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I was walking along the street one day, when coming the other way I noticed two attractive young ladies, on their way back from a shopping trip.

One asked me for the time. After checking my watch, I noticed the new handbag that one had just bought. I said, "nice bag, is it new?". She replied "yes, I need a new bag to keep my new toys in which I got for my birthday". She then put her hand in her bag and got out a pink vibrator.

As she licked the end, she said, "my name is Anna, and I'm feeling really horny right now". While distracted, I didn't notice the other girl move around behind me. "This is my friend Natasha", Anna said, as The other girl slid her hands down the front of my jeans.

"We've got a few hours to spare, would you like to come back to our place?", said Anna as Natasha ground her thighs into my buttocks. I couldn't refuse so soon found myself back at their place.

"We love men to tell us to do nasty things", said Natasha. "And we like them to take photos too", said Anna. "What do you want us to do?", asked Anna.

"Do you have any stockings?", I asked. Anna took me by the hand to her bedroom and got out a pair of stockings. She ran them over her wet tongue and said seductively, "would you like me to put them on?".

"No", I said, "get undressed, both of you". They both giggled, and Natasha handed me a camera that was at the side of the bed. "Take photos, please?", she begged. I took the camera and started to snap away as they both sexily undressed each other.

Once undressed, Anna lay on the bed running the stockings across her naked wet pussy. "Now what?", she asked. I told Natasha, "take the stockings and tie Anna's wrists to the bed". Natasha climbed on top of Anna, her legs spread either side of Anna's hips, their naked pussies touching as she tied Anna to the bed. I took a few photos before getting undressed myself.

Natasha came back over to me and grabbed my hard cock with her hand. "And what do you intend to do with this?" she asked. "Would you like me to put it in my mouth", she said? Before I could gain the courage to answer, she was already on her knees and licking the side of my cock. "Ok", I said nervously. Without warning, she put my cock in her mouth, then pushed forwards, to engulf it all. I could feel it hit the back of her throat as she choked a little. She sucked hard as she pulled back. "Take photos!" she said, before pushing my cock deep down her throat again. I grabbed the camera and started shooting.

Anna was clearly getting turned on, as I could see her writhing on her bed, unable to touch herself as her hands were tied. "What about Anna?", I said to Natasha. "I've never tasted pussy before, but I'm so horny I'll try anything", Natasha said. I meant that maybe I should pay attention to Anna, but before I could do anything, Natasha had jumped onto the bed, and put her head between Anna's legs. She smiled at me and then went down. She gave Anna's pussy a quick lick. "Mmmmmmm", she says, before going down again. Anna, who is in shock, starts to realise how nice it feels, and pushes her pussy into Natasha's wet tongue.

As Natasha has her ass in the air, I take the opportunity to slide my wet hard cock inside her pussy. She groans as I push deeply, and licks Anna with every thrust. We get into a rhythm, and both Anna and Natasha groan on each thrust.

The sight of both Anna and Natasha groaning as I feel Natasha's pussy on my cock is too much, and I know I'm going to cum real soon. I tell them, and Natasha turns around and grabs my cock again. She pulls it towards Anna's pussy, and then rubs the end of it on her clitoris. This is enough to make Anna cum with a scream. Natasha is rubbing herself and cums too. Her grip gets tighter on my cock as she does.

I can't hold it any longer. I start to cum all over Anna's pussy, and Natasha tugs at me to get all my cum out. She then bends down to lick my cum from Anna's pussy, and then puts my cock in her mouth and sucks me dry.
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2 years ago
Good story. Could have been longer. Maybe main char could have been more forceful, taken more time with each of the girls, completed tieing Anna up, etc.
4 years ago
Wonderful Story!