My Wife's Affair With The Shemale

My wife Tracy were not married for that long when she had her first affair. I met Tracy in high school and we dated for years before we got married when we were twenty two. I hit the jackpot with Tracy because she is absolutely gorgous and just an all around sweetheart. She has long blonde hair with brown streaks, hazel eyes, long legs, large tits and a tight ass. Tracy has always loved taunting her body wearing cloths like short jean shorts to show off her legs and tank top shirts to show off her stomach and belly button ring. I have always thought of it as a double edged sword because I loved when she showed off her body because I could say "She is mine" but at the same time knowing the way all of the guys looked at her made me extremely jealous but Tracy always assured me I had nothing to worry about but one night it all changed.

I was sitting at home when she got home from work and said she was going out with some of her girlfriends from work to have a few drinks so she went and got dressed, kissed me goodbye and left. I tried to stay up until she got back but eventually got tired and went to bed. The next morning I noticed that Tracy was not home yet so I texted her and as I was doing it she walked in. She looked like she was upset so we sat down on the couch and she came straight out with it. She said she had slept with someone last night and those words made my stomach turn. I asked her who the guy was and she paused like she was confused. I asked her again and she said that it was complicated. I asked her how it was complicated but she quickly got up and took a shower and went to bed. I sat on the couch thinking when I noticed her phone was sitting on the armrest.

I quickly grabbed it and looked at the texts and one was from someone named "Melissa" that read "I had fun last night, Hope we can do it again" I stopped and realized that she hadn't slept with a guy but a girl. I was confused because to me it didn't bother me as much as if it had been with a guy. I knew that Tracy had to work tonight so I texted Melissa from Tracy's phone to come over around nine tonight. I wanted to see this girl for myself so later that night Tracy left without really saying anything to me as I sat and waited for Melissa. There was a knock at the door so I opened it to see a tall girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes and was wearing pink shorts and a white shirt. I told her that I was Tracy's husband and that if it was OK I wanted to talk to her. She nervously walked in and sat on the couch as we talked about what happened. She said that afterwards Tracy felt really bad about sl**ping with her.

I told Melissa that when I first heard it was with a girl that I wasn't as upset about it but again Melissa had the same look of confusion on her face that Tracy had. Suddenly I watched as Melissa reached into her pants as she said "Well I am technically a guy" as she pulled out her large cock and laid it on her pants. I was in shock and just sat there staring it at. Melissa said she was a she male but again I was too much in shock and was just sitting there. I don't know why but I was turned on by the thought of Tracy having sex with Melissa. I asked her if she liked it and she smirked and said that she thought they both enjoyed it. As Melissa began going over the details of Tracy and her having sex I could see Melissa's cock beginning to get hard. She reached down and began stroking it gently as I could feel my cock beginning to grow in my pants. We sat there silently until I turned towards Melissa on the couch and slowly leaned down grabbing onto her large cock and began stroking it.

I opened my mouth lowering my head until I felt the soft head of her cock touch my tongue. I began sucking her as she groaned placing her hand on my head as I worked her cock in my mouth. Melissa began moaning "Suck my cock" over and over again until I pulled my head off and sat up as Melissa leaned over reaching into my pants pulling out my cock and began sucking it. I groaned she began sucking me hard, deep throating my cock over and over again. She licked and sucked on my balls then quickly shoved my cock back into her mouth as I placed my hand on her head and began thrusting my cock upwards into her mouth as she moaned and gagged a little. My cock dripped with her saliva as she sucked me for almost forty five minutes until I quickly stood up and bent her over the arm rest of the couch pulling her shorts down and began rubbing my cock against her ass as she moaned "Fuck Me"

I watched at the head of my cock disappeared into her ass as Melissa squealed loudly. I grabbed onto her hips and began fucking her long and hard as she moaned and whimpered while stroking her cock. I reached out grabbing onto her shoulders and began driving my cock into her hard as our bodies slapped together. Suddenly I watched the door open but couldn't move as Tracy walked in. I waited for the screaming but she smirked and said hi to Melissa as I was balls deep in her ass then looked at me and said "I see you two have met" I'm sorry I said and began pulling out as she quickly said "No, keep going". Melissa sat on the couch as I opened her legs and slid my cock back into her ass. I began fucking her as Tracy pulled her shirt and bra off and knelt on the couch next to Melissa and began kissing her and then bent down and began sucking her cock as I fucked her in the ass. Melissa moaned loudly until Tracy stood up and said "Come on" as she walked to the bedroom pulling her shorts and panties off. I watched my wife lay on the bed opening her legs and rubbing her pussy as Melissa pulled her cloths off and climbed onto the bed and slid her cock into my wife's pussy as her mouth opened and she squealed loudly.

Melissa began fucking my wife as I got behind her and slid my cock back into her ass. I listened to both of them moaning loudly watching Melissa kissing my wife as she fucked her tight pussy. Suddenly Melissa said she was going to cum and began panting loudly until she shot her massive load into my wife. I pulled my cock out of Melissa and began stroking it until I shot my load all over my Tracy's pussy. Melissa quickly crawled onto the bed and began licking all of her cum out of my wife and all of the cum I shot onto it. Tracy moaned with a smile as Melissa crawled on top of her and began making out with her as the cum worked its way into both of their mouths. To this day Melissa comes over and has three ways with my wife and I or some days we like to watch each other with Melissa.

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7 months ago
Don't know about my wife but it's still on my bucket list. Hot stuff.
1 year ago
My wifes dream
1 year ago
OMG yes!! A dream cum true!
1 year ago
uberhot story!
1 year ago
god when i get married this would be a dream come true!!
1 year ago
hot story.
1 year ago
very hot
1 year ago
nice story, love to do a threesome like this.