SHHH don’t wake Sam! My wifes 4th story

As I think about how my desire for unconventional sex increases with the number of orgasms I have with every new adventure, I realize that the creation of my insatiable sex drive has increased every year since I turned 35. I’m pushing “cougar” status now and am as wild and uninhibited as the a****l. My lust for pleasure is only matched by the satisfying orgasms I have when pleasuring my husband and mistress.

Let me say that my husband Sam is the best lover I have ever had. I believe that our strong loving relationship started when we were teens. Thankfully after high school we went our separate ways and had experiences that we are able to recreate and expand upon in our marriage, as well being able to be more open about our desires.

I have taken a lover, Tuy. She is interested trying everything and has shown herself to be a fast learner who truly enjoys the practicing the touches, nibbles, tongue pressures, and motions that Sam has taken the time teach her.

I attracted my lover with the same body I caught my husband of 20 years with pale skin, long red hair, firm 36B breast, shapely legs even without the bobby socks and 5 inch heels, narrow but not boney size 6 waist, and a pussy that is as tight as it was when I was 15yo. I am 5’6 with a unique body that is slim, yet supple and curvy. My wavy red hair when not in braids lays between my shoulder blades and half way down my back. My tits are larger and perkier than my 24 year old mistress’s. Not to mention my nipples large enough for a man’s mouth to latch onto, but no so large that they have been desensitized. If I were to stand in with my back to you while you ran your hands down my sides to my soft flat stomach your fingers would be touching as your hands reached the curve of my hips and butt. To say the least my husband and mistress find my shape very appealing and pleasurable to the touch.

There are times that I want nothing more than to caress Sam’s wide 7” cock while he’s sl**ping so that I can climb on top of him and slide him in and out of wet pussy until he wakes up coming. Lots of times I like to have Sam wake up to the sounds of Tuy and I pleasuring each other. So far this week Sam has woke up with a raging hard on 3 times.

This story is about the first morning I woke Sam up while I was playing with Tuy. Sam was resting comfortably on his side of the bed after we spent hours pleasuring each other. I dreamt about Tuy stayed up listening to our love making while she masturbated, needless to say I woke up very frisky, but not wanting to disturb my sweet Sam. I crept out of bed and to get Tuy. We came back to my bed laid down facing each other with Sam beside me. It didn’t take long before repositioned so that Tuy’s legs were spread wide using the wall and my shoulder to stabilize herself as she nuzzled her slender face between my legs, gradually opening my worn out legs until her lips latched onto my swollen clit that Sam released just a few hours before. Quietly Tuy moaned into my clit as I rubbed warm oil from her bald pussy to her tight ass before slipping my index finger into her dry pussy. Tuy pulled back as she was unprepared for my warm finger to slide that far. Not wanting to wake my husband, I stilled my hand. Pulling my hips back to get her attention, I whispered that when she needed to moan to release my throbbing clit and push her tongue deeply into my pussy until it couldn’t stretch anymore. Knowing when Tuy plunged her tongue deep in me that her mouth would be almost suctioned onto my swollen pussy. We would succeed in muffling her moans while I received a deep tonguing. I was enjoying sliding my hand up and down between her oiled cheeks. Tuy letting me know that she was enjoying the oil treatment started thrusting her pointy tongue in and out of my pussy. Wanting to reciprocate the wonderful feeling of her tongue, I slide my finger tip in her ass and gently pulled her open. Being turned on by how good her mouth feels, I accidently squeezed the oil to hard. Feeling the oil squirt into her ass made me grind pussy deeper into her moaning mouth. Encouraged by the increased speed of her thrusting tongue, I gently pushed my finger deep into that tight ass of hers. Tuy enjoying the fingering she sucked my throbbing clit between her teeth and began not so lightly biting as she began fingering me with those long fingers. I don’t always let Tuy be so f***eful and demanding with me especially with Sam sl**ping next to me. But I was really enjoying her passion and turned on by her body’s response to my finger in her ass I wanted to try and open up all her holes with my toys.

Squeezing the tube of oil directly up her ass again, Tuy pushed her ass back on to my finger. Obviously liking the rush of the oil, I pulled to the side opening her ass wider. I slid the tube of oil deeper into her ass giving it a hard squeeze, causing my young lover to quickly push back into my hand shoving the tube even deeper than I had wanted. As quickly as she tried to get that bottle deeper, I shushed her and told her to be still. I ever so slowly twisted and pulled the tube out of her very slick ass. Using both hands I spread open her cheeks as wide as I could and I saw oil dripping back out of her. Slicking up my hands with the excess oil I pushed two fingers deeply up her ass.

Being very appreciative of the how quickly she took to my husband’s lesson earlier in the night of how to bring me to a slow but soaking orgasm with only her tongue, teeth and one finger…I spread my legs wider and started to rock up and down on her attentive mouth. With slightly louder than a whisper I tell her not so rough, but to use her teeth to gently pull and grind my clit and I want to feel her hot saliva mixed with my juices rolling down her chin and into my ass. Tuy taking direction very well and getting lost in her own determination to pleasure me, she let her body rock in the rhythm of mine as I put the third finger her ass stretching her with used circle motions. Her moans were getting to loud and her suction a little too tight on my pussy. I pulled my fingers out to let her calm down, then I told her in my not so quiet whisper that want to her pretend she is sl**ping like Sam. I would really enjoy pleasuring her body while she slept and to only open her eyes and wake up when I whisper “Lover, oh lover, wake up, so you can feel me explode”, I directed her to lay flat on her back with her head near Sam’s feet and relax I will put her in the most orgasmic positions and she is welcome to cum as often as she likes so long as she doesn’t make a sound louder than a soft purr.

I helped Tuy into a comfortable position as sat I down with my back against the wall, lifted her legs and placed them over my shoulders, allowing her feet to rest on the wall on either side of my head. I gently lifted her hips and pulled her body closer to me. To test that she understood me, I asked her if she was ready to have squirting orgasms as I took my oiled hands and gently massaged her warm pussy and dilated ass. I barely heard her moan. I moved her clit in circles as I squeezed it between two fingers. Still not moving and nor making a sound, I let her know I was pleased with herself control then slipped the other two fingers of that hand in her damp pussy. I think we all like a little sweet talk so told her about how soft her walls felt on my fingers and that I liked the way it looked when I spread my fingers open inside of her letting me glimpse more of her shiny bronze pussy. Tuy started moving in rhythm with my fingers so I pulled them out and let go of her clit. Leaning forward as I used left hand to hold her hips down as I rubbed my two fingers sticky with prejuices on her lips and said “not yet, you are my sl**ping beauty. Be very still or I will think I have awakened you”. She let her smile fade and her eyes completely close. As she took another deep controlled breath I took those stinky sticky fingers and gently opened her lips so that she could taste herself. I rolled my fingers on her tongue and then replacing my fingers with my mouth. I gave Tuy a deep loving kiss as I gently scooped up one of her tiny breast. Her nipple hardened as I pinched and tugged on it.

Releasing her I sat back down to help support her legs. After spreading oil over and between each fingers. With a slow firm hand I insert those stinky fingers deeply into her anxious pussy. She is enjoying pressure on her walls as I open/close and twist my fingers deeper and deeper inside of her. I can hear her soft moaning. I describe how warm and sticky her fresh cum is and how I like it when I can close my eyes and smell how wet she is getting. Tuy lying perfectly still, I add another finger, making it three fingers that are deep her pussy. I feel her walls quiver as I spread all three fingers to the max and start a circling motion. I increase the speed of my strokes and widen the circle as she starts to cum. I’m lost in thought trying to figure out how to explain to Sam how it felt when I had her pussy stretched open with 3 fingers and felt her cum pool into my hand or how I enjoyed licking my palm clean and I pushed my fingers deeper in her while leaning into her so that I could let her juices fall from my tongue onto her opened lips. Being turned on by that I sucked and licked her lips until her flavor was gone, leaving only the scent behind.

I speed up strokes in her pussy as I use my other hand push two fingers up her well oiled ass again. I slide my feet under her hips so that I can prop her ass up enough see the oil seep out of her every time I pull my fingers out. Looking to see if her eyes are closed, I stretch her wet holes a little as I nudge Sam with a SHH. I right myself and lean forward deepening my penetration on both her holes. Using a normal voice so Sam will catch on to the game….I tell Tuy how beautiful she is when she’s sl**ping. How I am getting turned on by how willing her body is in my hands and how good she is going to feel when she wakes up. I nod my head to direct Sam’s attention to my pivoting hands between Tuy’s legs. Tuy starts to moan and wiggle so I remind her that she is supposed to pretend she is sl**ping. Smiling I remind her that we must be silent so that we don’t wake up Sam.

Catching on without moving the bed, Sam sits back against the wall with me so that he can watch me as I finger and spread Tuy’s slick holes. Once I get 3 fingers worked in each hole I spread my fingers wide taking turns to only really stretch one hole at a time. Softly moaning, Tuy is enjoying having her holes filled and spread so much that her juices are running down and into now opened ass. Tuy whimpered as I pulled my fingers out of her pussy. I cooed to her not to worry, saying that I’m not finished with my sl**ping beauty, just getting something to increase her pleasure. I reach over and grabbed my biggest rubber cock sliding it up and down her so that it is simply wet. Even though I had three fingers stretching open her pussy, I had to use a little f***e to spread her open enough for my favorite toy. Tuy couldn’t muffle the squeal excitement as she felt the new sensation the toy. Learning how much my lover enjoys her ass being fingered, I nodded for Sam slide his thick fingers into so that we could continue spreading her ass open. I steadily slide the toy so deep that I almost can’t keep a hold of it while telling her that she is having a wonderful dream of my pleasuring her in her sl**p with big toys and thick fingers and that in her dream she knows that if she wakes up that it will all end so she must keep her eyes closed tight. I keep telling how wonderful she looks and that it turns me on to fuck her with my favorite toy. Without changing the rhythm of my sliding completely in and out of her, I crawl out between her legs and straddle her backwards cooing about how good she feels between my legs as I rub my own wet pussy from her chin to her pubic area while I reach back wiggling my toy side to side. Starting to cum again, I slide up and down my lover’s body while thrusting my toy harder and faster into her as I watch my husband skills as he twist and turns four fingers in Tuy’s now loose ass. Thrusting my toy deep into her pussy I pull myself down her body leaving a wet trail of where my bald pussy kissed her belly. I can see now that Sam is hard a rock so I lift Tuy’s hips telling her that I have bigger cock for her to take and that she will love it the way it feels as much as I love watching it slide in her, knowing this is going to be the best dream she’s ever had. I lean forward so I can replace the Sam’s fingers with my big toy. I slowly slide down Tuy’s body so that I can grind my aching pussy on her chin while I wet Sam’s cock with my mouth. Hard and wet, I guide my husband’s cock into Tuy’s throbbing pussy. I push the toy deep into Tuy’s ass and put one of her heels at the base of her ass so that big toy will not slip out. Seeing that Sam is enjoying how the toy has tightened her pussy right up. I turn around so that Sam can hold my hips as he fucks my lover with a slow deep rhythm. I poured oil down my ass between my cheeks and on to Tuy. Looking back smiling at Sam, I lifted my hips knowing how much he likes to open up my tight ass. I leaned far enough over Tuy that my ass was right above her sloppy pussy. Kissing her neck and talking about how good it feels to use her smooth sexy body while she’s sl**ping and how I love the way her body feels as it is silent and still. As I feel her body starting to buck under me as she is starting to climax, I calming reminder that she must keep her eyes closed and stay asl**p or all of the good feeling will abruptly stop. Not ready for things to end, there is as much moister between my pussy and her stomach as there is between Sam’s hard cock and her throbbing pussy walls. I clamped on to Tuy’s nipples and started sharing, how l enjoyed knowing that Tuy liked cleaning Sam’s cum out of my pussy. The scent of Sam on Tuy’s breath made me happy and excited to use my tongue and give her pussy a good cleaning as well. I talked how I used my tongue to put Tuy’s warm sweet tasting pussy juice all over her lips only to selfishly suck them clean. I pushed my ass back into Sam letting him know that I wanted some of his hard cock. Sam ready to explode has been holding off waiting until he can f***e his hard cock into my oiled tight ass. Excitedly I relax my body waiting to feel the painful pleasure of his cock stretching my ass. Momentarily losing his self control and forcibly rips me open until he can slide in and out of my ass. Sam’s strong hands holds both Tuy and me down as pulls his throbbing cock out of my ass and plunges it ball deep into Tuy’s pussy, while he slopply spills oil over my ass, just as quickly as entered Tuy’s pussy he pulled out. Using all his weight Sam thrust all of his hardness deep into my torn, oiled ass. My pussy getting wetter with every thrust as my clit rubs on Tuy’s stomach. Sam’s urgency grows as does the depths of his thrust as he goes back and forth between Tuy’s now swollen pussy and my tight open ass. Kissing Tuy my husband takes me and my lover over and over. Sam releasing his load deep into my ass made my hot juices flow freely down Tuy’s belly and sides as I scream, “Lover, oh lover, wake up, so you can feel me explode.”
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