Horny wife gets banged

This is a true story, and just reminding me gives me a hard on, every time.

My wife used to work in an office in town, where we live. She is very conservative when it comes to sex and I have to switch of the lights at home before having sex. She is quite good in BJs but in all other stuff its very conservative. We have been married for a while and have a couple of c***dren and as you know, that doesnt improve sex life. My wife is quite short 160 cm,redhaired, and some would call her a bit oversized 70kgs, but I just love her firm figure and her C sized breasts. We can call my wife Lena.
Well to go back to the story: I entered the office, to suprisingly take my wife to the cinema, and didnt find her on the downstair floor where they normally sit when not having customers. They sell all kind of electrical stuff, from switches to lamps and also have a small storage on the same floor.
I started to talk to her boss, since we know each other since long way back, and he said she probably had a customer, but that they were doing inventory today so she had to finish that before leaving. I stood there for 10 minutes and then walked up in the selling area. I didnt find anyone there so I walked into their restroom, which has a small kitchen and a sofa, and like a 50 times 50 cm hole in the wall into the storage room. The kitchen was dark but I heard rumors and voices from the storage room. I sat down in the sofa and could look out in the storage room and there I could see my wife lifting and checking items, telling spare part numbers to a collegue, Steve. Steve was a man in the 50s, probably once good looking, but today over wieghted and with an awful beard.
Well, I thought lets sit here and suprise her when she comes out. At a certain point I could hear Lena saying:
Hey whats this? I saw that she was bending down over some heavy stuff behind a bigger box. She normally has a knee skirt, but today that skirt was higher than normal and I could see how it was close to revealing her nice ass. Steve focused intens on her ass and suddenly I saw how he kneeled and tried to look up under the skirt. I hold my mouth, but found the situation quite interesting so I didnt say anything.
Steve raised up and my wife raised up asking him what is was, holding a part of a steel tube in her hand. Steve said, no, I dont know what it is, but i bet we need to count them all. Haha I thought, that cheeky bastard is hot on Lenas ass... Well let him look. I know how good i think it is:-D
Lena bent over again and again, and the third time she almost fell over. Steve took a good look at my wifes but and probably also her strings. Then he pushed himself behind Lena and took a good grip arond here (and probably her tits) and lifted her up. Hmm I was getting horny and they didnt see me from my position so I rubbed my cock a bit on the outside, thinking of what I was doing to my wife later this eveing.
Lena was exhausted and fixed her clothes and said, jeezes, this never ends, and bended over again. This time I saw suprisingly how Steve opened his pants and took out his erected cock. I must say I was suprised, the size was incredible, maybe 25 cm? Lena was still down shouting, Steve help me out! Steve responded I will Lena and then took a firm grip above the stockings and teard them down in one strap. I heard Lena say, WHAT?, This took maybe 3 seconds, he teard the panties and drove his cock into her pussy. I was just to jump up to respond to here supposed scream, when she calmly responded, Finally you horn dog, Yes make my day and fuck me hard. I just fainted,was that my wife?
He then started to pump here at full spedd driving this cock in and out, and Lena said with a hardly recognizable voice Harder Steve Harder. Jeezes, I opened my pants and started to rub my cock frenetically.
Steve was a good fucker, he pumped her for three to four minutes and I hearded her getting orgasms at least twice. I jerked off during this and found a paper towel to clean myself quickly. Then she relifed herself and said loud, Shit that was damn good, now you can do what you want to me. I was suprised again, She has never said that to me. Steve, who had been quite rythmic and calm until then started to pump intensivly. He started to say, You wanted this you bitch, and You need this, or I have been waiting for doing this. She was now having her hands on the box, Steve pumping and then he says, Time to scream bitch and then moves up a hole.
Lena just said, again with a horny voice, I´m your bitch, do what you want. I immediately got another hard on. I couldnt belive this. Lena had hard times to take half in the ass. I could hear her whyning a bit, also pushing him back sometimes. That just seem to make him more violent. Suddenly I could see him loosing his seed into my wifes ass, and he did that for 30 seconds. I just had another orgasm and used the same towel. Then I hear my wife say, Shit I need to go and clean myself, so I rushed out, without beeing noticed and went down to the boss, saying that they were still counting upstairs. He knodded still working. I told him that we had a special surveillance system with very quiet cameras that we would like to test in his office and in the store (working with that) and he said, as long as it didnt cost anything I could try whatever, laughing at me.
I went up and suprised my wife and she blushed more than normally, but I didnt look like i noticed that. We had a nice movie, but no sex, she said she was to tired.
The cameras? I´ll tell you that story if you like this :-
See you
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3 years ago
4 years ago
awsome story...hell if she bangin around then you should be entiled to the same bro... so the cameras?
4 years ago
loved the story lucky lady. Love to hear more xx
4 years ago
Lucky old steve
4 years ago
Good story! Now tell me about the cameras!!