Tina Part 2

Well ladies and gentlemen, ready for part 2?
As we walked towards the car we chatted as ordinary couples do, like how was your day, and did you have much to do? Tina responded but I would say that you could hear that she wasn’t with us.
I suggested a quick burger and we drove to MacDonalds. I asked what movie she preferred and she said, It doesn’t matter, you decide. I got the devil inside me, so I said, Ok i know the perfect place, but we need a drink first. We went in to a bar, that I have been to before, and ordered a bottle of champagne. We drank the champagne and my wife looked even more red in her face. I know that the best thing to start her up was with a glass of champagne. Normally we seldom get d***k outside our home, but this night I bought another bottle of champagne and we started to talk to people around us. After an hour she asked me if it wasn’t time for a movie?
I said, OK honey, it will take us only a minute, and then I laugh. I went to the bartender and said the magical word Let me in, I'm a friend of Doug (that’s an older story and to long to tell you now, but that gives me entrance to to the secret bar behind, or actually its a bar, a room with poker tables and a small stage, wit an even smaller cinema, for 8 persons, and showing X-rated movies 24/7)
Well I entered the second bar with my wife, paid out another champagne and then took her by the hand and led her in to the cinema, and she just laugh. She said poor you, is this where you sit at nights. I admitted that I have been sitting here sometimes, but not that often. We shared the champagne and kissed. The scene showed some rough anal sex, and she said, well don’t ever try that on me, ´cause I don’t like it.
I fingered her, and was trying to seduce here there, but she was not easy handled. She said no not my tits out, not here, and no don’t touch me down there now. After 10 minutes I had to go to the toilet, so I filled her glass and said that I would be there in 3. Coming back I saw two of the guys from before, in the other bar. They said that my wife was sitting in the cinema and looked very d***k. I said that I just left her and she didn’t look that d***k at that time. Looking in to the cinema I could see that she was quite d***k. She was looking at the cinema, cheering the movie and singing for herself.
I said to the guys, well I'm horny as hell but she want give it to me. I'll bet she gives it to anybody except for me. Then I said, can’t you two go in and sit close to her, I will sneak in from behind to see how she reacts? Then I'll take over, ok?
Well, the two guys jumped in between my wife and before I could say stop one of them was deeply kissing here, fumbling around with her tits and the other was below, in-between her legs doing something. I stretched and I saw him buried in my wife’s crotch obviously using his tongue. Tina was trying to say something and I just waited to jump in and rescue her, but in-between two kisses, I just heard "Where have you guys been all the evening?"
Well, somehow getting used now I was sitting and masturbating again, looking at my pretty wife getting all messed up. Well she got what she deserved and in my mind I decided to ass fuck her tonight no matter what happened.
The two boys showed up to be very good in fucking my wife, I have to admit that. The guy licking her pussy was obviously doing a great job, because I saw her shiver two times and returning hot. Since he was lifting her a bit her neck turned backward around the seat. The other guy quickly jumped on the seat behind and standing drove his cock deeply in to her mouth. It was a huge cock. I actually thought she would see me sitting behind, but her eyes where rolling and she just makes love noises. The guy on top was getting a quite good deep mouth fuck, and just after a few minutes he shot a load in her mouth. She just moaned and swallowed. The guy licking her then raised her up and started to front fuck her in the pussy. I couldn’t see the cock size but she was pleased. The other guy smiled at me and said, "blue pills are heaven", still erected he fumbled himself in from behind and started to stretch her ass. I just couldn’t keep myself, and shot a load on the seat, doing that the second guy penetrated her ass, and she screamed, "stop, its too big". Well the funny was that the movie now showed a girl that was getting spanked, so the sound seemed as it came from the film, so none on the outside came in, and the guy pushed himself in a few inches. He said to his friend, this must be a virgin, never had a tighter ass, and then he sled in another inch. Both guys now torpedoing my wife in harmony and she was screaming and moaning, completely surrealistic. She vanished, they came both inside her and before sitting her down on the chair, they both said that she was the best fuck ever. The first guy then came up and gave me 10 hundred dollar bills and said, I won this at the Poker table earlier, but you deserve them. Best whore ever, and then he put the money in my hand.
I put together the scrap that was my wife, took her out to a waiting car and went home.
No- I didn’t get her ass that evening either...but you'll just wait....for part three :-D

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