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Perverted Parenting

by Eriko

Hi. My name is Ally. This tale is based on a true story of my c***dhood. I thought you would find my experience interesting if somewhat shocking. It may leave you horny or crying, depending on how big a pervert you are. But however it leaves you feeling, please don't call social services to rescue me. I'm not a little girl anymore and besides, it sure was exciting living through it.

My entire c***dhood was a p*******e's dream. I can say that now that I'm older but back then my life didn't seem unusual to my inexperienced mind. I grew up with my Daddy. My Mommy left us when I was only a toddler and I can hardly remember her. My Daddy tried to take care of me as best as he could but he was also sexually fervent, intense man with his own desires to quench. From as long as I can remember he groomed me in sexiness, erotic play, masturbation and bondage. He was slow and gentle with me making sure I grew to love the things he taught me but at other times he would take what he wanted. As I grew into my p*****n years, he began inviting strange men to our home. He called them his friends but they rarely returned and it seemed they were more interested in me than my Daddy. You see, dear reader, his "friends" loved touching me and playing with my body way more than spending time with Daddy. Back then I found it amusing. I didn't understand why grown ups did those things but it didn't seem out of place either.

To make it more vivid for you, dear reader, try to imagine this author in her c***dhood years as some sort of a doll for grown ups to play with, a playtoy for men with chronic case of pent-up sexuality that was to be unleashed on a small girl-c***d who took for granted their unyielding, persistent hands and mouths as they ravaged her defenseless body. Even now, so many years later, I can still feel the groping, the petting, the fondling of Daddy's "friends". Their rubbing, pinching and blatant manhandling was so relentless I was literally f***ed to orgasm in their hands. Others would tie me up or spank me. They were the cruel and profane kind who were largely satisfied by controlling my involuntary orgasms through long and alternating sessions of pain and pleasure.

My entire c***dhood I was surrounded by men: men touching me, handling me, rubbing me; men's fingers probing, pinching, pulling; men's engorged organs pushing, shoving, forcing into every orifice of my small body. But don't be alarmed, dear reader! When I was a c***d, being masturbated and sexually violated by men felt as normal as having a haircut. And besides, Daddy was always there to make sure I wasn't unduly hurt or harmed by one of his more extravagantly inspired "friends".

The big change came unannounced one morning after breakfast. Daddy told me we were going to play a kinky little game. That was nothing unusual in itself, as you are all aware of by now. Kinky games were unavoidable part of my early life. Right there in the kitchen, he helped me strip naked of my pink jammies and led me into the bedroom. He had me lie on my back, on the bed, and then produced soft nylon rope at the four corners of the bed. I was familiar with ropes and I pretty much knew what to expect yet my mind was quickly getting foggy, and before I really knew what was happening, he had me tied there, naked, small, defenseless. I could only slightly move because he had me tied so tight, stretched out as if crucified to the bed. All I could do was squirm, not exactly sure of what was to happen next or who was going to make it happen. And yet it was such a sexy feeling to be naked and tied and slightly frightened by the endless possibilities of what was to come while Daddy stood there, looking over me.

I heard him chuckle as he watched me squirming and testing my bonds. I was completely helpless and the idea of being naked and tied to the bed made me excited. In my head different scenes played out of what was going to happen to me but nothing I came up with matched what really happened that day.

Little later Daddy left me alone in the room. I heard him walk to the door. I knew his friends have arrived and I was wondering how many of them will be here today and how many hungry, lustful men will ravish me and rob me of my shameful orgasms. But as soon as they walked into the house I heard their voices and it was incredible! I could hear them talking about some movie, and I could hear them laughing. But that in itself wasn't out of the ordinary. What was incredible was that I was hearing women's voices!

As you are aware of it by now, dear reader, all my c***dhood I was sexually abused, m*****ed and violated in every imaginable way by countless perverts and p*******es, every one of them a brutish, impetuous man. I've never known a woman in my life until then. Oh, I've seen them on TV and from a distance, outside on the street. But I never interacted with them, never felt their touch on my face, my skin, never heard their voices close to my ear, never felt their smile melt my defences. I was home-schooled and so I never knew of female teachers, tutors, coaches or even other little girls I could be friends with. I lived my entire life until then surrounded by men; men of every shape and size and sexual taste, men whose only desire was to see me shudder in throes of another involuntary orgasm, squeezed out of my young soul by their unmerciful hands.

You can imagine then, how on that day my mind spun with excitement and fear of what was going to happen. I was happy and confused at the same time; embarrassed to be naked before another female like myself yet wanting to be in their presence, seen and felt and admired by them. When Daddy left, he left the bedroom door wide open and if anyone on their way to the bathroom had looked in, they would see me for sure, naked and tied to the bed. It was amazing how that too made the situation so much more intense.

For the next hour or so, the party in the living room continued. I could hear them talking and laughing but I couldn't make out what they were saying. I could make out Daddy's laugh over the women. He seemed to be having a good time. My little pussy ached when I heard women laugh. I imagined them standing by the bed while laughing. A knowing laugh, telling me I was their little cunt for the taking. Then, all of the sudden everybody got very quiet. All I could hear was a porn movie on the TV and pleading voices of little girls as someone fucked them very hard.

After a while Daddy came into the bedroom and shut the door behind him. He turned on the bedroom lights and stood beside the bed. He watched me, just as I had imagined he would, his eyes slowly passing over my skinny form tied down to the bed. Then he smiled as if pleased by the way I looked or the job he's done on me and told me he had a surprise for me. He said Samantha and Amy were very excited to meet me and the party was moving into the bedroom.

Before I could react, there was a knock at the door and it opened. In walked Samantha and Amy. They all stood around the bed, looking at my bound and squirming body. I looked to Daddy for a clue and then to the two women. They were beautiful and young, probably around 30. I was enraptured by them, their long hair, their breasts. I've never been in presence of another girl until then and I could feel my heart racing like a little rabbit. I didn't know how to react, what to say, if anything, and my eyes gazed upon them as if I was in the presence of divinity.

Seeing my baffled reaction, Daddy just told me to relax. He told me this was the next step in my experience. He offered to refill everyone's drink, and then promptly left the room. This left me naked and bound, with two women smiling down on me. A very interesting feeling for sure, but I didn't quite know what to think, even less what to say or do. They were not men. They moved differently, they looked at me differently. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I was going to be m*****ed by women!

But as I marvelled at those two beautiful creatures beside my bed, any more chance for awe was quickly taken away when I was rudely blindfolded. This allowed any of them to do with me as they wished and I wouldn't know which of the two it was. But on the upside, this was an added sensation for me, letting my mind visualise on its own what was happening to me and around me. One who I thought was Samantha called me beautiful in her soft resonant voice. She said I was adorable and very sexy for a ten-year-old. It made me buzz with excitement. Is this how it feels to have Mommy, I wondered. Would she call me beautiful too? Would she touch me with her soft hands the way I felt their hands exploring me now? Would she kiss me with her velvety lips, lick me with her brazen, exploring tongue like they did? It didn't take long for me to start enjoying it. I couldn't tell who was who but I loved the new sensations more than anything.

During this initial exploration, I heard my underwear drawers open. Amy was making lewd comments about my panties and how sexy they are. She seemed to be impressed with what she found and despite my protests, the panty raid continued. Samantha joined her and soon they moved to the basket with dirty laundry. I heard them giggling excitedly like two schoolgirls as they fished out my used panties, sweaty T-shirts and dirty socks. A loud sound of inhaling and sniffing told me exactly what was happening in the room and I felt embarrassed that someone would be so enraptured with the smell and taste of some little girl's bodily excretions. But this invasion of my dirty laundry quickly left my mind. In my blindfolded state, Samantha's roaming fingers returned exploring my body and the feeling was taking its toll. Think of it, dear reader. I was naked, blindfolded and bound to the bed. And I was d***k. Not from alcohol but with overpowering experience. I was totally in control of the two women and I was enjoying my abuse for the first time in my life. I think this was a part of Daddy's ultimate plan.

The fingering continued until Daddy returned with drinks. Amy, who was still preoccupied with my dirty laundry suggested they should retie me in a different, more accessible position, with my legs spread open by a spreader bar. Not wasting the time, Daddy untied me with help from Samantha and I found myself briefly freed from my restrains and blindfold. Daddy asked if I was enjoying myself yet and all I could do was smile. I was still in the euphoric state of bliss caused by the presence of two women in the room and my mind was still sorting the feelings as I slowly came back to reality.

After a while, I was able to sit up and look around the room. They allowed me to rest and drink some water before I was going to be retied in a different position. I saw all my underwear, T-shirts, panties and socks strewn around the room. Some were lying on the floor, on and about the bed and hose d****d over the dresser and mirror. Amy still held a pair of my knee socks to her face, inhaling deeply. It looked like a sexual tornado had come through the bedroom. It felt like it, too.

After I had my short rest I saw Daddy place two spreader bars and some large pillows on the floor. Behind me, Samantha told me this was another way to tie someone, making it more fun. She was holding me by the shoulders and slowly guided me down into a kneeling position. My wrists were bound to one bar, and my ankles to the other. I couldn't move so Daddy picked me up and plopped me on the bed. He had me lie on my back, as he connected each bar to some fancy connectors he had hidden under the bed. There I lay again, spread eagle on the bed. Daddy adjusted the bars so my arms and legs were spread wide and I tried struggling a little to test my bonds but they wouldn't give in even slightly.

Past memories of my bondage experiences at the hands of Daddy's male friends came back to me and I shivered with fear and excitement at what was to come. I could only see a little of what was going on around me because I was bound so tightly. Straining to move, I could see Daddy walking around the room as if he was setting something up. Samantha and Amy were standing beside the bed. I couldn't help but smile every time I looked at them. They were enchanting and mysterious to my young mind and I wanted to be just like them when I grew up. Then Samantha started taking her clothes off and soon Amy followed her example. Down came jeans and off came blouses. I couldn't believe how exotic it all looked, how different from the usual garb that my male visitors wore. They both looked sexy and vibrant with erotic aura around them. But I didn't get to see much more before Daddy blindfolded me again in the face of my vocal protest. And, just like last time, my mind started visualizing what was about to happen.

I felt the bed moving as if at least one person was getting on top of me. Before I knew what was happening, I had someone's wet pussy mashing against my little face. At about the same time a hot tongue was licking at my aching clit. I yelped in pleasure when the tongue found its mark, but my own tongue was soon very busy, too. I've had countless penises shoved into my face and my mouth in my life. I had gallons of male semen sprayed all over me. But nothing tasted better than this new sensation of female genitals oozing their nectar on my tongue. This was another girl, just like me. Whether it was Samantha or Amy, she tasted wonderful, and she had a skilled tongue, too. It knew just where to go and what to do. Her hips clamped down on my head so I couldn't move even if I had wanted to. She rubbed the wet lips of her pussy all over my face, but her tongue never stopped licking my clit. She was obviously enjoying the control she had over me, and so was I.

As quickly as she got on top of me, she got off. She was replaced by the other girl, who got into almost the same position. But, instead of smashing her pussy against my face, it seemed she was wearing some sort of strap-on. She told me to open wide and soon my mouth was full of a large thrusting cock. It wasn't a real cock, but it sure felt the same. This cock was fucking my mouth deeply and I had to open wide to take it all in. Her tongue was working on my clit, and I couldn't control myself. My body wiggled and shook as her tongue kept sinking into my p*****n pussy. I struggled to swallow the strap-on, overwhelmed by the sensations of choking, gagging and being at the mercy of these two women. Daddy was somewhere on the side giving the girls ideas but from what I was experiencing, the girls didn't need anyone's help. They had enough sick ideas of their own.

When the strap-on was removed from my mouth, the girl on top of me changed the position. She came down between my bound legs and wrapped her arms around them. Pulling my body up to her, she plunged her tongue deep into my cunny. With a squeal, I pleaded with her to stop and allow me to catch my breath. But she didn't. I could feel her teeth against my pubic mound as her tongue skillfully wiggled inside me. I tried to thrust up to get even more of that lapping tongue inside me but I couldn't move. Her hold on my legs was strong and she took her time snaking her tongue into sensitive depths of my vagina.

It was hard containing myself. I screamed when she dived into my pussy. Then, if that wasn't enough, she sucked hard on my sensitive clit. Her arms had a vise grip hold on my legs and she moved with me as my body reacted to what her mouth was doing. I came against her face in a powerful climax that left her mouth drenched.

Before I could recover, the spreader bar holding my legs was disconnected from the bed. I think it was Daddy who had my legs raised up over my body and the bar secured at the head of the bed. This made me nearly fold in half and my bare bottom was spread open and waving up in the air. In another quick movement someone's mouth was again between my legs. I felt soft feminine arms grab around my waist and tender but f***eful lips, teeth and tongue go to work on my still throbbing genitals. In this position, my bottom began to throb and shudder, with the skilled female form along for the ride. Our combined weight made the bed bounce wildly and my screams reverberated through the room.

Just as I was getting close to orgasm again, I was left alone, my twitching ten-year-old vulva waiting for what was to happen next. I wasn't kept waiting long. But what was getting the attention this time was my defenseless ass. Something cold was globbed on my anus, and soon after that it was impaled with a long and hard shaft. From previous experiences I knew it was a dildo entering me but this time it was strapped on a woman who wore it like an artificial penis. It was the same dildo that was previously in my mouth but it seemed so much thicker now invading my rectum.

While my insides were pounded by the gargantuan plastic invader, I could feel someone's nipples brush past my legs. Sweet, sexy kisses planted on my feet and calves made me shiver with anticipation. Her grown up body was between my little legs, her arms to either side of my head. In this position, she repeatedly pushed into my bottom hole, stretching it to its painful limits. I could smell the perfume of my mistress as she worked on my body. She had me captive and I wanted more of her relentless abuse.

Deeper and deeper, that fake cock rammed into my ass. It was strange to know I was attached to a woman instead of a man. Strange, but nice for a change. I could tell she liked it, too. Her breathing was quick and little drops of sweet smelling sweat were dripping onto my naked tied-up body. She was a determined mistress. Determined to have her way with the abused anus of the c***d she held in her hands.

Dear reader, I hope you're still reading this deplorable account of my c***dhood. It must be hard for you to stomach and understand what I was going through, but try putting yourself in my shoes for a moment. I grew up without Mommy and I'd never known another woman in my life until that day. To my ten-year-old mind, this seemed what Mommies did with their little girls. I knew no better and I tried to make myself enjoy everything that was done to me even if it meant I had to receive long plastic objects into my bottom. I was prepared to submit to anything just to feel what it was like to have a Mommy in my life.

I wanted a tongue on my clit as before but I wasn't the one in control. That female-controlled cock deep in my rectum was in control. I was beginning to want it even deeper inside me in spite of the pain I was going through, mostly because I knew it was a woman doing it to me. A woman was having her way with my little body; a woman was r****g my bottom hole. I was being fucked by a woman and I loved her for it. I think it was the first time in my young life I actually fell in love with someone and all because she was pushing a hard, thick object deep into my insides.

And a strange combination it was. A soft body, but a powerful one, too. A female in control of what I experienced. Well, actually, there were two women in control of my mind and body. I could feel their lips on my hairless genitals, knowing where to go and what to do. They were controlling my orgasm and forcing it to build until I would cum over those lips, those soft female lips, in a gashing ecstasy. For a change I had someone m*****ing me who knew how to make me feel good, too. Those were no smelly, sweaty men with their fat stomachs and hairy bodies pushing and rubbing against me; no balding old perverts slobbering over a small c***d tied down for their perverted pleasure. I was loved by creatures like myself. I belonged to them and was loved by them and I loved them in return.

Up to then it had been only men. I didn't even think it was possible to be with another woman. Surely, women didn't do such deplorable, unspeakable things to little girls. I had no idea of how it would be. However, this cock shaped thing was finding a spot deep inside me, and that spot was liking it too. Although I couldn't see who it was connected to, I didn't even visualize a man. I visualized it being Samantha or Amy. I visualized it being a woman.

I wanted to be released from my bonds so I could wrap my little arms and legs around her beautiful body. I wanted to feel the power of her thrusts as she held me in her arms and pushed her plastic cock deep into my bowels. I wanted to let her know I wanted more. I wanted to call her Mommy and kiss her and let her take care of me. There were many strange and different feelings rushing though my mind. I wondered if Samantha and Amy were lovers. Would they return to me again? Would they love me again? I wondered if this was their first experience with a little girl but no, that couldn't be possible. The lips that were on my sex were experienced lips. The lips that were in control of my orgasm were soft and tender, but they also knew how to be rough. The little bites on the inside of my thighs and nibbles on my clit came from experience. Even the cock ramming into my ass seemed to know something only a woman could know. They must have had many c***dren in their bed before.

My mistress was now breathing harder and she seemed to be close to cumming. My pussy was dripping, my ass was full, and I couldn't get enough of her abuse. She started shaking and so did I. We both came together as she rammed that cock into my little unprotected ass. She leaned down and kissed me on my button nose, my cheeks and then my parted, gasping lips. Her tongue only slightly entered my mouth, and then it was gone. She was teasing me.

She lifted herself off my light body and gave my, now open and gaping bottom, a slap as she got off the bed. I tried to think which of the two women could she have been but I didn't have much time to think. There was another soft female body on the bed, with more interesting things to come. This new mistress was completely different. Her fingers found my clit and started to rub it in circles. With my body in such exposed and accessible position, I was open to anything she wanted and demanded. I know she could tell I liked what she was doing. I couldn't conceal that from her experienced, possessive eyes.

The woman's lips joined in with her fingers and my hips began moving with her touch. She made her tongue hard and jabbed it into my wet twat while pinching my clit and driving her long fingernails into my labia. I thought I was going to die from so much pain and yet it felt wonderful. And as quickly as it started, it went back to just her finger rubbing on my clit. She was playing with me as if I was a little toy, a baby doll in her hands. I tried to compose myself, waiting for what would happen next. I didn't have to wait long. That finger on my clit quickly slid into my pussy, and she jabbed it in and out as if she was stabbing me with a sharp, long knife. While doing this she started spanking me. These weren't light spanks but hard punishing smacks. At first it startled me but soon I recovered and accepted what was being done to me. I loved being controlled by these women even when they were spanking me really hard. I was a toy to be used for their own pleasure; I was their for whatever they wanted to do to me.

"Go ahead and spank her pussy," I heard Daddy giving instructions. I knew what it felt to have someone smack and spank your vagina, especially when it was held in a vulnerable and spread open position like mine was right then. It could be the most painful thing ever done to a little girl and I had many past experiences of Daddy's sadistic friends going into frenzy by repeatedly hitting my little pussy.

It didn't take long for the woman who was currently spanking me to take the clue. I began to cry out with each smack as her hand landed flat on the lips of my still hairless vulva. I was being taken to the edge again. Soon, I was yelling, "Stop! Stop! Daddy, make it stop!" But, my pleas were only met with chuckles as the fingers were removed and the spanking stopped.

I heard whispering, then those fingers I loved and feared so much returned. Deeper and deeper they entered my poor, abused cunny and when deep inside me, her thumb roughly rubbed and pushed against my clit. It seemed like she knew exactly what to do. The whole evening had been that way. Then the spanking started again. It wasn't with a hand, but a paddle. It hurt really bad but because I had been previously spanked by hand, it wasn't too much. I was moaning from the spankings. My moaning was almost as loud as the sounds of the paddle hitting my ass.

I didn't know it but I began to wiggle against her hand, twisting and jerking, trying to avoid the smacks yet wanting her fingers deeper and harder. Then, again it all stopped. I yelled "NO!" I wanted to cum! Orgasm was my little escape from all the abuse unleashed on my small body. But what I wanted was not what was to happen.

The bar my legs were bound to was unhooked from the head of the bed, and for a short time I was allowed to relax. Someone even brought a glass of water to my lips and they let me drink from it until I had enough. Then I was quickly flipped over, as if I was a little human pancake, and I landed back on the bed. But there was now a large pillow under me and my bottom was up high in the air. The bar holding my legs was secured to the bottom of the bed and I was again unable to accomplish more than a slight wiggle. Everything was securely tied and my ass was a perfect target for their sick pleasures.

Someone got on the bed again, but in front of me, between my tightly stretched arms, right in front of my head. I could smell the masculine smells of this person and I instantly recognised Daddy. The cock that was now poking my face wasn't a strap-on. It was the real thing. It had a smooth velvet texture and it was hot against my cheek. I opened my mouth the way I was taught since I could remember, offering my throat to its lewd advances. It accepted my invitation and slid past my lips. I gave only a little resistance. I wanted to feel it as it went all the way down until the gaging reflex kicked in.

Daddy's strong masculine hands grabbed the sides of my head and soon his strong cock was r****g my face and taking my mouth. In the position I was in, my throat was open and inviting to the f***e of his thrusts and he took full advantage of it. Thrust after thrust, I gulped it down, wrapping my tongue around it when I could. I think he liked this because he groaned and grabbed handfuls of my hair for leverage when forcing himself on my face. It was nice being taken this way by Daddy when his cock was hot and rock hard.

As I was getting into it, there was one of the women getting on the bed. She got behind me, between my spread legs. I felt fingers exploring my pussy until they found my clit. It was extra sensitive and I wiggled in reaction to her touch. My response got a giggle from the group. She plunged her fingers inside my pussy but then quickly pulled them out again. She slapped my bottom as if I was a naughty schoolgirl, but real hard. She raked her fingernails across my ass then plunged her fingers into my pussy again. She kept slapping my ass hard with one hand while she kept finger fucking my vagina with the other.

I felt fingers wiggling inside me, rubbing the inside walls of my pussy. I think I liked that but her fingernails also hurt a little. I was in a tormented heaven; my throat was ****d by Daddy's cock and my vagina violated from the inside by sharp fingernails. How much longer will they continue to use me in this way, I was beginning to wonder. Even they must become tired at some point.

In my tormented haze I felt fingers leaving my pussy and entering my anus. It still felt open and aching from the past abuse but it didn't stop them from having another go at it. I think there were two fingers pushing inside it all the way then being withdrawn fast, leaving a gaping hole in their place. It was Samantha because I heard her talk when she asked Daddy to give her access to my mouth for a second and when he did, she rammed her two fingers down my throat. I chocked and gagged a little and with horror realised I was tasting my own anus in my mouth and on my tongue. "God, you're a sick bitch!" I heard Daddy say and I had to agree because why would she make me taste my own bottom? It wasn't fair but there was nothing I could do as her fingers wiggled in my mouth for a little longer before they were again replaced by Daddy's punishing cock.

Before I knew what was happening, either Samantha or Amy was lying down under me, right behind the pillow holding me up. She wrapped her arms around my waist and her mouth came in contact with my clit. I started humping her mouth while my own mouth was getting humped. What a team, I thought, trying hard to reach my own orgasm.

Shivers went through my body and I started choking on the cock in my mouth. I guess that was sexy to Daddy because soon after that he came down my throat. He moaned aloud and called me a beautiful little girl. He always said that when he came in my mouth. For some reason it turned me on knowing my mouth was full of Daddy's hot and sticky sperm and my little body went out of control as I came all over the face of whichever woman was licking my clit. She whimpered in her own ecstasy and gladly lapped it all up.

Everybody took a little time to rest after that but I was still tied down and it wasn't long before my pussy was twitching again. I often found myself in this state after a prolonged mistreatment at the hands of adults. I guess I was on some sort of sexual plateau, becoming lost in my sexual pleasure so to block the abuse being carried on my ten-year-old body. And needless to say, the abuse didn't stop for long. One woman was replaced by another and the fun started all over again.

I still didn't know who each woman was but I figured Daddy was still in front of me. He mashed his scrotum up against my face and reached down to pinch my nipples one at a time. But that wasn't enough. They ached so and I would have loved for someone to nibble on them, to pull them out as far as they would go and then twist them until I cried out in pain. I asked Daddy if he would suck on my titties. His answer was to begin bouncing his still hard cock against my face. He nearly flogged me with it, whipping it back and forth as if slapping my cheeks with the palm of his hand. Finally, I opened my mouth and he shoved it in one more time. More cock to suck. I knew Daddy could go for hours if he was turned on enough and I think the two women he invited to our home that day made him hornier than any of his "friends" could. He started to piston into me, again and again and again. He used his little girl's throat as a pussy to fuck.

I think Amy this time got behind me and I felt the hard strap-on against my bottom. She grabbed my hips and I felt the head of her plastic cock rubbing against my anus. Then she took me, slowly penetrating the depths of my pink little orifice. I was in cock heaven. Daddy was taking my mouth and Amy my ass. She leaned forward and bit my shoulder then licked my neck. "How do you like your party, baby-girl?" her body was slapping against my ass, she was fucking me so hard. My bound legs didn't allow me too much room to move so my small body took all the brunt of her thrusts.

Daddy was enjoying the fear and excitement I was going through. The stronger it got, the more I sucked on that cock of his. And it seemed the more I sucked on it, the deeper he tried to ram it into me and would pull it out only when I started choking. Because my hands were bound, I couldn't back away from this ramming. Thank God it was Daddy r****g my throat that day and not one of his "friends". They rarely had mercy to pull out on time and I would often end up throwing up or passing out.

I was receiving it from both ends: Daddy in front and Amy in back. Amy sodomising my rectum was like a sexual lightening bolt going through me. Her continuing assault soon had me cumming. My body tensed and then a rush of spasms seemed to engulf all of my senses. Daddy and Amy were fucking me with the same stroke, both thrusting into me at the same time. Daddy in my mouth and Amy in my ass. I couldn't help it. It was just too much and I began crying as I orgasmed again from all the pain and pleasure at the hands of my tormentors. I lost all control and I felt pee gashing out of my vagina and soaking up the bed beneath me.

I never felt so embarrassed before in my life. I remember them laughing and calling me a little pissy cunt. Then Daddy pulled his engorged cock out of my mouth and stroked it until he came all over my face. He was holding my head by my hair with one hand and aiming his spurting cock at my eyes, mouth and nose with the other. I also remember Amy's hands were exploring all over my body as she continued to ram my ass. I think I came all over once again when she moved them up to my budding nipples and twisted them as far as if she was unscrewing a bottle cap. A piercing scream broke throughout the house but Daddy's hand cupping my mouth quickly smothered any protest. I was so involved in my own orgasm I didn't notice if Amy came or not. I am sure she did but that was just how powerful mine was.

I was fucked several times that day and spattered with Daddy's cum more than once. I couldn't count the times I came, but each orgasm they gave me bordered on pain and pleasure. I was in sexual dream state for the last couple of hours. I couldn't do anything but accept what their grown up bodies were forcing upon me. When I came back to reality I was untied and the blindfold removed. I could see I was covered with sweat, piss and cum. I was only ten years old back then but I felt like a total slut.

To this day, I don't know if it was Samantha or Amy wearing the strap-on. Because of the blindfold I imagined both women taking their turns on the tied-up little girl they owned that day. For all I know, that's just how it happened. I still find myself reminiscing about them, dreaming about them, wishing to be taken care of by them. Wishing they stayed with us and became my Mommies. But the truth is I never saw them again.

I was sore all over for days afterwards, but any soreness also brought back memories of why I was sore. Daddy said I would first fear the pain and then I would smile. I didn't doubt it at all. Now, after many years the pain has gone, I am still smiling.
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