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I am Anjalie, from Mauritius. Certainly, each and everyone of us might have experienced sexual desires for a member of our f****y. So did I. As a girl, you would expect me to say that I have been attracted to my dad but actually, no! I have always had something for my mother. Since I was a young girl, mum used to take care of me, and till today she does. I still bathe in front of her, she saw my pussy changing, growing pubes (which she shaves!). Very often, when my dad does night shifts at work, I go to sl**p next to her. What I love is feeling her breasts, her hard nipples.
I currently wear 38 size bra and my mum 40. we both have the same nipple colour but her pussy lips are pink and light brown. She takes care of me just like you would like your partner to take care of you. When I have my menses, she cleans me up. During summer, I wear only my nighty with nothing inside(when dad is not here!).
I know that this may seem weird for a Mauritian but this is my reality. Yet, I never had sex with her, just breasts play at times and shaving each other. Please comment
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1 month ago
Yes its Weird.. but i like the two of you and your sexy naughty story life... bless
4 months ago
Anjaliee i like uuuuuuuuuuuu
10 months ago
make love to ur mum when u kno ur dad will be arriving home soon then it will be a mom and daughter getting fucked by daddy
1 year ago
hmmm...wud u make love to her if u had the chance?
1 year ago
hmm nice experience..maybe u should try something else to be more close if u want to do something more intimidate with ur mom....u seem to be very friendly with her, dont think there are much daughter who are so close to their mom...
1 year ago
Mmmmm sexy I like the naughty
1 year ago
No, seriously!!!! Its Horrible....Add me...i would like to discuss this seems really complicated and HORRIBLE....we can solve the matter.
1 year ago
1 year ago
very sexy...add me!
1 year ago
I can imagin that you and your mother will someday do something together. I hope you tell us.
1 year ago
mmm hello sexy
1 year ago
Sounds like a very nice relationship you have with your mother.