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Innocent Ananya Ch. 03

I couldn't wait to hear the tale of how Ananya's night had gone. Last night I had pushed my lip gloss into her pussy and sent her home, with firm instructions that the item was not to be extracted until after dinner with her f****y. The whole of the night, as I pictured her with a full cunt, sitting in front of her f****y, my bl**d rushed warm and fevered through my body and by the time I was in bed, I was keyed up to such an extent that I frigged myself off to one of the best orgasms in my life.

As soon as I got home from work, I knocked on my neighbours' flat and Ananya opened the door.

"Is anyone home?" I asked her.

She shook her head in a negative motion.

"Then come with me," I said and taking her hand in mine, started pulling her towards my flat. "But wait," I said, stopping and turning. "Lock first."

Ananya locked the door of her home and then I rushed both of us into mine, into the bedroom. I hurriedly stripped her. The girl stood still as I unbuttoned her blouse and slid her skirt down. I unhooked her bra and pulled it off then slid her panties down so she could slip out of them. Naked, Ananya just stood there until I motioned towards the bed.

She climbed into the bed and lay down on her back.

I lay down next to her on my side, propping my head on a hand and looking down at her young body. Hooking my leg between hers, I pulled them open. My hand unerringly cupped her warm pussy as a finger slid into the slit between her pussy lips. Ah, heaven.

I contented myself by just touching her for a few minutes. Lazily, just rubbing my finger up and down against her. Her fragrant wetness began to flow and her breath was coming in shorter bursts when I finally readied myself to talk.

"So how was last night?" I asked her, my eyes trained on her face.


I saw her eyes flicker and a flush rise up on her features. The girl was shy!

"Ananya, tell me," I said softly. "Did you do as I said?"

She nodded immediately, eagerly.

"Tell me exactly what happened," I prompted, still speaking soothingly. "Tell me, baby."

Ananya sighed and wriggled a little.

I closed my palm tighter on her mound and pressed down with my middle finger into her centre.

"Mmmm, Didi." She arched up a bit and let out a slow breath. "I kept the lip gloss in like you said."

"Details, Ananya."

She swallowed and started, "When I went home yesterday night, I... it was... not comfortable. I mean, walking..."

"No, it wouldn't be with a hard little object up your little pussy," I murmured. I manipulated my finger to her opening and slid it in, just halfway in.

"I went home," she continued after a brief pause, "and dinner was almost ready on the table. Ma called me to lay the rest of the things on the table and so I went to help her. I walked from the kitchen to the table, bringing in dishes. Twice."

She closed her eyes, remembering.

"Then we all sat down."

"You did?"

Ananya nodded almost imperceptibly.

"And how was it?"

She was already flushed from embarrassment but at this, she went redder. I could feel the soft heat coming off her face and bent my head to take her pink lips in my mouth, sucking on the softness for a heartbeat before letting go. She looked like one of those illustrations of princesses in c***dren's books. sl**ping beauty, with her eyes closed.

"So?" I prompted. I wanted my naked princess to go on.

She took two deep breaths, hesitating, maybe searching for words. "It... well, it was uncomfortable. But not just that. It just was... you know, not right. It was digging in. Inside."

I started fucking her, inserting my finger in and out of her in slow languid motions.

"I had to adjust it," Ananya whispered.

"Right at the table?" I asked avidly.

She nodded.

"How?" I demanded.

"Just put a hand under the table, under the skirt and into the panties and tried to dig it out a little bit. It was very uncomfortable," she said apologetically, "I wasn't taking it all out, just... adjusting a bit."

"It's okay," I said. "As long as it was in you all though dinner."

"Yes, all through dinner, it was so... incredible."

I was finger-fucking her steadily now. I speeded up as I felt her pussy respond to me.

"I had to sit leaning forward a little because that was the only comfortable way. And it was... I was...," she stopped, groping for words.


She nodded. "It was pressing against me, you know?"

I pressed my palm hard on her clit.

"Like this?"

"Unh, yes. I felt exactly like that. My... my stomach was fluttering all through and I was trying to behave like nothing was happening. Ma looked at me closely a couple of times but didn't ask anything. Baba was oblivious of anything to do with me as always," she said. "Throughout dinner, I kept rocking on it, you know?" She raised her pelvis slightly against my hand.

I felt my pussy flood at the innocence in her voice and the wantonness of her action. I was fucking her quite hard now and I could feel her body responding even as she tried to keep her voice level and her manner calm.

"By the end, Didi... when we finished dinner... I waited until Baba had gone away and Ma was in the kitchen before I got up."

"Why did you do that, Ananya?" I asked her.

"I was... wet."

With that, she fell over the edge and moaned out her orgasm, falling apart around my finger buried in her. I milked her pussy until her high subsided and she was once more breathing evenly through the small quivers still running through her.

"It was soaked, Didi," she continued, "My panties and my skirt too. There was a patch on the chair. I thought it's a good thing the seat was rubber, not cloth. I felt so ashamed."

"Ashamed? Why?" I asked in astonishment.

"If anyone had seen, it would be... what would I say?" she whispered.

"But no one did, right?"

Ananya nodded.

"And was it only shame that you felt for that reason?" I prodded.

My finger was still buried in her soggily tender cunt. I made a small interrogatory movement in her.

She let out a small moan and shifted, not ready yet.

"It was thrilling also. No one knew," Ananya continued. "I was afraid they would but no one could figure it out. It was like a secret, in public. It was like you were there..." she trailed off, shyness making it unable for her to continue her thought.

"It was like I was in your cunt in front of your parents," I completed.

She nodded. "So, I was also a little ashamed by that, you know?"

"That you were being my slut in front of them?"

"Yes," she whispered simply.

I pressed my legs close together, my arousal making itself felt sharply.

"Ah Ananya, you were such a good slut," I whispered.

"I went to my room immediately after dinner," she went on. "I could not stay there like that."

"Yes," I agreed.

"And there, I took off my skirt and panties like you said... and took it out."

"Were you very wet?" I asked, eager for details.

She nodded.

"Like now," I said softly in her ear.

She was. Her orgasm had saturated her pussy with warm and gluey cum and it was all over my fingers and sliding off us. I pulled my finger out of her and brought it to my mouth, licking her salty taste off. Then I replaced my hand where it was, inserting two of my fingers in her this time.

Ananya shifted to accommodate me and when I was firmly in her, she continued.

"I lay down on the bed and... touched myself."

I looked at her face, her eyes closed and her features schooled into innocent placidity. I didn't ask her anything; she knew I wanted details.

"I spread my legs..." she began haltingly. "And touched myself. With my finger... on..."

I ran my thumb lightly over what I thought she was trying to name.

"Yes," she said.

"Clitoris," I said. "Clit. Clitty."

"C... clitty," Ananya stammered.

I kept rubbing the object in question lightly.

"After a while of that, I put in... with the other hand... a finger."

"Was it awkward?" I asked her.

Ananya's eyes flew open.

"How did you know?" she asked curiously, then realization of how I would know flooded her face. She bit her lower lip and cast her eyes away from mine.

I chuckled. "Yes, exactly," I said, amused.

It was not easy for me to insert a finger in myself lying flat on my back and I knew through a few friends that it was a common enough issue.

"It's easier if you sit up a bit, even all the way up with your legs spread if you want to put something in yourself," I told her gently.

She wouldn't meet my eyes still.

"So then?" I asked her, trying to get her to tell the story and forget the embarrassment.

I started pumping my fingers in her a little harder, building the momentum up while I flicked her clit with my thumb.

"Go on."

"So it was hard to do that... put a finger in me, so I took it away. I just touched the... the clitty... and kept doing it."

Her eyes had closed again and her breath was getting affected.

"Were you thinking about me then? About what we had done?"

"Yes," Ananya said on a sigh.

"Ah, sweet girl," I said and bent to kiss her.

Her moist lips parted beneath mine and I sucked on her tongue while my fingers pumped her sodden pussy. My thumb was on her clit, pressing, rubbing, caressing. Slowly I built the stimulation up, urging her to let go. And she did, clutching my wrist in a fierce grip like her cunt around my fingers as she made small mewling noises in my mouth, losing herself finally in the ecstasy.

"Did you come? Then?" I asked her as shudders ran through her body from her current orgasm.

"I don't know," she gasped out in a small voice. "It was nice... but... I'm not sure if I...." She shrugged.

"Hmm... you'll get to recognize it in time, sweetie. Even the smaller ones, if they happen. The important thing is that you felt good, right?" I soothed.

"Oh, yes," she said and smiled.

"Good. Now come, let's get you cleaned up," I said.

I was off the bed and guiding her towards the bathroom when I realized that I had not even taken my clothes off. I stripped quickly and we went into the bathroom. I took her to the shower cubicle and pulling her in with me, switched on the water. As the warm drops rained down on us, I took up the soap and washed her delicious nakedness, rubbing her generously all over.

I made her return the favour. Her soft hands encircled my breasts shyly and she kneaded and pinched them at my urging. I placed my hands on hers and guided her, letting her learn the shape of breasts, placing them in her palms, pressing them into her hands and making her finger my nipples as they puckered up in response to the attention of her fingertips on them.

Her hesitant touch then flitted down my stomach and between my legs.

"Touch me like I touch you, Ananya," I directed, my voice heavy with need.

Her first touch there was fleeting, fluttery.

I moaned and titled my pelvis into her hand.

"Harder," I said. "Put your hands on me, grip me down there."

She obeyed, her timid touch coming to rest on my mound, cupping me.

I felt like I would come right there, but I held myself back and moved myself slowly, back and forth. I gripped her hand then and held it to me, pressing myself into her palm.

"God, that feels so good," I murmured, d**gged by the pleasure running deep and heavy through every part of me. Small shivers ran down my whole body, just under my skin, and I didn't know how long I would last.

"Put your fingers in me, Ananya," I said.

She fumbled and I felt one lean finger enter me.

"More," I said.

I felt another join in and fill me.

"Yes, now, in and out," I directed through a throat almost closed with desire.

She took up the rhythm, slowly, but when the pressure of my hand on her wrist increased, so did her rhythm.

"Yes, like that," I urged, my eyes closed and my legs spread wantonly with Ananya's fingers in me.

I started rocking myself to her hand urgently and opened my eyes at last to see Ananya's eyes wide in her face, her lip caught between her teeth in a picture of such sweet concentration that I lost myself and disintegrated right then and there in a powerful burst, a small cry wrenching itself from my throat as I fought to hold myself upright while the hot deluge swamped over me, within me, through every part of me.

When I had got myself back in hand and looked up, Ananya was just standing there, looking at me.

Small streams of water were running down her body, lighted rivulets winding between her breasts, dripping off nipples, coursing on either side of her navel and disappearing between her legs.

"God, Ananya, I can never have enough of you," I whispered as my body started once more on its way to arousal.

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