"Hit Me with a Text" Chapter 4

chapter 4: Entering in a Tight Hole

Lena was panting hard as she tried to catch her breath. She felt completely boneless as she lay limp on the soft mattress, still struggling to take in air as aftershocks zapped through her body, until she felt like she was floating on a cloud of pure heaven. Sean pressed a soft kiss to her tingling pussy and moved back up her body, a look of pure satisfaction on his face as he watched her breathe in great lungfuls of air, her cheeks flushed as her entire body relaxed, all her muscles loosening as an effect from her tremendous orgasm. He bent his head and kissed her languorously, trying to keep his control in check as he suddenly became very aware of his aching cock again, resting against her hip as his tongue dipped into her open mouth. Despite just coming, Lena began to get turned on again as Sean's tongue explored her mouth, and she began to kiss him back harder, passionately sliding her tongue over his bottom lip as she wrapped one of her smooth legs over his masculine hip, bringing his hard erection flush with her soaking pussy. He groaned into her mouth, struggling to stay calm as his dick throbbed harder still at the thought of sliding inside her hot, tight wet heaven.

Suddenly Lena wrapped both arms around him, entangled her legs with his and then rolled to the side, taking him with her until she had flipped him to a lying position on the wide bed, and she was straddling his stomach. Sean shut his eyes to combat the wave of desire that flooded through him as he felt her wet pussy against the flat planes of his stomach, exhaling loudly as she shifted slightly and he felt the full extent of how soaked she was, rubbing tantalisingly against his belly, just in front of his rock solid cock. Just as suddenly as before, Lena lifted herself up onto her hands and knees. After leaning forwards and delivering a kiss that would've made his knees buckle had he not been lying down, she moved downwards, past his well defined chest and past the spot where she'd left a slight wet mark, until she was right in between his legs. Sean knew what she was going to do, but he was so hard that he might come if he didn't try and control himself. Clutching at the sheets, he waited in highly-strung anticipation for the first feel of her wet tongue against the aching tip of his erection. However when it came, it wasn't what he expected.

Instead of touching his cock, Lena gently took his balls into her mouth, and sucked softly until he let out a strangled groan. Shutting his eyes and tipping his head back further onto the soft pillows, he almost shouted as her delicate hand wrapped around his aching dick. The duel sensation of her cool hand on him and her hot mouth slowly licking his balls was driving him crazy. But this was nothing compared to what he felt when she switched her methods. Sean really did shout when her hot mouth closed on his swollen cock, her tongue slowly flicking the sensitive spot on the underside of his penis and her hand encompassed the thick base and began to put pressure on the base of his cock. Lena studied his cock for a moment, and then with a very dirty smile on her face bent down again, and sucked the sensitive tip straight into her mouth, her tongue frantically teasing him as her cheeks hollowed from the effort of sucking him for so long. When she surfaced for air, she was grinning from ear to ear, and dove straight back in, eager to taste him again. She went deeper this time, letting his cock slide into her mouth as far as it would go, and using one hand to gently start caressing his tight balls. Sean could feel himself getting closer and closer. He wound his hands into her long hair, and almost came when he felt her talented mouth suck on the hard tip of his cock, the most sensitive part, and panted fast. With a groan, he gently lifted her head from his aching erection, knowing that if she kept going he would come in her mouth. Although this sounded like a very tempting prospect, he wanted to enjoy this time with Lena for as long as possible, and that included making her come again, making her shout his name for the world to hear.

Lena sat up, straddling his hips, letting Sean look his fill. His eyes turned several shades darker with desire as he drank in the sight of her flushed cheeks, her slightly kiss-swollen lips, her round breasts and hard nipples, all the way down to her flat stomach and the hot, wet pussy that was pressing against his still aching erection. Wrapping his strong arms around her back, he pulled her forwards until their bodies were touching from chest to toe, and then swiftly rolled so she was underneath him, her small form seemingly tiny compared to his broad chest and strong muscles. Kissing her fiercely, Sean reached between their sweat-dampened bodies and began to gently tease her swollen clit, knowing she would be sensitive from her previous orgasm. As she began to moan, he slid two fingers into her warm, tight sheath and continued to massage her clit

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