A Visit to a Swinger Party

Hi, this happened last Thursday.

Hopefully it will give reader an idea of what really happens in a swinger house.

So my good friend Camila invited me to attend a swinger party that she visits before and I accept her invite. She is 24 and a very beautiful woman. I meet her through other friends that I had relations. She also has this secret slut life like me. The party was free for single women. Couples paid a fee and alone males were only by invite.

I decided to wear something more slutty this visit. I wear a very tight mini skirt and a red flashy small top that barely covered my breast. I decide to dress with very high red heels. Of course I wear no bra and no panties. I put very little make up today. I had a nice coat to leave my apartment and drove my car to pick up my friend Camila. My friend Camila had very sexy clothing. She wear a tight mini laced dress with nothing under. It practically transparent.

This house was like other swinger houses I experienced. It was a little secluded. It was a big house with much space for parking. It was very reserved and private which was a good sign. We arrive maybe at 9 pm. There were already many people with a good atmosphere. My average count throughout the night was maybe 5 single women, including me and Camila, another 7 couples and the rest were single men. I think maybe 12 single men. As other houses, most were older couples in their 30s and 40s. The single men were all older, maybe in their 40s. The other single women were in late 20s and 30s.

I think because were younger we called a little attention from the men and the women. A nice woman welcomed us to the place and gave us a tour of the location. There was a open bar in the nig living room and many sofas where people talked. She showed us the entrances to other rooms, the different bathrooms, towels, lube, condoms, trash cans, and even a small place to put personal belongings. The rules were the same, be respectful, safe, keep sex to the rooms, and have fun.

Me and Camila put our belongings in the safe area and went to the living room and began to have a few drinks. We were sitting on bar stools and immediately some men approach us to talk. They were all very nice and respectful. We talked about our lives, likes and dislikes, and shared some fast sex stories with them. I talked with two guys and Camila talked with just one man. I open my legs to show my pussy and they really like. I begin to kiss one man and he touch my pussy that was very wet. We talked some more and I kissed the other man. We decide to go to a private room. We go all 5 of us to a private room for fun.

This room was very small but very nice. It contained a big bed a small sofa. We lock the door and begin to have fun. I was immediately thrown on the bed by the two men. My top was pulled down and my skirt up. One man began to furiously taste my pussy. The other man got on top of me and put his cock between my breasts. His cock was very long that he tried to tit fuck me I could still taste his cock which was wet with pre cum already from the taste. I was being dominated by these two horny men and it was so good. I was cumming very fast from the man´s licking my pussy and fingering it. My beautiful friend Camila was on the sofa tasting the other man´s also long beautiful cock. The man that was on my breasts and mouth came very fast on my breasts and it was a lot of cum. I grabbed him and gave him a nice dirty suck to clean his cock from cum. He called me all kinds of dirty names. Camila walked to me on the bed and gave me a big kiss and surprised me with a mouth full of cum from her friend. I am certain they all enjoyed that. I got in doggie position and the man who was giving me the best orgasms, put a condom, and easily slid in my pussy. I came more and more as he quickly and roughly fucked my pussy hard from behind. I watched Camila next to me and the other men touching her. After about 10 minutes my guy that fucking me came over my ass and we all stayed on the bed talking for a little bit. We decide to have more fun later and leave the hot sex smell room. I cleaned myself and put on my clothes. Camila and me went to the bathroom for some make up retouching.

Camila and me talked a little in the bathroom and did some cleaning and compared some notes. We talked about the experience we both liked it and wanted more. I tried to remove some cum drops from my slut red top but it was much cum that stained it. Other women were in the bathroom and talked with us. Camila is more of a bisexual than me. I prefer cock only of course. I really wanted to be on my knees for a little bit and do some oral work. Camila went to a private room with another woman and I took a quick step outside and called 2 men into the bathroom. We talked briefly. I did not want to be on my knees on the hard floor so I squatted. I got both cocks and began to do my magic. They were both quite small but had that sex aroma. I could place the cocks all in my mouth one at time with little gagging. They also called me dirty names which got me even hotter. I pulled my top down so they can see me tits better. I jerked them and sucked them like a good little slut. I also said dirty things. I asked them so much to cum on me. I pointed to my breasts and one of the man cummed on my tits. The other one gave me a quick face fuck and came in my mouth. I tried to swallow but I gagged. I continued to jerk them until it was too sensitive. I cleaned myself and talked with them about other experiences. They thanked me and we all went to the living room to talk more.

I returned talking to these two men and drink again. We share more experiences and I reveal everything I did in the past. I was very horny and ready to have all men in the house use me. Camila was probably in another room having fun. I am sitting on the sofa with my legs open already. Other couples are talking and other men are around. Everyone can see clearly my pussy. My top didn’t cover much anyway. Other women have slutty clothing too. Some men and couple invite me to a private room and I of course say yes. We decide to go to one of the small private rooms. We go me and another woman, her husband and 3 other men.

We walk in and lock the door. She puts on some nice music and the fun begins again. My mouth is hungry again and I sit on the little sofa pulling 2 boys for me. I pull my top down myself and my skirt up. The other woman took her husband and another man o the bed. I jerk both men. Both were nice thick cocks. I jerked them and said slutty things about what I wanted. I looked at those cocks and mentally imagined what they were going do to me. I suck them both taking turns for some time. The other woman was already being fucked by the other man while her husband watched. I opened my legs and almost begged for penetration. One of the men took his big cock and tore me very nice. He was pretty thick but it was good. I was grunting from his thick cock and he just went harder. The other men put his cock in my mouth which I tried to suck but my pussy was getting a rough abuse. I got a good cock beating for maybe 20 minutes from this man. He removed hic condom and gave me the creamiest cum right on top of my pussy. The other man who was fucking my mouth quickly got into position to try my pussy. He put on a condom and began fucking my pussy hard too. His cock was less thick but did the job very nice too. The other man held my legs open as he furiously fucked my pussy too. I was yelling a lot and so was the other woman this time being fucked by her husband. I took another cock beating for another 20 minutes before he gave me his cream all over my breasts. My pussy felt so hot and I could feel the gape. The men spread their sperm over my breasts and gave me their fingers to lick. I continued to play with their half hard cock as my excitement relaxed. We did some cleaning and I ran to the bathroom for some fixing up.

I ran to the bathroom because I really had to urinate. I looked in the mirror and I had a slut look. My hair was very messy, I was sweating, smelled of sperm, my top and skirt had big stains. My good beautiful friend Camila walked into the bathroom ad she told me she was in a private room with two couples. She invited me for a shower to remove the sperm. We went to another bathroom where we could take a shower. They even had slippers, very nice. Camila and I just talked as we took shower together and shared experiences. It felt really good to feel that sperm on me as I washed it off.

Camila and I went to the big open room. It was like the living room but it had 2 big beds and small sofas around. There many people there. IT was big orgy happening. The smell of the room was mesmerizing. We sat on of the sofas and watched all the actions and moaning all around. Men immediately approached for some fun. Camila refused but I accepted. This man with a long and fat cock approached me naked caressed my face while holding his cock. His cock was very wet and swollen. He said he had just finished cumming but wanted me to taste him. I got up and pulled him to a little corner and finally got on my knees. I took him in my mouth and bobbed my head back and forth on his cock. He clearly tasted like salty sperm. I sucked him for 30 minutes non stop. He got very hard and came in my mouth. Immediately other men came and put their cocks in front of me. I closed my eyes and took turns taking and sucking and jerking. I took another 3-4 facials that hit my mouth and breast. It was late and Camila and I were tired and we decided to call it a night. I cleaned up so-so and we went home. She slept in my apartment after a long shower together.

Hope everyone could picture the experience.


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5 months ago
Amazing post, thanks for sharing. I've always wanted to experience a swingers party. This sounds amazing!
5 months ago
Great story and thanks for sharing. Lucky men! I would like to have been the guy who removed his condom and came on your pussy.
5 months ago
Really hot story....could totally picture the action....wish my cock could have found its way in to your mouth babe.....:)
2 years ago
I wish I was at THAT party!! :)
2 years ago
Excellent story
2 years ago
thanks for sharing, amazing
2 years ago
sweet wish i was there
2 years ago
what a nice story,you make me wet Anita..
3 years ago
Excellent story thanks xx
3 years ago
Excellent !!!
3 years ago
Very hot story thanks for sharing
3 years ago
wow. that is amazing!
3 years ago
3 years ago
HOT story. Thanks
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story, I'm hard as a rock now. Wish you were here to help with this.
3 years ago
Awesome Story! Your best one so far!
3 years ago
buenisima historia
3 years ago
Simply cum-tastic! ...Now you have my cock hard and aching to share it (an my cum) with you >:)
3 years ago
Amazing story ana! Thank u very much for sharing with us
3 years ago
Again you behaved like a dirty little cocksucking cunt. I can surely imagine how hot you made all these guys with your fantastic cocksucking lips and round ass.