I been having cyber sex and im getting better (fir

First she ask what I wanted to do to her.
What I would do to u, well hmmmmmm. Well lets start like this. I’ll start with nibbling on ur neck and work my down to ur pussy because I love give head and I give it very well I might add. The goal is to give u r first nut with just my tounge and 2 fingers. Well let just say u wont have a chose. When I see ur toes curl and limbs lock it time. I'll get up and I want u to lay down and spread them. Go in slow just to get started then it time to pump like there no tomorrow for u at least. I’ll blow eventually but I'm not done doggy is next just hope I'm done soon. Up on ur knees ass up face down and biting the pillow ill go to work.

That evolved into this
OK I can do that put it in slow. Give u a moment to feel me. Then give u the shock of ur life when I grab ur hair and trust. Im going to make that ass red make u beg for my cum. I just woke up and I still have yesterday hard on. I can see it now. U laying there face down my hands go around ur hips. I penetrate nice and slow. U moan as I ease it out. Slow back in ur ass so tight give a nice smack just to let u know I'm in control and I'm being forgiving. Then it happens one hand goes for ur hair and pull as I trust hard pop is all u hear u gasp first before u moan. I'm now laying on u pulling ur hair but my other hand mmmmmm around ur hip and down because it the one playing with ur clit don't worry ill nibble on ur back. Now that u know I'm ready I stop giving u slow pumps and go hard pumps ravaging that fat ass. Going fast as ur look for ur breath trying to breath hoping I don't stop anytime soon. I go hard but I now I'm Cummings soon. So its time I know what I must do I give it to u with all I got ur hoping u walk straight when I get off. I feel it do u feel it my dick starts to throb as I go to long hard Stroke. I'm unloading in ur ass but I don't wanna stop. The throbbing make u cum with me and we moan together. We are breathing hard and I pull my dick out. But there a problem Hun I'm still hard what do we do now
She wanted a story for head so
i just got home i know u been waiting for that. fuck and im hard again. so u wanna face fuck hmmm ok say AAAAA look at me when u suck my dick. U think u can take it all down. You think u can gobble this. (f***e u head down until my balls are at ur chin) hold it there i did not tell u to come up. that right nice and slow i want u to spit on it. Here the fun part. (as i put one leg up on the chair grab the back of your head and pump away) yes yes use that tongue. I don’t mind ur teeth good good take it all. now tilt ur head back I’m gonna tea bag u. ( look up to the roof as i position my dick straight down and drop it all in ur mouth), yes yes u have done good. now i need u to do this trick., it something i have wanted for years. ur gonna jack me off until i cum and when i do shoot my load and trust me its gonna be a big one i dont want u to stop. jack me off until i cant breath. get all the cum out and keep going until I pass out from the sensitivity of my fat ass head. can u do that for me. can u give me the best nut ever. can u handle all this
and the next one is actually a vid of my jacking of I clip it to 3min it really a surprisingly big load never thought some pic and a girl on a keyboard could get me off like that. But I got her back.
So what do you guys think. Or do I still need some imagination

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