At Long Last, We Meet.

I’m over there, with you; we spent our first night together. We slept naked, bodies inter-twined. We kissed, caressed, touched. I felt your hard-on, the entire night. I even pretended to be sl**ping, when I woke up to you pleasuring & relieving yourself. You were killing me…the feel of your hands, softly caressing and arousing my entire being as you explored my body, even licking, nibbling and sucking my tits....sucking so intense, as if you were nursing and draining milk out of my nipples. Sensations…oh my god…you sent electrical jolts of pleasure running right through the core of my being…only serving to fuel my need for you…my desperate pleas and moans, only serving to excite you more and provoke you that much further, making you enjoy all this torment that you instigate and evoke. You even feel the wetness between my legs, pleased to see my mound so swollen, my touch if by accident…your fingers barely hovering over it, as you’re holding me close, against you. We’re laying sideways, my back against your chest…kinda spooning…your one arm d****d around me pinning my one arm to my chest, the leave free...carefully thought out…you want to give me some freedom to touch pull you closer to me.

We had kissed that first night...sensual kisses...tongues dancing back and forth. I could see the desire in your eyes but you, my sweet one, you had control of Everything…including your own cock!....Yes....your manhood stood to attention, welcoming me and letting me know that you too….had as much a need for me, as I of you. The entire night, you paraded that beautiful hard cock....pulsating in all its even let me give you head....pushing deeper into my mouth....balls bouncing on my started teaching me how to take you in...deeper and deeper.....I loved licking your jewels....watching the skin around them, firm up so tight, that we both thought you'd explode....but no…NO......You had control of yourself the ENTIRE night! You knew exactly what you were doing, every move....every caress and nibble...every flick of your knew what you were doing...and Why you were doing it!

After what seemed like agonizing hours of shared introduction (so to speak)....where we absorb each pleasure and join in pleasure. You Even let your cock slide in me...just past the helmet...entering me; my goodness...the feel of you...I wanted more...I wanted ALL of you, but you maintained your calm…your cool…you even sported a seemingly wanton smirk the entire night, which only led me to believe that (fucking finally.....we would FUCK). You made this torment seem like a breeze (at least for you!)..... (though deep down inside you, there was nothing more that you wanted, than to give me every inch of yourself and enter my warmth and fuck me like I needed to be fucked)...but Maintained your composure...enjoying the journey....becoming even more aroused with the satisfaction of your accomplishments…you had a mission…you succeeded and you are proud. Hours later, though both desperate for each other, we were also exhausted so we slept...but shortly after, I woke up (we were still spooning) and I felt the bed shake despite your efforts to minimize the movement! I dared not move, instead, I got wetter at the knowledge that you were masturbating because of me. You were desperate for that much needed release and after you came, you gently massaged some of your spunk on my bum and with the slip of two fingers, you took some and massaged it around my pussy opening, because you wanted to combine our juices…of course, you loved how I squirmed when I felt your fingers down wanted me to wake wanted me to feel the tingling as you massaged around my still swollen pussy lips...and as you’re fondling my nether regions, you roll into me, a little close and whisper in my ear "that is my cum you feel on your pussy....I came for you".
We’re both so tiered, that in your embrace, we fall asl**p. You had set the music and that familiar lulling melody, of the Polynesian choir, soon sent me off to sl**p!

The next morning, I wake to find you sitting next to me, your hands, reaching to my face and caressing my cheek but roll around and fall back asl**p.

Later, on this, my first full day with you, we're in a room, you're wearing a black suit and even a tie!
You're in a chair, sitting…a couple of meters in front of you, on my knees, hands beside me. You're directing this other guy...telling him how to touch…where to touch. You give him step by step instruction, as you sit back watching first, your hardness is limited and you just stroke your cock through the fabric of your stroke the length of it. I watch you looking intently in your eyes as you’re instructing this guy on what to do to me...and soon enough, you unzip your pants and let your manhood out.

You walk over to me, and guide your cock into my welcoming mouth...thrusting a few times...gently but with intent. Our eyes lock as you’re thrusting and this other guy, following your instruction. You sit down again...cock in hand and continue to watch me as he follows your direction. Pillows underneath me, supporting me, I feel the pressure of his cock entering me...pleasure sensations darting around inside me, like a rocket bouncing around the walls of my womanhood. You watch me…you watch my every move, aroused by all that you see.

I’m being fucked by another man...I haven’t had the pleasure of your cock…and yet…some other man is fucking me, feeding me and helping you on this most sought out journey. He continues to fuck me as you watch…all eyes on me, you instruct him to cum on my arse. You reserved That right for yourself. You want to fill me with Your after he’s done, after he rolls his cock on my arse, squeezing out that last drop of cum, you stand up and walk over to me instructing me to take his cock in my mouth, and with my tongue, make sure he’s clean and no drop of cum is left on his cock. You kneel down and join me...taking his cock in your mouth, swirling your tongue around his limp rod, you suck it one time, making a vacuum between your cheeks so we hear a little pop, when you pull him out of your mouth...and you lead me to your room…the bed ready and lower me on the sheets spreading my pussy as he is still following your lead, cupping my breasts....massaging me….increasing my pleasure sensations because you are about to enter my jade garden. You are about to fuck me…and you want to max out the pleasure potential.

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2 years ago
mmh :)
2 years ago
Wonderfully colorful and detailed story. Describing deeply sensual sex is like trying to desrbe a rose to someone who has never seen a flower. A woman's body, like a rose with its soft petals opening to expose the inner beauty, the color that changes in the changing light, is far more complex and so sensual just to look, touch, and the wonderful scent fills ones head. Hmmm, a woman, a rose, both are beautiful and to be savored, just like in your story.
2 years ago
Anna, what an erotic, senual story. Simply amazing, the picture you painted with your words is wonderful... I sure do hope you write again! You take us to were he is about to enter you then.....I would love to read what.
2 years ago
I Love the Story and the Fantasies that came with reading it!
Naughty Johnny4U
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Dearest anna,

Now you are making me horny. LOL!!! Very sexy, hot and erotic.

Spanks and kisses,
Master Padraig
2 years ago
amazing !
2 years ago
Amazing story

2 years ago
The first time I read this it got me so hard I have to stroke my cock for an hour and every time I read it I instantly get hard. What a pleasure!!!!!!!!