A Night in Latex

It begins with the full preparation for a night in latex - the shaving, the cleaning, the powdering, the dressing - ritualistic and slightly clinical in manner but with interjections of arousal - a kiss here, a spank there, a tweak somewhere in between. I am to be dressed in a black latex catsuit with a double zip to allow appropriately convenient access to my pussy and arse, a matching hood to cover my face, less for the eyes and mouth and gloves. To the world I am anonymous but to you and me I am exposed and vulnerable. You dress me and then stand back to admire me - i can feel your eyes all over my body and it turns me on. You approach me again and kiss me long and hard as your hand slips down to undo the zip covering my groin. I am so wet already and you slip your fingers between my labia and into my pussy and then lift your wet fingers to my mouth so I can taste my arousal. You turn me round and bend me over as you spread my legs and enter me from behind. You can feel I'm nervous about the night ahead but I soon relax onto your huge cock as you fuck me deeply. You don't let me cum, and nor do you cum. You withdraw and zip me back up, trapping all my wetness inside me and my suit. You dress yourself, you place a collar around my neck and we leave the house to catch a taxi. We get strange looks but I do not care as no-one else knows who I am but you - the anonymity is arousing on its own - being a latex slut in public.

We get to a club, a fetish club, and you take me inside. Ive never been to a club before and I am nervous. You hold my hand. You've promised to look after me and I trust you implicitly. You lead me through the club, showing me the sights, allowing me to absorb what is happening around me. I am in a state of amazement and arousal by what I see happening - my suit is providing a quaint amount of sensory deprivation and I am getting off on it. After some time you ask me if I am ready and I nod. You take me to a corner and lay me on my back on a bench. You fasten me to the bench so I am unable to move my shoulders and legs but I am not wholly immobilised. My legs are spread apart and my feet are resting on stirrups and you unzip my crotch - exposing the glistening white and pink flesh of my pussy and cunt. My relief as the fresh air hits them is audible. A crowd is gathering around us now. I'm not looking at anyone but you - i watch your every move but I know what is to come and you begin by pulling my lips apart and begin probing me with a finger. I'm nervous. I'm tight. You need to relax me. You stand up and lean over and kiss me. You can tell by my eyes that I want this. You slide your hand between my legs and finger me before opening me wider with your cock for a brief moment. You decide I'm suitably relaxed and ready to take others. You move up to my head and you stand by me, you keep hold of one of my hands and I know that you will not let go of it throughout this experience. You know that I will not take my eyes off you throughout - you are the only person i want to see. I will not speak throughout the scene and you will know and interpret what I am feeling simply through the look in my eyes and the way I am holding, grasping or clutching your hand. I see you talking to people around us but I don't hear what you are saying. You stop talking and turn back to look at me. I can sense someone else between my legs and after what seems like an age I can feel the warmth of another person nearing my cunt. You have offered me up to the room for people to fuck or play with. I do not know the people, I do not see their faces - I don't care. I am probed by cocks, fingers, tongues, dildos, men, women - I have no comprehension of who or what it is at any one time. I keep focused on you and you can see the delight, arousal and nerves in my eyes. When a big cock enters me my eyes open wider, my grip gets tighter - you know I'm enjoying myself. And if a time comes that you think I'm not you check with me. You judge my responses and control the flow of people using me as a fuck toy accordingly. I am there for the use and pleasure of others and am under your control.

I don't know how the night ends or at what point it does. I don't know how much further it will go that night. But I do know that it does come to an end and you take me home. You undress me slowly and bathe me. You take me to bed and you hold me. You may take your fill of me any time you wish but you take time to ensure that I feel secure and that I have been a very good girl that night and performed well.
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10 months ago
MMmmmmmmmm Very seductive, you should play with us sometime ;) xxxx
3 years ago
very erotic
3 years ago
4 years ago
That was an amazing and very arousing but gentle tale well done again

4 years ago
Bloody brill!
4 years ago
What a great writer you are, Annie G!