"Hit Me with a Text" Chapter 2

chapter 2 Ecstasy in Paradise

Almost panting, Sean bounded up the stairs three at a time, and looked around wildly, wanting to find Lena quickly and bury his cock in her. Instead he found a second note, on the floor of the landing.

I'm getting closer... my fingers slide easily inside of me as I imagine your thick cock hitting my gspot. I'm moaning enough for the neighbours to hear... come satisfy me Sean...

With his cock practically begging to be released from the confines of his trousers, Sean made it to the bedroom door where he found a third piece of paper, with Lena's familiar writing on it. Although he could hear noises from inside their bedroom, he still stopped to read the final note, and his knees almost buckled.

I need to come Sean. My fingers are sliding fast over my clit, making me moan with pleasure thinking of you thrusting hard and fast into me, but I need you to make me come Sean... Step into paradise...

Biting back a groan, Sean turned the handle and stepped into the room. The sight before his eyes almost gave him a coronary. Although the main light was off, the room was glowing gently from the flames of little candles that were dotted around the room on whatever surfaces were available. The floor was covered in deep red rose petals, creating a seductive atmosphere that only increased Sean's bl**d level more. The candles and petals were a nice touch, but Sean couldn't take his eyes off Lena, who had captivated his attention as soon as he'd spied her lying on the bed, with her legs wide open giving him a full view of her wet glistening pussy as she tilted her head back and moaned, one of her hands busy toying with her hard nipple and the other frantically circling her throbbing clit. When Lena next opened her eyes, which were glazed over with lust and filled with a dark, deep desire, she spotted Sean and gave him the dirtiest smile he had ever seen.

"Can you see how wet I am Sean? I need to come so badly. I need you to make me come. Please Sean..."

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