed the same but I was leaking the first guys cum - and after a brief exchange he was on the sofa, legs apart and pants/undies off, not as big as the first guy and this one I could deep throat.

He LOVED it, I gave him a long slow suck, a lot of tongue play, sucking his balls, licking the length of his shaft, pulling the skin back and slipping my tongue into his hole and he was groaning with delight. Eventually it had to happen and when I felt him start to throb in that way you know he's going to spray his cream, I took him right into my mouth and as he started to climax, I slipped a couple of fingers into his arse and voila, he just held my head, pushed down and kept me there until I'd drained him. When he let me up, I did my usual tongue clean on his tip and then he was dressed and out of the house.

So then it was another shower, panties on with a ladies tena pad in place in case of leaks, into my nighty and into bed. And what's more I didn't cum, No 2 offered but I declined, I'm saving all that for sometime later if I meet somebody gurly.

It was fantasic, I don't get a date for months - just life getting in the way - and then I get two in one evening. And I have another two dates, different guys, coming this evening, so lots of cock and lots of wet, thick, sweet, delicious cock cream for me to taste and swallow, somtimes life really is good.
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1 year ago
Great story and lucky you!