Babysitting. 03

“Thank you, Christy, but it’s getting very late and I think that I should be going home.”

“Don’t be silly, I’m going to show you how beautiful you are.” Mom was not really d***k enough to be completely out of it, but she had the sense to know that she was saying things that were quiet personal and inappropriate because of her drinking.

Christy took mom into her room and sat her in a swivel chair that faced a mirror. “Shari, this is where I make myself look beautiful, you may have seen me sitting in this chair, and probably noticed how excited I look when I’m doing my makeup. Now I’m going to do the same for you. I promise, when I finish with you, you’ll think that you’re looking at a beautiful movie star. But first, let’s remove your sexy clothes and get started.”

At this point I think that mom was getting excited about what Christy was going to do for her looks, and of course Christy’s compliments and flattery got her going. Christy quickly removed mom’s clothes and was now standing with just her bra and panties on.

“OH, WOW, Shari, you’ve got a knockout body, but I’m sure hubby has told you that many times. Stand there just a second, I want to get something from my closet. Here they are, I want you to put on these sexy shoes with five inch stiletto heels, I’m sure that they will fit. Your legs are very trim and sexy, I don’t believe that you’re forty-five.”

“Oh my, Christy, yes that’s my size but I’ve never worn anything with heels like that. They do look kind of sexy though; but I think I’m too old for those.”

“Stop thinking old, for gosh sakes, you’re only forty five and don‘t look much older than me; let the real Shari come out and enjoy herself.. I bet when you and hubby are having wild sex, or when you’re masturbating and thinking all these erotic thoughts, you don’t feel old, in fact you probably feel like a young, horny teen aged girl, just like you look.”

“Now look at yourself in the mirrors. Look at how sexy you appear with those shoes giving your legs the sexy shape. Wow, Shari, you’re hot; damn, you’re making me wet.”

Mom didn’t know quite what to make of that last comment from Christy, but she turned a little flush, so she must of gotten the general meaning. But at the same time, the fact that she was standing there, with Christy looking at her, and mom looking at herself in the mirror, both of them admiring her attractiveness, that just did it for mom. SEDUCED.

At this point mom would have done anything Christy recommended.

“Now let’s get to it, Shari. Sit down so I can turn your pretty face into an erotic, uh, I mean an exotic beauty like your daughter; so just relax and tilt your head back onto the head rest. So that you will be relaxed I will turn on soothing, romantic music and now the chair vibrator, I relax in this chair almost every night. When I do my own makeup this really gets me into the mood to look as sexy as I can. I‘m sure you‘ve noticed.” WOW .

“Ohh,” Mom moaned when the chair first started vibrating. The chair had a rather unique design to it. A ridge was formed on the seat so that it followed the crack of her ass cheeks and curved up so that the ridge curved up enough to cove the crotch of her panties. It stimulated mom’s pussy clit as well as her erogenous asshole.

“See, I knew the music and my relaxation chair would relax you. I always sit on my favorite chair while putting on my makeup, it makes me feel so damn sexy ” Christy said as she was applying the makeup to mom’s face. “I don’t think that you’re going to recognize your real beauty when I finish.” But mom was feeling the pleasure from the slowly increasing intensity of the vibrating chair, especially on her pussy but also on her butt hole. It was massaging the entire erogenous area and she was getting quite wet.

“Just about finished, Shari, but you seem to be getting a little tense, lean your head and back a little forward, and I’ll give you a little neck and back massage.” Mom looked tense because she was slowly building up to an orgasm as the vibration got more intense.

As mom leaned forward, and the way Christy manipulated her body, the vibrating ridge was now up to her clit. Christy started massaging mom’s neck and shoulders; then seductively removed her bra. Mom was at such a sexual plateau that not only was she breathing hard, but she could not resist the pleasure that Christy’s hands were giving her.

At this point, as embarrassed as mom was, she was aware that she wouldn’t be able to stop her impending orgasm. Christy’s hands reached from behind her and started aggressively massaging mom’s breasts and hardened nipples, and at the same time Christy was kissing and licking mom’s neck, ears and throat. Just as mom reached that crest, that explosive moment; that (“Oh fuck yes, ohh gawwwd “) point, Christy turned and looked straight into mom’s eyes, Christy said “Oh yea, baby, your so fucking beautiful, cum hard for me. Oh yea, that‘s it.” and then gave mom a lovers kiss as mom had a shattering orgasm and was moaning loudly into Christy‘s mouth..

Christy gave mom a few moments to recuperate and then gently led mom to their bed; put mom down on her back, with no resistance from mom. Then Christy slowly pulled off mom’s soaked panties. Again, mom didn’t protest and lied there with a look of confused contentment. Christy took mom’s panties and smelled them, savoring the odor of mom’s cum, and then put the crotch into her mouth and sucked up all of her tangy juices.

Mom’s eyes were half open, having an orgasm had never given her this much pleasure before. She was only slightly aware that Christy had removed all of her clothing and mom marveled at Christy’s unblemished beauty. Christy dimmed the harsh lights, then lit several scented candles, the room glowed in a rose colored light..

Christy got down onto the bed next to mom, hugging her, kissing mom’s face, mouth her neck and worked her magic mouth and tongue down to mom’s full breast.; mom’s nipples quickly responded and became hard, but mom put up absolutely no resistance and was basking in the pleasure that she never in her life had experienced. Christy’s mouth reached mom’s very wet pussy. Mom let out several soft moans.

Christy gently spread mom’s legs and then her tongue, lips and hands did their magic. Mom’s hip and butt started to respond to Christy’s manipulations. Christy reached her arm up as she was drinking the nectar from mom’s love canal, and she started pulling and twisting mom’s rigid nipples, mom was now moaning loudly. But then Christy stopped and sat up. Mom’s body was on auto pilot, she was involuntarily still humping the air. She moaned in frustration.

“Okay lover, I also need to be pleasured so we will get into a position so that we can pleasure each other at the same time, I’m sure that you’ve done this many times with your hubby. But instead of sucking his cock, you’ll suck on my pussy lips and my clit. However instead of one on the top and one of us on the bottom we will lie side by side, my head between your legs and your head between my legs.

Mom didn’t have time to respond one way or another as Christy rolled her on her side and almost immediately both heads were in each others crotch and in a matter of minutes they were both moaning into each others cunts; oddly it seemed as if mom knew exactly how to do it and was giving Christy as much pleasure as Christy was giving her. In a matter of fifteen minutes of giving each other indescribable pleasure, they both had explosive, shattering orgasms; they came together.

After their heads managed to suck out all of each others juices for a few minutes, mom savoring it as much as Christy, Christy brought her self up to mom’s face and they started kissing one another as passionately as any lovers, tasting their own juices in each other mouths.

“Well, my beautiful and sexy neighbor, it appears to me that I’m not the first pussy that you have ever eaten before, in fact I think that you ate me better than most women have in the past; you have a very talented, long tongue.”

“I can’t believe that we did that, I mean it was so beautiful.” mom shyly said. “ Thank you so much. In college” mom said in a guarded tone. “ I had a roommate that taught me how and I really enjoyed it more than sex with men, but after we graduated I never had another, until now.” Wow, mom had lez sex in college, again you can’t tell just by looks and attitude of someone.

That night and the days before that, Christy, our new, beautiful neighbor, changed our lives so dramatically that thinking about it now is hard for me to comprehend, as you will find out as I continue on with my story. Mom stayed the night and they slept like lovers.

Will Continue.

All input will be greatly appreciated. Let me know.
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