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Let's see, where to start? I'm sarcastic and brutally honest.

I've been in love with my girlfriend since we were... around 6ish? Hey, blonde in a super girl outfit on my birthday... Yeah, fate couldn't have made it any easier for me. We've been inseparable ever since (with the occasional moments where I visit family).

I currently work two jobs so my time is very limited. I'm here for the porn. Since I'm here for the porn, let me get a few things straightened (ha ha, I'm not straight, but whatever) out:

1. I don't drink pee. Nor do I pee ON people or anything like that. I hate SCAT.

2. I like pussy, but I have to say that the hetero porn is interesting, as long as it's not all blow jobs. Come on people, is that all a dick is good for? Couldn't think of other things to do other than 42 minutes of sucking cock before finally shoving it in some of the most loose cunts or asses around? Then, five minutes later is the big money shot? Yeah, I like hetero porn when there is a story. (Like the Principal and the Student. That was a nice story with yummy stuff in it.)

3. I like to talk... to intelligent people, and what that really means is: I'll talk your ears off if I feel like it (again, busy bee here). Grammar is important. So that pretty much crosses off a lot of the stupid requests I've gotten so far, like the same 2-3 guys that can't take a hint. I said NO so FUCK OFF. :) I prefer to receive a message from people first, if only to know why they want to be friends. In addition, I will not be posting actual pictures or using my webcam. My work would not be very happy with me and with this economy I need both jobs. I do not plan on getting canned over my like of porn.

4. I like a lot of kinky things, but I'm willing to be introduced to other kinks (NOT SCAT LIKE THINGS) besides BDSM and such. Share alike! I will also be sharing stories the longer I'm on here. I hope they are enjoyable. My girlfriend and I enjoy them when they are halfway through... which is why both of us may take a while to post our stories. :)


5. People need to STOP calling me the following: hun, sweetie, babe, baby, cupcake, ect. I hate being called these "nicknames" when A) I'm not your girlfriend B)I'm a LESBIAN (which so many of you seem to ignore/forget) and C) I have a girlfriend and am not interested in leaving her for any reason. Kindly stop.

Lastly, in closing, happy porn hunting.
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2 years ago
you sound so delicious to me and I so would love to have some awesome chats with you anytime , just love your pics and all those videos are so awesome !!
2 years ago
you are the winner

got a PM from your baby...
but you made the post on my page
:P !!!

The Dork :)
2 years ago
hows 1/2 of my favorie lesbien couple?

hope all is well with you and your beautiful Queen.. posting same message on both profiles, the one who gets back first is MY FAVORITE CHICA.... hmmmmmmmmm
who loves me most????
2 years ago

cute happy song
I guarentee it will make you smile
2 years ago
you are very loved
2 years ago
Hi Anni

I hope that your weekend is amazing..be careful of the Vamps tonite..remember it is Friday the 13th.. be spooky and NASTY with your girl tonite, have fun
2 years ago
Seeing that you have an interest in vampires and some nasty times, from your list of favorite vids, I hope you will enjoy my Turning to Darkness story. I look forward to your comments, when you have the time.
2 years ago
you really are "brutally honest", but because you are a wonderful girl.
I'm glad that it has added me to become friends.
I wish you interesting views on xHamster
2 years ago
wave @ you, Hello...
do people actually call you cupcake ? seriously, who says that ? Im curious...oh hang on, never mind the curiosity wore off, I dont really want their names.
2 years ago
Thanks, i like yours too. Good collection ;)
2 years ago
Thanks for the add look forward to chatting sometime!
2 years ago
Hello^.^Anni,sweet girl you've got some yummy vids hun:>)
2 years ago
Hi Annie,
Thanks for requesting me to be your online friend...
2 years ago
hey there thank you for accepting the invitation =D
2 years ago
Luv your story, i hope you write some more!
2 years ago
Great story, thank you for the add
2 years ago
Loved your story - ties in nicely with your bio.
Hope you have more to write.
2 years ago
Hello love. Didn't I mention the stories before? Thought you would like them.
2 years ago
A very sweet, sensual woman, who deserves OUR respect. Treat her well, everyone. :-)
2 years ago
Welcome and enjoy some naughty fun and friends on the xHamster site ;-)
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hello to you
2 years ago

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