Anna's Panties Screts

Another dream about you sexy Anna

I had another dream about you last night, sexy Anna...I had gone to a fancy dress party, and all night I kept noticing a pretty girl across the room, dressed as a black cat. Her eyes were hypnotic, and her body was just as beautiful, with her costume showing every perfect curve of her body. I wanted to meet her, but I never plucked up the courage to introduce myself.

Later, as I was walking home down a dark street, I turned a corner and saw the same girl bending over to pick something up off the pavement. I couldn't help but notice what a fine figure she has, with her costume showing her perfectly round ass and slender body. As I got closer, I could see it was her cat's tail she had picked up, which seemed to have fallen off. As I approached her, she was twisting around as she tried to reattach it. I asked her if she was ok. I think I surprised her, as she jumped a little. When our eyes met, she just smiled at me and held the tail up to me. "Would you like me to put it back on for you?", I asked. She smiled and nodded. She then turned away from me and pushed her ass towards me, and I felt it push into my groin. She looked around at me and giggled.

"What's your name?", I asked. "Anna", she purred. "Pleased to meet you", I said, trying desperately to be cool, despite having Anna's ass pushed against me. "I noticed you watching me tonight", she said. I didn't know what to say, while standing there with her tail in my hand. "I liked you watching me", she said. "I've got another party to go to, would you like to come and watch me some more?", she asked.

"What about your tail?", I asked. "I've got a safety pin at home, would you walk me there?", she said. She took me by the hand, and started to walk. It wasn't long before we got to her home.

"I'm going to get changed, would you like to come in and wait?", she asked. I couldn't refuse, so in we went. As we went in, she quietly said to me, "when I pushed my ass against you, I could feel something in your trousers, what was it?". Before I could answer, she giggled and said, "do you have a tail too?", as she put her hand on my crotch. My cock instantly responded, and Anna purred as she felt it move. "Stay there, I'll be back soon. I asked, "how many people are going to this party?", and she replied, "just the two of us", as she disappeared into the bedroom.

I waited for what seemed like an eternity, before Anna emerged in the doorway, rubbing her body up and down the door frame like a cat, stroking it as if she wanted to make love to it. Now though, she had shed the cat suit, and was wearing just a snug pair of pink panties and matching top. Now that the cat suit had gone, I could see her beautiful skin, which I really wanted to touch.

Anna came over to me and said, "can I see your tail now?". She unzipped my trousers and slowly pulled them down to my ankles. My cock bulged more as her face came near to it. I took my trousers off from around my ankles, and she then slowly pulled down my underwear. As she exposed my cock, it sprang out, now fully excited by the way Anna seductively undressed it. She looked into my eyes, purred at me, then licked the end of my cock, as if to taste it. "Hmmm", she said, before putting it totally in her mouth.

"Would you like to see my next costume?", she asked. I was a bit disappointed to hear that, as I was very happy with what she was wearing. "Stay there", she said before leaving the room with my cock now soaking wet from her saliva.

She shortly returns, seemingly in the same outfit, but her hand behind her back. I asked where her costume was, and then she shows me a beautiful face mask from behind her back. "Here it is", she says, before carefully sliding it onto her face. "And now to complete the costume", she says, as she stands up, turns around and bends over, before sliding her panties swiftly down her sexy legs, to expose her wet pussy. She then turns to me and says, "undress me". As I lift her top off, I smell her scent, and I can't resist kissing her chest. She pulls me towards her and wraps her arms around my head, smothering me with her breasts.

Anna grabs me by my cock, and says, "would you like to watch me some more?". She then pulls me towards the bedroom, and I get a great view of her whole body, with her long hair nearly reaching her beautifully round ass. The way her buttocks move when she walks is poetry in motion, and the end of my cock keeps touching them.

When we get to the bedroom, she lays on the silky red sheets of her bed, now showing her perfectly round breasts and her soft kissable stomach. She spreads her legs a little, exposing her pussy which is wet and spread open a little, as if it is waiting for my cock to penetrate it.

"When we were at the party, did you want to fuck me?", she asks. I nodded. "Well for now, you watch, and if you are a good boy, we will see what happens". She takes her fingers and spreads her pussy a little more. She looks me in the eyes as she takes her other hand and rubs her clitoris with a finger. She purrs as she gently rubs, and rubs, and rubs. After a while, she carefully pushes a finger inside. "Do you wish this was your cock?", she asked while pulling her finger out and then licking it. I nodded. "Not yet", she said. She pushes her finger back inside, and this time I hear her juices as her wet finger slides in.

Anna moans as she keeps sliding her finger in and out, while using her other hand to rub her clitoris. She arches her back and throws her head back as she moves her groin back and forth with every slide of her finger.

She very nearly cums, but before she does, she slows down, and while still moving her body, she says to me, "if you can keep your cock in my mouth without cumming, I'll let you fuck me". I almost cum immediately, but instead quickly kneel on the bed and put my hard cock in her mouth.

Anna then starts to finger herself again. This time, my cock in her mouth seems to make her even more horny! As she moves her body in rhythm with her finger sliding in and out, this makes her suck and blow on my cock, getting it really wet with her saliva.

Eventually, Anna can't hold it back any more, and she cums with a deafening scream, her thighs bucking like a mule as her whole body shivers with pleasure. As she does so, she sucks harder than ever on my cock, which makes it impossible for me not to cum. I pull my cock out of her wet mouth.

She grabs my cock with her hand and yanks it back and forth, while holding it over her face. "Did you like watching?", she moaned. She sticks out her tongue and licks the end of my cock like a cat. "I want to taste your milk", she moans, and with that I start to cum. First, my cum oozes over her tongue, until she laps it up, and then it starts to dribble down her chin, until she takes my cock in her mouth and sucks me dry, using her tongue to make sure I finish cumming in her mouth.

After she finishes licking the cum from her fingers, she says, "now you can't fuck me". She produces a pink vibrator and says, "but you can use this on me now if you like?"
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Excellent Story!