A Man and His Teacher

It all Started On A Monday, First Day Of Class. As i walked in the room my eyes stalked upon a beautiful Blonde Headed, Long Legged, Blue Eyed Goddess.
After several times entering the Classroom, i knew i had to have my teacher, Ms. Goodman. So as i sat at home every night and thought about how i would approach her the plan finally hit me.
The next day as class was ending i went up to Ms.Goodman, and told her i was having some problems understanding my calculus. She invited me to stay after class. My Plan was falling into place. After about an hour of having to hear he bable on about math, i rest my hand upon her thigh, she was startled at first, but didnt seem to mind. I slowly started working my hand up tword her already soaking slit. As my fingers entered her tight moist hole, she whispered in my ear, "I've been waiting for you Anthony."
Moving my Fingers Up and down inside her with one hand, my other hand firmly rubber her small nipples. She then took a firm grasp on my rock hard member, and began to rub the outside of my jeans.
I slowly started kissing her neck, then removing her top, and bra, i started taking my tounge and running circles around her sweet nipples. I worked my way lower to her tight shaven clit, juicy and sweet like candy.
I liked her moist pussy for about an hour, until her slit oozed the sweet sticky fluid. She then slammed me to the floor, ripped off my pants, and started vigourously sucking my rock hard member, using her tongue to tease the head of my penis.
I couldnt take it anymore. I demanded she stand up, grabbed her and threw her on the desk, Slamming my member inside of her. "Harder, Harder, Harder" she moaned. So I slammed away.
She then mounted herself atop me. Riding my dick hard and fast, (we had to move quickly her next class started in 10 minutes.) She started dripping her sweet juices all over me, i was so close. Almost, Almost then i let out a tremendous UUUGGGHHH!. She looked at me and said, "Thanks for the ride prettyboy".
I almost felt as if i was used. But i wasn't complaining.

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