My wifes new story

Tonight my husband and I invited man to join us for a night of licking, sucking, and fucking. My husband knows that I really enjoy having another cock to suck on while he fucks me. To tell the truth my husband knows that I like cocks period. Tonight story started the night before when my husband found this 10" cock for me to enjoy. Though that is a different story, you need to know that last night my husband had me so wet at the idea of having this new hard cock in me while my husband is in my ass. He saw the disappointment in my eyes when the night ended and I hadn't had my ass fucked. My wonderful husband like the previous night found another guy who wanted to join us for pleasuring and double penetration.

Tonight's big cock was someone who had never been with a couple before. I thought what a treat, maybe this new guy would be a little anxious, but so turned on that his cock would stay hard for hours while I they take turns in getting blowjobs and fucking my holes.

The night started slow, the new guy was more nervous than anxious. To skip all the small talk....I asked to be eaten and my husband started my orgasms rolling. He is such an attentive lover, making sure that I was ready to have a cock in my mouth while he licks my pussy lips open. He started with licking me from the bottom of my pussy to my clit. I started moving my pussy up and down his mouth trying to push his tongue deeper into me as I moaned with a mouth full of cock. I felt like I was about to squirt all over his face, when he suddenly pulled back looked up and smiled at me as he put his finger palm deep into my pussy. I let out a loud gasp. He used that cum drenched finger to play with my ass. I was enjoying the feel of the warm wet circles, as the rest of his hand spreading my cheeks with a caress. Without warning, hesitation, not even skip in the rhythm he gently f***ed the full length of his finger up my ass. I released the other cock for a moment as my entire body spasmed. Remembering how my husband gently nudged me to lower my head back down onto the cock I just left. The way he fingered my ass and used the pressure from his warm palm, had me arching my back for deeper penetration. I quickly succumbed when I saw the look of pleasure on my husband face. I could feel our guest grow in my mouth as I was moaning became louder as my husband started rocking me with fingers deeply inside my pussy and ass. I could feel my cum on his hand as he withdrew them just watch me push back for more. I was on the verge of climaxing when my husband began fingering both my holes fast and hard. Each stroke of his hand would push this new cock deeper down my throat making my pussy muscles spasm and release fresh cum for more lube. I was flooded with a big orgasm when my husband slowed down and what felt like he completely pulled his fingers out of my holes. I raised my head and looked back at my husband with this other mans cock sucked tightly in my mouth in case he tried pull out leaving my mouth empty. I smiled at my husband with a please please look. My husband knowing that I really wanted fucked, he slipped his hard cock into me. I gasped as he held my body captivated and my throat filled to the max triggering more spasms until I pulled away. The cocks were twinging as my throat, pussy and ass started to spasm. What an orgasm. The three of us spent hours while my husband would switch back an forth between eating and fucking my pussy and teasing my ass while I sucked and stroked their cocks. The night ended and yet again, no double penetration. This time I'm frustrated. I just want my ass fucked. We showed our guest out and my husband looks me in the eye and asks, "do you still need your ass taken care of?" With lust in my eyes I simply replied yes. He told me to lay down on my stomach, which I turned me on more. At first I thought it was another tease as my husband slid his hard cock deeply into my pussy. I couldn't help but scream out with pleasure as his balls hit my ass. With a swift stroke he came out of my pussy and slipped his hard cock deep into my ass. The sudden opening and stretching of my ass was to intense to pull a way as the thickest part of his cock that was no longer slicked with my cum f***ed me open. I tried to rock forward to a slightly less thick part of his cock. I think this is where I had another orgasm because as I moved forward, my husband's hands tightened on my hips and he quickly pulled me back to him so that he settled deeply into my ass. I came so hard that I pushed him out of me. He fucked my ass so deeply and gently until I couldn't take it and was begging for him to fuck me. And he did. He slammed his hard rod up my ass so strongly that my body would bounce up to meet the next stroke ensuring that each stroke was deeper and (to my anal orgasmic pleasure) a little painful as he continued to grow longer, harder, and thicker with each painfully pleasurable thrust. His hands tight on my body, moving to each others rhythm, and then I laid as still as I could so that he would take my ass with his wanting to cum cock as as roughly as he desired. Feeling his hunger starting to boil over as took my ass over and over until I couldn't take any more. Our pleasure thresholds were peaking and I still hadn't brought my husband to unload in or on me. I have to admit I have two unquenchable desires that once woken just wants more and more. The first is I love to engulf my husband's dick until my mouth fills with his cum and down my throat. The other is I like to have my ass fucked for a long time. I wanted to reciprocate so I asked my husband to lay down on his back. I cleaned every part of his cock with my soothing tongue noticing that I could still taste my pussy juices all the way down his balls. I cupped his balls as I slid his cock in and out of my mouth until it was slippery. I positioned myself over his standing cock and slid it all the in my pussy. His dick was deep and my pussy was throbbing as I ground my hips futher down I rubbed my clit on that hairy belly I love. I rocked faster and harder until I cam so much that I dripped onto his belly as I shifted my hips, and tilted my pelvis in order to pushed my swollen ass all way down his cock. I purposefully used long slow strokes so that we could feel my ass get wetter as it stretched. Until my husband grabbed waist and started to rock with a different rhythm. Everything was feeling so wonderful that with his dick in my ass I leaned forward for a kiss and my painfully erect nipples were caressed his chest. I started to literally explode. I fucked my husbands cock as hard and fast as I could. My husband asked for me to blow him until he cums in my mouth. What happened in my mouth was like a volcano. I can and do swallow, but when my husband finally released his load into my mouth it was so large and powerful that I couldn't swallow it fast enough , as my mouth overflowed I felt his hot cum flooded past my lips, down my chin and all over my chest. What an incredible evening I shared with my husband.
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2 years ago
wow! I love this one! Thanks for sharing. More pls! :)
2 years ago
Great story! Hope she writes more.
2 years ago
mmmmmm. Me next?