Ana Slut Week

Hello boys and girls.
Let me tell you about my very slutty weekend. I had a lot of fun. So I will tell you a day by day event starting with last Saturday June 9.

I got invitation from a friend, Reinaldo, to go to his house for the weekend. He is older man, 50, and we had sex before. I accept and arrive at his house in afternoon. He has nice house with big pool and backyard. We talk first and have beer in backyard next to pool.

After some drink and talk he kiss me and kiss on chair and sit on his lap. I get on knees and remove his cock that was very hard already. He has nice fat cock. Not very long, but fat. I sucked him very slowly at first. He become more hard and I moan for him. I take off my clothes and sit on his lap and he enter me.

It really hurt in beginning but I become more wet and then ok. I move my body up and down on his penis and he tell many dirty names. He tell me to lean against the chair. Reinaldo come from behind and penetrate me. He fuck me very very hard. He was very rough and fuck me and slap my ass.

He was not finished and told me to get on 4s on the floor. He came from behind again on the floor and fucked me hard like a dog. I really liked he fucking me in that position. Re moved his penis and came on my back.

We went inside and I go in shower and we wash together and talk. We go in his bedroom and he put porn movie and we watch and talk. I tell him more stories and we comment on movie. His cock get hard and I go to suck but he want to lick my pussy first. He tell me to get on 4s again and spread my cheeks and licks my pussy and ass. I came much there. He penetrate me again and pull my hair. I loved it. This time he came much faster and tell me to turn around and come in my mouth. I try to swallow but could not so I spit.

We go to dinner and come back. I give him nice blowjob when he drive but he not cum. We arrive home and we only sl**p.

On Sunday we wake up and g to backyard it was better weather so we stay taking sun and talking. I had tiny bikini for him. He was very hard without me touching him. I stay on 4s for him and he came and began to fuck me again. My pussy was so horny. He was prepared and brought lube and began to put on my ass. He remove his cock from my pussy and begin to penetrate my ass. It hurt a lottttttt. After he was in and I was moaning loud, he began to pull it out and go back in. He began to fuck my ass but this time he did not cum fast. I was praying for him to cum, but he abused my ass for maybe 20 minutes in the dog position. He did not stop and cum inside me and fell on top.

We take a shower together. We talked more and I went home.

I had the day off for my pussy

I am on vacation from school so I have more time for slutty fun. I went to a bar late at night with the intent of having sex. I went to bar little far from my home and dressed with very tight clothing. I danced with some men and kissed some different ones throughout the night. I talked with Vinicius and talked more dirty in the corner. We kissed and give me fast finger in corner of bar. He invite me to motel and I say yes of course.

We go in different cars and I follow him to motel. We enter motel and he attack me removing my shirt and pulling up my skirt. I told him to put condom. He put condom and immediately penetrate my horny pussy. He was like rabbit, very fast and hard. I loved it. He only fucked me in regular normal position but very fast and very hard. I use my nails a lot on his back. He cum and I go take a shower alone.

I wanted to have round 2 but he said he had to go home so he paid the motel and I go home.

First, I had my regular Wednesday lunch blowjob with my old friend. It was the usual. We had lunch and went to our blowjob place. He came as usual in my mouth. But I had more plans.

I decided to meet with a man from chat room that I talked for some time. We decide to meet directly in motel and have some fun. It was a great night. He destroyed my pussy and ass. He also gave my mouth a very good workout. I knock on door in motel and he opens and gives me a beer and hug. He was my favorite in week I think. He sit down on bed with beer and tell me to suck his cock.

I obeyed of course, I drink my beer too but get on my knees and remove his penis. It was soft so I put in my mouth and begin to do my job. He was a very dirty boy. He called many naughty names.

He talked to me like:
`I know you like to suck dick you whore`.
‘ I will open your pussy today`

This talk made me more horny. His cock was growing and nice and hard in my mouth. I sucked him like he wanted, like a slut. He turn on porno movie and watch and I continue to be his slut on my knees. I was surprised when he begin cumming in my mouth. I continue to suck and feel his cum enter my mouth. He say more dirty thing. I spit the rest and he tell me get naked for him. I get naked and go to him to clean his cock. I was loving the abuse he was saying to me.

I was on the bed with his taste of sperm inside my mouth. I loved it. He came to me and put his balls in my lips which I gladly sucked. I grabbed his soft penis and jerked while sucking on his testicles.
`good little slut´´ he said.

He went down and begin to lick my horny pussy. He insert one finger in my ass and continue to make me cum with licking my pussy. He licked me for maybe 20 minutes.
He was hard again and put the condom inserted in me very fast. It feel good. Very good. He went deep and hard and gave me his fingers to suck. I was loving. Me too was sayinf many dirty things.
`fuck my dirty pussy´´.

He announced his orgasm and removed the condom. He grabbed my hair and cum all over my face. After he put in my mouth and told me suck like a little baby. I had cum all over my eyes and his hot penis in my mouth.

I go to shower and wash everything. I walk out and I enter hot tub with him. We talk for a little and he get up and tell me to suck him again. He tell me he loved my pussy. He tell me other things.
``you know im going to fuck your horny ass now, right?``

I continued to suck him and nod yes to him. I go to bed and get in dog position. He put lube and slowly poke my ass. I just moaned and moaned for him. He got the head in and I yelled. He said great thing….
``your tight ass saw many cocks before, you dirty whore, one more…``
He pushed in deep and held it. He begin to pump back and forward and I just moaned for him.
HIM = ``where my big dick``
ME = in my ass

He was wonderful. I was so horny with him dominating me like that. I lay down on my side and he come behind and continue to enter my ass hard and pull my hair. He say he was going to cum and remove the condom. He jerked and came on top of my buttcheeks.

I was exhausted from him. He called me to suck him clean again and I did of course.
We slept for a little and went home after.

Yesterday was a very oral day for me. I was talking with a friend on the internet and we were horny. I told him I wanted to suck him. Only suck, because of Wednesday night. I meet him in a more private place. I get in his car and begin to suck him immediately. He loved it of course. It took maybe 5 minutes and he was cumming a fountain in my mouth. I was very horny and wanted more to suck.

At night, I did something I don’t usually do. I called a friend and asked him simply:
Do you want to come here and cum in my mouth? He of course said yes. He came to my house and walked in. I sit down on my sofa and he came to me. I just pulled his penis through the zipper and began to d my job. I sucked him for maybe minutes. He finally came his sperm deep in mouth. I loved it. We talked after for some time and he said good bye.

I don’t know what I will do tonight!!! FRIDAY!!!!

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2 years ago
You are the best slut whore of them all.
3 years ago
naughtu girl, you are really perfect whore!
3 years ago
My goodness, that's a busy week !
3 years ago
I'd eat your hot pussy and rim you lovely ass!
3 years ago
You can be my dirty little slut anytime
3 years ago
now that is a real slut
3 years ago
The world would be a happier place if more women had this attitude...
3 years ago
És uma vadia soberba!
3 years ago
i just came on your story :)
if i come to Brazil would u spend a week like this with just me ?
3 years ago
That is the way a hot slut like you should spend her week.
3 years ago
good slut
3 years ago
A great girl and a true baby doll
3 years ago
Wow.. You been a very busy slut.. Gr8 post
3 years ago
3 years ago
Uve been a very busy whore ana thank u for sharing these encounters please share more I wish I could be one of the many
3 years ago
You sound like someone I need to fuck, you love to have your pussy fucked, your ass fucked, you like cum in your mouth.
3 years ago
Just another day at the office then !!