A Fistful of Collars

I walk nervously up to the door wondering if I'm doing the right thing, or even if I can go through with this (we've all had those momentary thoughts..... don't deny it). Im dressed to thrill but am covered with a long dark wool coat to deter furtive glances from the taxi driver - I am sure it didn't work as he would have seen the shine of my latex covered legs which are catching the glare of the sodium streetlights as the taxi whisked down the rainy streets, as they peeked out from under my coat. I know that I didn't really mind as the damp feeling in the gusset of my suit is a definite giveaway to me that I enjoyed the idea that he may have known how I was going to spend the next few hours.

I ring the bell and know that I am past the point of a "polite" no-return. Either way I am going to have to deal with my emotions and nerves face to face with you. I nonchalantly look at my feet and at the railings at the side of the steps, the weeds in the cracks of the pavings. I drift off into my own little world and when i hear the door open I lift my head and realise Im looking at the road and not at you. I spin round quickly and stumble. You catch me. My cheeks flush hot with bl**d - is the embarrassment of falling or is it my reaction to your touch? Either way it wasn't exactly the way I had pictured this moment. But you saved me from falling and for that I am relieved and grateful and it has broken the ice. You lift me back to my feet and steady me - your deep piercing eyes looking at me filled with lust and anticipation. I find myself gazing back and subconsciously biting my lips before letting my pinkened damp mouth relax into a sweet and thankful smile. This breaks into a full blown grin as your hands linger on my waste for a moment longer than a polite gentleman normally would. You take hold of my hand and lead me in from the drizzly street into your brightly lit hallway. You untie my scarf and un-tuck it from the collar of my coat and you can see that I have a high collared latex top on - I know that you are hoping its going to be a full catsuit - and you are not disappointed as you unbutton the rest of my coat and let it slip off my polished rubber shoulders. I run my fingers through my damp hair and hope that my little bit of makeup hasn't run in the dampness. You grasp my arms and put them down at the side - as if to tell me that I need not worry about how I look as you approve wholeheartedly. With my hands still held by my side you kiss me softly on my lips. A shuddering tingle runs the length of my spine. Without a word said you lead me to the lounge. I follow carefully in my high shoes - the heels clacking on the wooden floor.

You stand me in the middle of the room and pick up sturdy black collar with silver buckles and rings. You deftly place it around my neck and move my hair out of the way so as not to catch it in the buckle. You then place on two matching cuffs to my wrists and thigh straps around each leg. Once again your hands linger on me for a moment longer than the touch of just a friend. Your face is level with my pussy as you apply the thigh straps. You lean forward and place a soft kiss on the latex covering my crotch. My spine tingles again from your muffled light touch. You stand up, kiss me again on my lips and I close my eyes; your soft tongue against mine and as you withdraw from the kiss my lips seem to just follow you. You have to steady me to stop me falling forwards. I keep my eyes closed as you place a blindfold over them. you lift a glass to my lips - its is cold and I can feel the delicate "plink plink" of bubbles fizzing from the top of the liquid in the glass. You tilt the glass and a trickle of champagne reaches my lips and I let it flow into my mouth. You remove the glass and I swallow the cool liquid. I lick my lips and before I have finished enjoying the taste of the champers I can feel the unmistakable matt rubber of a ball gag waiting for me to open my mouth around it. I drop my jaw and you fasten it behind my head. I sense that you have stepped away from me - my mind is in overdrive trying to adapt to my current sensory deprivation. It must have only been a few seconds that you left me there but it felt like an eternity - it always does - and I hear the clinking of metal on metal.

I know that you are now stood in front of me. You take my arms and tell me in your deep soft voice that there is an ottoman behind me and I am to sit down slowly and gently and then lie back. You guide me down and I lie back, noticing that you have put a cushion down to support my neck and head. I can feel you attach and clip something to the d-ring on my left thigh strap, and then to my right. My legs are held by something rigid shoulder width apart. You lift my right hand and you clip my cuff to my right thigh. You attach my left wrist to my left thigh and thus my legs and hands are bound to what I can only assume is a spreader bar of sorts. I hear the clink of a chain as you attach it to a ring in the centre of the bar and I feel you lift the bar up towards my head. My feet raise off the floor and you roll my knees back. I am fully lying on my back with my hands and knees at shoulder level. You clip the short chain at the centre of the bar to the d-ring on my collar and I when you let go of the spreader bar my legs are supported through my collar and my feet are dangling free. I'm comfortable and have a small amount of movement available to me, and I can move my legs enough to prevent any cramps of pins and needles. But Yes, I'm comfortable and remarkably relaxed. I'm a trussed-up latex slut. But I'm relaxed...

You unzip my catsuit from my navel to my arse cheeks - rolling me further back in my current position raises my bottom enough for you to expose all parts of me with which you want to play. The release of the zip allows the latex to split like the skin of a ripe plum, exposing the soft peachy flesh that lies beneath. My fruity flesh is pink and moist, now exposed to the chill of the fresh air and totally unguarded. I flush of vulnerability courses through my body. I can feel my pussy instantly secrete another rush of my nautral lubrication. This event does not go unnoticed by you and then next thing I feel is you tongue stroke the length of my slit - tasting my sweetness and savouring it. I can only imagine that as you pull away from me there will be a gossamer strand of my wetness stretching between your tongue and my pussy. I hope that when it breaks that it has fallen against your chin and that you will lick up and savour this tiny pearl of mine. You linger..... or perhaps you don't - I am about to lose all concept of time - before I once again feel the warmth of your breath and tongue against my pussy and you begin to bury your tongue firmly into me cunt and across my flushed and aroused pussy, lightly brushing my clit before making your way back down me to my arse and back up. I don't know for how long you do this as I wallow in the delightful sensations that you create - especially as you blow chilled air gently over my clit. You use your fingers to pull my lips apart. Your fingers are now slipping and sliding through my folds, caressing and probing, teasing and tormenting me.

You can see me try to arch my back as you start to concertedly bring me to orgasm - but I can't as I am trussed. You notice me trying to shift my hips to try and direct where I want you to explore next - but I can't as I'm cuffed and collared and chained to a spreader bar. You can hear me wanting to scream and moan loudly with delight in what you are doing - but I can't as I am gagged.

You put two fingers inside me and massage my g spot. I can feel the telltale warmth and tingle that you are going to make me squirt when I orgasm. It won't take long for you to achieve your aim but you want to torment me just a little bit more so you deny me my orgasm at that moment. You remove your fingers from me and pause for a moment - leaving me to wonder when you will, or even whether you will, re-enter me and allow me to orgasm. I feel your fingers plunge back inside me and your fervent rubbing recommences. I twitch and moan. Saliva dribbles out of the corners of my mouth and you hear me gurgling and sputtering against the gag. You stop what you are doing and rapidly unfasten my gag. I cough and swallow my spit. You wipe my drool off my cheeks and you drop the gag on the floor before going back to my cunt and within seconds you make me have a screaming orgasm - If I could have curled my toes inside their latex stockings and high heels then I am sure that I would have done - but they too are trussed in their own self-imposed bondage. My cunt squirts its sweet cloudy cum as my orgasm peaks. I feel your lips against my cunt and you tongue laps up my juices. You know that I am now fully relaxed (and as about as lubed as it is physically possibly for me to be without adding artificial products) and you begin to insert more fingers into my sloppy wet cunt. Its only takes a matter of seconds before I can feel that you have five fingers trying to find a way deep into my pussy. I can feel the bulge of your knuckles behind your long slender fingers. I almost sigh as I relax over your hand, feeling you form a fist inside me. But it wasn't a sigh - it is a satisfying moan - a feeling of relief and fullness - an odd feeling of security and a wonderful feeling of submission and trust of your skill and care.

You build up the movement of your hand - rotating becomes frenzied twisting - gentle thrusting soon becomes rampant fucking. You are fucking my cunt hard and fast with your fist. My orgasms begin to fire in quick succession and my moans and whimpers crescendo into screams of satisfaction. My pussy is pumping fluid and cum - the sounds of the wetness and slurping and sloshing of your fist in my cunt. I just wish I could see what I, and this entire scene, looked like. I suddenly realise that I am admitting to myself that I want to watch myself be fucked - a moment of pure revelation in the midst of an orgasm - before being subsumed straight back into my delight and pleasure. I am sweating. I am exhausted. I am panting. I am fulfilled in every sense. I am shaking and trembling. My nipples are like bullets and straining under their latex shroud. My face is hot. My eyes are sticky with dewy tears and sweat under the black lambskin blindfold. My pussy is pulsating. My vaginal muscles are spasming. You hold your hand still and relax your fist, waiting until my cunt is ready to let you go. At the moment it relaxes you withdraw your hand.

My cunt feels so empty now.

You stand over me and I feel you unclip the chain from my collar. You place your arms around my shoulders and roll me forward so that I am sitting up. You remove my blindfold - I blink madly at the seemingly bright lights of the room. You hold my face tenderly just with a finger under my chin and tip my head up towards you. I smile - it quickly broadens into the grin of extreme and grateful satisfaction. You let go of my face and my eyes instantly drop down to see how you had trussed me - yes it is a spreader bar, to which each thigh and wrist are attached at the ends and a central ring to which my collar fastened - very simple but so effective in restraining me in such an accessible, but comfortable, position. I drop my feet to the floor and I rest my hands on my thighs as you unclip me. As I sit on the ottoman you again lift the glass of champagne to my lips. I take a small sip - it is slightly warmer now - I wonder just how long I have actually been restrained for.....

You stand and turn around to the tv screen, which I find myself sat facing from my seat on the ottoman. I don't think I would be able to stand even with help. My legs are like jelly and my head is in a blissful spin. I see that you are still dressed in the same clothes you were wearing when I came in - although your shirt is now covered in a spray of dampness. I feel embarassed that that can have only come from me. The only difference in your appearance is that you have rolled up you right sleeve. You fiddle for a few minutes more by the TV and then hand me the remote control. The tv flickers into life and you tell me to press play.

You move away and I sense that you are stood some distance behind me - you are definitely not in my space. I stare at the tv screen as a picture emerges - it is your living room. I can see your ottoman, with a small cushion placed on it. I notice a pile of black straps and a metal bar lying by the ottoman on the floor. The sound isn't on particularly loud on the tv but I can hear a bell ringing. I feel the searing heat of an embarrassed flush as I realise what I am about to watch. I desperately try and recall whether I had noticed the ottoman and bondage paraphernalia on the floor when I came in - I am adamant that I hadn't - so could this really be a video of me? I recognise the sound of my heels clacking on the wooden floor and a familiar latex clad shape appears in the shot being led by a familiarly handsome man. My flush of embarrassment quickly turns to a flood of arousal and my fingers wander towards my still exposed clit.  I watch the scene unfold as a third party - as if I were watching a dream - it could be anyone in that latex, with the blindfold and gag transforming them into an anonymous submissive fucktoy. But I know that it is me. I am as turned on watching me be restrained and fisted as I was actually being restrained and fisted. I know that you are standing behind me wanking as you watch me playing with my clit whilst watching you fist me.... I know this is surreal but I know that I will be able to wank over the memory of seeing actually how I look for a long time to come. And I know that you have done this purposefully for me. I can feel you close in behind me and I instinctively turn with my mouth open to you. I hear you grunt and moan as I feel my mouth fill with your hot creamy cum. I can hear me screaming in the background in ecstasy as you are making me cum in the video. Your cum drips over my lips and down my chin as you fill me once again with "you". You put your cock into my mouth as you fully empty your load into me - your hands holding my head as you final spurts hit the back of my throat. You withdraw and I swallow and clean up your spillage from my face. You again touch my jaw and chin gently and you look at me and smile. You eyes are twinkling so much I could get lost in them.

You offer me the glass of champagne again. I decline. I stand up tentatively - I feel like someone is about to whip the carpet away from underneath me I am so unsteady on my feet. I catch myself and focus my mind. You stand behind me and pull down the zip which sits at the top of my bottom cheeks and you draw it closed - I reach back between my legs and meet your hand closing the zip - the stickiness of my last orgasm still present on your fingers, the fresh wetness on me induced by the video, the texture of the latex and the softness of my pussy combine to create an electric touch between us. As I draw the zip across my pussy and up my front your fingers fall away as it goes out of your reach. Your touch lingers for a moment longer than one would possibly expect to be polite.....

I walk out of the lounge into the hallway and pick my coat and scarf up from the floor. My heels clack on the wooden floor. You reach out and take my coat from me and hold it open for me to put on. It slides on easily over my latex-clad shoulders. I put my scarf back around my neck, tie it and tuck it under the coat collar. You tug my coat closed and fasten up the large buttons. You adjust my scarf to cover the latex as best as possible. You kiss me softly and deeply on my lips whilst holding my hands by my side. As you let go of me I turn confidently on my heels and let myself out. The fresh cool damp air of outside shocks me. The spitting rain stings my cheeks. I carefully walk down the steps onto the pavement and immediately hail a passing taxi. If the driver who brought me to your house tonight didn't notice how I was dressed then the driver taking me home would certainly not be able to avoid the telltale aroma of sex that surrounded me. I don't need to question whether I have done the right thing this evening.
100% (9/0)
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4 years ago
fantastic story, well written and a complete turn on!!!
4 years ago
That's OK
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