Role Playing: The Game That Never Ends!

Let me start by saying that my husband and I have a very strong healthy relationship that includes our wonder lust for pleasing each other. It all started years back with Peter whispering suggestive ideas that he pleasures himself with. To say the least the stories of desire, lust, love, and deep penetration pleasured me immensely. In time they became my ideas my desires. Our first experience of pleasuring each other with another person was incredible. As my tastes and desires for a bigger orgasm grew, so did the variety of our love making. I even have my own personal attendant that creams down her legs every time I ask her to eat me. She is wonderful, (Ladies always have your husbands teach your mistresses how to bring your body to screaming pleasure)

To date my favorite experience so far has been when we roll played. I was out with my young, shy, firm bodied mistress after work and we stopped at this dive a few blocks from where we planned to meet Peter . Thinking a few drinks would help build up courage for my young friend Tuy. I opened the door for her so that every man knew that she was spoken for. I ordered two drinks one was a margarita and the other a buttery nipple on the rocks. I e****ted Tuy to a dark table and put her back to the wall so that she could see that all the men wanted her. I stuck my fingers in the buttery nipple and gently rubbed the drink on her lips. I wouldn’t let her suck on them quite yet. I started explaining the plot of the game while I slid my sticky fingers up her thigh under her skirt and slowly into her slightly damp pussy. I could see right away that she was going to enjoy this. I told her how we are going to pretend to be close co-workers out after a hard day of work and we are going to see Peter who would be sitting near a couple of well built men just enjoying a beer. As I jam my fingers in and out of her hot slick pussy I put my hand over her lips to indicate that she is to allow no-one to know that I’m using her right there in the bar with several dirty over heated men looking over watching as Tuy tries not moan and hump my fingers. That wasn’t calming her down so I took my fingers out of her pussy and licked them clean as the men scoot there chairs a little closer hoping for a whiff of her intoxicating juices. Once my fingers were clean and dry I continued explaining that Peter is going to pretend not to know us. That Tuy and I are going to have a drink and talk about how much we would like to fuck this stranger at the end of the bar. I’m starting to get wet just explaining the game that I started fingering both of us as I told Tuy that we are going to bet on whether or not Peter will play not interested or eager to fuck. Tuy said in a moan that she was eager to fuck and could we hurry up and get going. I paid our bill even though the drinks were barely touch. Tuy and I straightened I business suits as we entered the tavern and found seats at the opposite of the bar from Peter . After Tuy finished her drink and had started on mine I went to were Peter and a small group of men were sitting. I straightened my jacket opened my blouse just one button and leaned over and whispered that the game was for him to play not interested until I can make his shaft hard with desire. Then I stood up and introduced myself “Hi. I’m Olivia I think I’ve seen you at work in the gym on Tuesday mornings.” Gently but a little to stern because he wanted the guys sitting with him to believe him when he said…” It’s nice to meet you Olivia, but I’m married.” and turn back around. I put on a look of rejection for a split second but then I start to smile as I walked away. As I sit back in my chair I start talking a little loudly to Tuy about how this unnamed man is married and as strongly as he said it he must love his wife. Then we quiet down. Tuy was already a little d***k, started to scoot closer to me so that she can rub my thigh. Meanwhile Peter is talking about his amazing wife Sherry and how she is beautiful, faithful and hypersexual. As Peter explains that his wife is completely straight but loves to suck his cock, the guys start glancing down the bar to Tuy and I. I look up from Tuy’s hand and notice the men staring and realize that Tuy and pushed my skirt up and had my thin white cotton thong pulled to the side while she was caressing me. I immediately stood up acting embarrassed and gently and quietly whispered to Tuy that if I can’t seduce this man in two more tries then no body was getting spew their juice on my body, then quickly went to the bathroom. Once in a stall a pulled out my favorite vibrating dildo and fucked myself quietly and hard until I came. I wiped my juices into my legs like lotion and started back to my seat. While I was gone Tuy went over to the two men that were sitting with Peter and started to explain that the woman she was with is really your girlfriend and she just informed her that if she couldn’t get this man behind her to show that he was hard with desire and hopefulness then she (Tuy) wasn’t going to be eaten or fucked for a week. As Tuy bent over the men to offer a peak at her young full no bra needing breast she looked right at Peter and said. “Please sir, you have help me out. A week is a long time not to feel your lover’s tongue hard and wet penetrate your pussy.” Peter just said “ I am flattered by the attention but I am faithful to my wife, maybe you can talk your friend into someone else”. Tuy was trying to explain that there were only 2 more tries before she was condemned to long drab week of masturbating when she saw me coming back to the table. Quickly she walked to a table of girls and pretended to be in deep conversation when she noticed me. Tuy’s stumbling high healed walk about ended her up in my lap. I laughed and said “I’m going to open up a little and see if that doesn’t get Mr. Nonames attention. I undid the three bottom buttons of my skirt in order to allow more sway as I walked across the bar fluffing my tits in the bra and lowering the opening up 2 more buttons on my blouse so that my cleavage was just about to pop out and spring my hard sensitive nipples free. As I got closer I realized that I still walked like I was stone sober so I started to sway my hips in a playful manner with slightly exaggerated footing. The moment I could smell Peter’s sent I let my foot catch on the heal of my shoe and fell right into his lap. I was excited by the genuine surprise on Peter’s face as he caught me. He stumbled back a second but was able to right me before I could grab his ass. Politely he apologized like my failing was his fault. It was getting harder not to just call him by name and say I’m ready to go home. It was Peter’s turn to set up the ending of the game. Before his head past mine he said make me offers until you notice I’m hard. As he let go of my arm I noticed his grip squeezed a little hard as if to show encouragement. I went back to my table one more time and considered what I was going to offer. Tuy was making suggestions like she was ready be fucked and didn’t care by whom. She was wondering how big their dicks would get. I pulled my finger cock out of my purse and slid it on my middle finger. As stood up I leaned over Tuy asked her to tear my shirt so that my breast were covered but very showy then I gave her a full mouth passionate kiss as I ran my hand up her skirt with the first finger in her sloppy wet pussy and the middle finger with the cock up the ass that was already slicked by her own juices. By the time my breast felt free yet were still supported Tuy was cumming all over my hand. I wiped her sweet juice on my lips and said watch this.

I add a little bounce in my step so that my breast caught everyone’s attention. I walked up be hind Peter and leaned by heaving breast on his back while I leaned over his right shoulder and with lips still wet with pussy juice I say proudly “If I offer you both myself and my friend will you let me take you back to my place and fuck you”. He didn’t even look at me only grinned at the men sitting next to him and simply replied “no, but I will give you my name”. “Done” I said, I will let you fuck not only myself but my completely lesbian friend, Tuy (pronounced toy). And your name is? Peter hesitated for a moment and said “you may call me Sean, this is Mike and Tom.”

“Sean, what if I promised to ensure that Tuy behaves as if she was your personal toy and will please you in any way you desire”. My eyes wandered to see if he was visibly hard. I can see the outline of Peter’s penis he was starting to get turned on. I glanced at the other men and was pleased to see that they were about to burst. As I start to step away I hear my name is Sean, please don’t leave yet. I smile at Tuy rubbing my diamond hard nipples thru my shirt and bra. I turn to Mike and asked if would he mind unhooking my bra. Mike’s cock was so hard it looked like it was going to split his pants open. I turn and look straight at Peter with a look that says I’m enjoying this game. The smile I got back said that it was about to get much hotter.

“Sean, If I offer to let Tuy” Peter pulled his chair back and said “Olivia. You have one more chance to figure out what I want in order to have me forget about my faithful, loving ,sexy wife that is just waiting for me to shove my cock down her throat the moment I get home.

I smile because I know that this is the night that we will fullfill our fantasy that a group of people that we selected prior to this night are so turned on by our play that their hope is to be invited when we walk out the door.

I wiggle my hips between Peter and Mike, rest my creamy tits on the bar and lean over to the bartender. I can see in his eyes that the smell of Tuy’s juices are still on my lips so I lean in as close as I can without touching and looked back at Peter and say to the bartender in a slightly musky voice “please take my friend one more drink it’s her last so make it the largest that you have in whatever she chooses and tell her it looks like it’s going to be a dry week.” Looking directly at the bartender this time a quietly say I want 2 shot of apple juice and one double shot of tequila on the rocks.” I look beside me toward Mike and Tom and casually say” When I first walked in the bar I was turned on by your friend Sean, but now it’s just not enough that I have this throbbing desire to fuck your friend until he can’t move his legs. Now that I’ve turned myself and my young friend on I want to make sure that he can please us.” The bartender brings me my drinks and the men all start to reach for one. I put my hand on the tops of the glasses amd sheepishly say these are for me while looking at down. I take the two shots of apple juice first so that no one notices that they aren’t tequila then I slowly bring my real drink to my lips lick the rim and take a slow deep swallow. I turn to Peter with a serious I can’t wait to get you home look and say loud enough Mike and Tom to easily hear,” Sean I’m sure that your wife is a beautiful person and a loving faithful woman. I by no means would want to be the person who made you doubt the significance of having such a partner. “ I pause to look at Tuy who is looking a little disappointed and worried then turn my eyes back to Peter’s bulging crotch. I stick my tongue in my drink and then lick my lips, a drop of tequila runs down my chin and lands on my leg.

I turn Peter’s seat so that I am facing him with my back to the other men and say “ Sean, I am not offering you a chance to leave your wife, I am offering you a chance to experience something so fantastical that when you see your wife you are going to ravage her and treat her to new pleasures. I offer you the chance to be with 2 women that are so hungry for cock that they are wanting have something in every hole. See I shared with Tuy the joys of have a big cock in your mouth while there was something hard pumping in your pussy and she even likes it when I gently slip something up her ass while I eat her. I offering you the chance to help me have the most intense orgasm by letting me suck up Tuy’s juices while you choose which one of us you want to fuck first. I am offering you the opportunity to show yourself that you have what it takes to please 2 women with what looks like to be a very large hard cock.”

With his own sheepish grin Peter looks from me to the guys behind me and says “ Olivia, It will take more than offering me the opportunity to please myself with your bodies and it will take more than offering to please just me. Ooolivvia if I am to concede and give in to your hunger for my cock I will have to at least let my friends here join in. They have been teased by you and your friend all evening as well. “ Peter shifts in his seat so that he can look past me and clearly states” You gentlemen would enjoying get with two pieces of ass as fine as these, wouldn’t you? Really would either of you be very pleased or satisfied if I, the dedicated married man, would pass up on your opportunity to take turns sticking your cocks up the asses of these women while maybe I get a blowjob?” They both shook their heads slowly indicating their surprise, desires, and their obvious disappointment if that was to happen.

I get a little wetter while listening to Peter not only teased these men with the promise of our bodies but he was convincing them that it would be a great way to get off if they were allowed to take turns bringing each woman to an orgasm. While he was describing the tightness of my pussy to these men who can barely contain themselves they gulp down their beers and rub their cocks right their at the bar.

I finished my drink and stood up and looked the men over and stated that the only way I will make that offer a reality is if we can all agree on some rules. I motion for Tuy to join us and as she gets close I go over the rules to this game..

1st no hurting another unless specifically asked to
2nd bring your own condoms when your run out you lose
3rd if someone can’t stay hard or wet they must choose 1 person to go down on until the juices run freely down their chin.

“Sean, do you think that you can stay as hard as you are now even with the rules? Do you think that you would like to watch me get my girlfriend’s ass and pussy ready for you while you f***e yourself into my only slightly dilated ass. “ Tuy and I grab the crotch on Peter’s pants and stroke it a few times to ensure that we both know that he has a very hard dick. I tug Tuys arm towards me while still leaving Peter to be sandwiched between our breast and say I think am more than ready to go home, my own juices are starting to run down my leg and I would really like to make sure that Tuy is completely saturated with my sex before you gentlemen get there to lick her clean and pleasure not only yourself but her and I before she passes out. I’ m sure that if Tuy was well taken care of by all of you and everyone enjoyed eating her pussy and fucking her ass as much as I want to feel each of you fuck my mouth, ass, and pussy at the same time; I’m sure that Tuy would even get off with me later to the description of you all just using her little body.”

I took Tuy’s hand and gave a blank piece of paper to Peter stating that it was directions to my house and that if the only way he was willing to share this experience with me is to bring his buddies then by all means…let them follow. Tuy and I left while Peter bought the guys another beer giving me time to get home.

If that isn’t hot enough the role playing doesn’t end there. All the time we were back at our house my husband and girlfriend are passing me not only between themselves but the made sure that each of the men took turns tasting my skin and learning what Tuy’s and mine own warm thick juices taste like when they stick their tongues in my ass. I know Tuy’s firm body is still learning the pleasure of pleasing and learning the intensity of taking a mans hard throbbing cock so far down your throat that you can’t breath. She hasn’t quiet learned how to direct her desires by a moan, glance, or shifting of her beautiful easily spread able ass. I saw the pleased looks when the men would have their turns with her. They were just as pleased with my more bolder desires, I grind my ass first on a well oiled hard vibrating toy. I wimpered about wanting some man to put his semi soft thick head in my mouth. I enjoy pumping, grinding and wiggling my ass further onto a hard cock. After I have taken that hard dildo up my ass as far as I can take it with the undeniable desire to have my ass fucked by a man while Peter watches, Mike and Tom take turns with my ass and pussy while watching my husband and I make Tuy squeal with pleasure. I suck her clit and pinch her nipples. I moan with pleasure as I lick every drop of her cum off Peter‘s sticky cock I warm oil in my hands so that Tuy can calm down before I stick 2 oiled fingers up her ass while jacking off my husband until he is ready to cum hard . Mike and Tom can’t take their eyes off of me. They are watching to see how I can increase her pleasure. I start pleading that Mike and Tom not cum and I that as the host of this party I should get the last favor and I want to have these two cum filled throbbing dicks slowly take one dick out of my ass while the other is putting his cock my pussy. I explain how I want to feel both rods slipping up and down each other separated by that ever so thin fleshy wall that is soaked on both sides by a mixture of Peter’s cum, Tuy’s sweet juices that were transferred by the men’s tongues, as sell as own hot flowing cum that was licked up and firmly rammed in my ass by Peter. I was pleased that these two men fighting with all their will power not to pull out and spill them selves all over my back until we were all ready for one final orgasm Especially after I directed their eyes and imagination toward the smooth body of Tuy being finger fucked in her ass by the woman that they are fucking; while I jack off their friend Tony. I bring Tuy to a sharp climax so that she arches her back and pushes her wet tight ass down on my fingers. As my beautiful Tuy easies up on my fingers and slows down her deep pushing I watch Tuy’s body temporarily give up as I steadily open her ass as wide as my fingers will go. Tuy is moaning deeply as a thank you to attention I am giving her. With my elbow steadying my body I use my free hand to slather more hand warmed oil on Peter’s wide hard cock. I guided the slippery dick between the fingers holding Tuy’s ass open and dilated. The size and solidness of the hungry twitching cock slid deeply in Tuy’s ass even though my fingers slid deeper as my husband’s dick gently took this girl. I enjoyed looking up and seeing the pleasure on Peter ’s face while I stroked his cock even though he was deep inside her. When I pulled my fingers out both my husband and my girlfriend whined for something more. I ask Tom to hand me the biggest hardest toy I have. I knew exactly how much Tuy was enjoying Peter’s long full strokes with his thick cock moving completely in and out of her ass. I wanted to give my young female lover a reason to never stray. I slowed the rythme of Mike and Tom so that I could concentrate on getting my large rigded piece of plastic in her pussy. The easy of how my toy slipped in Tuy while her ass was full of hard cock, made me wonder if she would enjoy having the thickness of that hard warm cock and the cold large rubber dildo both up her ass. I was getting closer to my orgasm watching my husband fuck another while his eyes were focused on me taking it up the ass and pussy by strangers. Seeing the urgency of Peter’s needs, I lubed up the toy and slid it up my girl’s ass. I pushed Mike and Tom deeper inside me as Tuy’s moans of pure pleasure increased as her slick ass widened to accept the girth of both objects. I put the finger dildo on my middle finger in hopes of increasing her pleasure. It took 3 fingers, two dildos and one hard cock to fill her up. Tuy was riding my husband’s cock feverishly with her ass I start rotating my fingers while opening and closing them in her convulsing pussy. As Peter slammed the cocks in her ass he would turn the big dildo slightly sideways. Tuy moaned loudly when her ass was being slammed and widened I turned the my finger cock toy slightly in the other direction. I slowed my fingers down so that she wouldn’t peak just yet. My slippery ass and cum wet pussy was being gently probed deep by the strangers. It didn’t take to much more before my body started to shake with pleasure. Peter simply said “I want see how hard and fast you can Fuck Olivia. When Olivia is truly bucking so hard that it becomes a challenge to determine which sloppy stretched out hole you will slam. When Olivia is so deep into her orgasm that she sucks and pulls on Tuys clit so that when the dildo finger is deep and violently moving back in forth penetrating her tightly stretched pussy and I can feeling the tightness of the ass clinging to my girth I want you guys to cover these ladies with everything you’ve been holding back. By the time Tuy was letting go of her orgasm Peter had moved Mike and Tom so that they stroke the worn out body of my young friend and could fill her with fingers if she starts to climax again. I achieved my big orgasm as Peter turned my body and rammed his still hard cock into my pussy. When we were all spent, Mike and Tom left with the biggest smiles, saying that they hope we can meet up again.

Occasionally we will go that same tavern that we found Mike and Tom. They sit in the same seats as before waiting at the bar just wishing that we’ll show up. Peter and I still pretend we aren’t a couple and Tuy doesn’t always want to play. We have let Mike and Tom follow us to our house. The rules are always the same but some of the cast are different . Sometimes Peter will pretend that he is to d***k and will just watch as Mike and Tom spend hours pleasuring my body. But that is a different story for another day.

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