"Hit Me with a Text" Chapter 5

chapter 5:
Divine Relations Ions

drawing louder noises from her as she became even wetter, almost dripping onto his hand. Lena started to arch her hips into his hand, gasping for breath and moaning until he silenced her cries with his mouth, mimicking with his tongue the motions his fingers were making inside her, thrusting rhythmically into her mouth until she was almost begging to come, her entire pussy soaked and ready for him. She grabbed his throbbing cock and tried to steer him towards her entrance, her seeking hands almost taking him over the edge. He shifted slightly to find the best position, pushed Lena's legs slightly wider apart, and with his tongue still intimately exploring her mouth, thrust into her.

Sean nearly came just from entering her. Her inner muscles had clenched down on his cock, and she was soaking wet. Gritting his teeth and regaining some of his very shaky control, he began to slowly stroke in and out, making sure to move slowly enough that she would feel the movements against both her oversensitive clit and her gspot. Her hands moved to clutch his shoulders as both of her long legs wrapped around his waist, locking her feet together and using her heels to press against his back, encouraging him to move faster inside her. Screwing his eyes shut, Sean began to move faster, thrusting into her pussy more f***efully as she tightened around him every time he pulled halfway out. They were both breathing fast now, all their concentration taken by straining to reach orgasm, she moaning and he groaning as his rigid cock slid in and out of her, taking them both closer to the brink...
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