Tina part 1

Well, lets summarize:
I'm a lucky guy, I'm married, we have two c***dren and my wife still looks great after 10 years of marriage. As many couples, we don't have too much time together, and as many couples, I would like to spend more time having sex than my wife wants to. My wife's name is Tina (or at least what I will call her here), she is 165 cm high, brown haired (but often colored deep red) and has some gorgeous D cups. She claims that her ass is to big, but I really like that round big ass.
As wife she demands sex to be in bed and with the lamps off. She is very easy to satisfy, and really doesn't like long or noisy sex. Boring, yeah maybe, but you get used, and since I love her, its not an issue, even though I would like more "interesting" sex.
Well lets say that we have accelerated that lately; this is my story.

Part 1
My wife is working for a guy in a paint store, since 15 years now. She has been there long enough to be a bit bossy and since her boss is a bit wimpy, she very often takes command.
This particular day started with my phone call, and I said that I would come to work and pick her up at 18, and then go to the cinema, (naturally to crave some sex later :-d)

Well since I know Peter, her boss, I entered the store at 17 and wanted to discuss an installation of cameras, since they had some problems with thieving, mostly at nights. This store is a bit special, since it is built in two separate floors, with the entrance in-between. Peter told me that they were recounting parts of the store (on Tinas initiative) as part of the inventory. Well Peter and I discussed some new cameras and then his phone rang, and I was left alone on the lower floor. I decided to go up to the storage floor. At that floor they have like a small room that is in between the store and the storage, where you can drink coffee, so I decided o go there and take a cup.

I heard Tina and Ted (an employee of the age of 50) and they seemed to be in a discussion of moving something. I entered the "coffee" room and grabbed a cup, and sat down. When I did that I could see my wife working in a corner of the storage, bossing Ted around.

Since I didn't light up, they couldn't see me, if they didn't look very closely. Well Tina was trying to get a grip of how much paint that was hidden behind a pallet, and Ted did his best not to understand the instructions.
At a certain point I her Tina say; well what the heck, then I have to do it myself and then I see how she tries to climb a smaller pallet and starts to bend over to grip some stuff on the other side. Suddenly I start to laugh quietly and think that Tina shouldn't have dressed up with that short skirt today, since bending makes it slide up until the start of here nice ass. The fist paint comes up fast and she shouts to Ted to mark them and place them slightly to the left.

I can here that Tina is irritated and Ted is looking a bit irritated too.
Well this goes on for a few minutes and suddenly I can see that Ted (that old fart) is actually steering more and more at my wife's ass, now showing off at least 50% of her panties. I start to think that is time to refill the cup and looks away, when I hear my wife saying- Well help me stupid, I'm stuck. When I look in here direction I can see how she is somehow stuck over a wall of paint and needs help to get up.

Ted now, probably furious, says -all right, I'm gonna help you, and then incredibly takes down his pants in one move and disclose a huge cock, really hard. I'm stunned, I should already here have said something, but the scene looks incredible. He quickly jumps out of his pants, take a step forward, literally tear of my wife's panty and just drive his cock to the bottom. I can here here saying, Noooo, but what the fuck are y...and then a guttural sound as I recognize as a mixture of being horny and scared.
I'm getting horny and starts to jerk off, its really fantastic, like a porno movie in 3d, with my wife!

Ted is now pumping furiously, smacking her ass, telling her to be quiet, that he's sick of here noisy bossing of him, and that bitches like her needs big cocks to be quiet.
My wife goes suddenly from that noo to shit, how big it is, give it to me and I nearly drop my cup. Is that my wife? The quiet one with the lights off at home?
Well Ted makes here good, for at least five minutes and he takes out the whole cock and then ram her, continuously, suddenly he says, and now its time to fuck some ass.

I can hear her scream Noo Ted, Not that (and I know, because she has never granted me the permission to even stick in a finger there). But what can she do, He just raises a bit and then just tear her ass apart. The first push gives him a bit o resistance, and Tina is screaming no please, but he just goes on and soon the crying is over from her part and I can hear her saying, Yes, give me that hard cock.

Ted says, jeez this was the tightest hole I ever had, then he takes a grip of her hair and rais here up, telling here that is time to get satisfied, in here mouth and takes out the cock put it in her mouth and rives it rock hard in and out. At this time I cant hold back s I quickly grip a towel and cums un the towel, quickly exiting the door.

I rushed down to Peter, that was still sitting behind his desk and he quickly asked me if I had seen Tina. I said yes, she and Ted had to finish up upstairs (couldn't understand that he didn't hear anything) but that they would be coming down soon. I talked to Peter for 5 minutes, and then went upstairs yelling for my wife. Tina came out of the toilet, very red in here face saying...oohh darling, already here, soon with ya ...and went in taking here jacket as nothing has happened..
I will tell you about the movie later...in part 2 if you are interested.

The husband
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4 years ago
u r a big pig but its good one
4 years ago
I hope he tore her ass apart. A bitch like that needs to get stuffed with hard cock.
4 years ago
good story
4 years ago
Yes very interested