My wife fucking a trucker in the back

So to continue the story, I contacted the trucker and told him about my wife's surprising reaction, and he of course was thrilled. I told him she wanted to come back to the truck the next Saturday. I told him to make sure to clean up, change sheets, get rid of the smoking smell, and make sure no one could see in the wind shield. I told him be ready for anything she might just go all the way. He was very excited, and said he would be there.
On Saturday we went to Outback steak house I thought it would be a good idea to have a solid meal because I was feeling a bit shaky and very nervous. Lori on the other hand was happy confident and trying to calm me. She said she could tell from meeting him before that she could "get him." I couldn't even finish my meal while she was saying "relax hun it's just a fuck."
We left and headed for the truck stop, we didn't say much, but I do remember asking if she was sure when we got to the exit, and she said yes. We spotted his truck right away, he parked a bit away from other trucks, but I noticed one guy looking at us walking toward the truck. Lori was dressed in a very short black mini dress, and heels. She looked like every bit the hotwife she was about to become.
Joe the trucker saw us and ran out to meet us. Lori is 5'3" and as he got to us she was looking at the very high step to get in. I had helped her last time, but this time I asked Joe if he wouldn't mind giving the lady a hand up. He said hell yeah! She put a foot up grabbed the rail and he put his hand on her ass (which was clearly visible) and pushed from below. He smiled at me and ran around while I followed her up.
When we got in Lori was laughing because he bought total window covering for privacy, she said "looks like you were expecting us." She was in the middle of Joe and I who were in the seats, after a little small talk she faced me and bent over to give me a long kiss while exposing her ass and pussy to him and he took the opportunity to grope her. Then she sat in his lap and said I heard you missed these, talking about her tits. She freed them from her dress while he sucked them. I got my phone out and began taking pics, I no longer have them, sorry.
Then she stood between us again while we both sucked her tits and he fingered her pussy while sucking her. I whispered "your're gonna get fucked" to her and she nodded her head with a smile that was so seductive and confident. I then suggested she lay on the bed and I brought a blindfold which I put on her. Lori lay back and I said try to guess who is licking you. Joe and I each took a thigh and worked our way each taking turns on her pussy. She moaned and was in heaven, I wanted to let him have a chance to make her cum while licking her which he did.
Lori took off the blind fold and told Joe to get naked and join her on the bed. Then she whispered to him "my husband hasn't fucked me in 3 days so I will be even more tight for you." She said "hun give Joe a condom so he can feel how tight I am." I opened the box with my hands shaking a little, and gave him one. He was hung about the same as me almost 7 inches and very hard at the reality setting in of fucking my wife.
Lori looked at me smiled and whispered she loved me and thanks while he put the rubber on. Then came the moment, she was on her back raised her legs and he was positioned to enter her. I thought, I have to stop him! But I knew we would get through this as a couple, and we had come this far so I said nothing.
He entered her slowly taking his time to feel her, he was please that she is really tight, he looked at me as if to check if it was ok to proceed. Lori was already moaning and hugging him. She asked him if he liked fucking her married pussy? He came hard and very quickly.
The problem was he couldn't get it up to enjoy her again. Lori was disapointed and asked me to finish her, but to be honest at that point I wasn't sure I could perform with another man there. Now I know I can, but I didn't want to let her down or be embarrassed, so we waited till we got to the room we rented for the night. Where we fucked many times.
I am sorry the story could have ended better but that's real life some times are better than others. Also, I just want to say that was the only time I just mostly watched, it was a strange experience on many levels but it taught me that I want to participate for her and me.

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10 months ago
great story!
2 years ago
As a retired trucker I can really appreciate this story. Thanks
2 years ago
Some times the lady is so hot and tight you can't last long at all. I've had it happen with my wife. You can actually see it in our video. I was so turned on watching her getting fucked (which lasted around 20 minutes, though there is only a little more than 10 minutes of video) that I came fast as hell. However I was hard again before we left our neighbors, and would have fucked her like I normally do except that Mike, and his condom, left her a bit sore. So I had to wait, then nature made it where we needed to wait longer.
2 years ago
Find those pics!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Nice story! Sounds like a very hot wife as well!
2 years ago
Very hot indeed,,thanks,,