Wednesday Lunch Blowjob For my Friend

Hi boys and girls.
Today i want to tell everyone about a sexy thing i do almost every Wednesday. Every Wednesday after I have my lunch, I have my dessert of creamy sperm. Every Wednesday I participate in internship in local government building. In the same building, I know a very good friend that gives me sperm after we have lunch. He is an old friend and one of the first men I make experience with sex. He is much older and has a beautiful cock. We no fuck for a long time because of time. So here how it happens on Wednesday.

We meet in restaurant and have lunch together. We talk and he is very nice. After we get in car, usually his car, sometimes my car, and drive to this hill about 10 minutes from office. From hill, we can see all of city and we stop car in place more hidden. Lucky our car have very dark window but this lunch time, not many people in this area.

So I tell you story of what happened today and past Wednesdays.
We talk in car and he drive. I always wear professional clothe and he too. We arrive at our location and the fun begins.

I open blouse for him and remove bra so he can touch my breasts. He unzip pants and pulls out already very hard cock. He say something the same thing everytime.

´´Vem tomar leitinho´´ - ´´ Come drink milk´´.

He hás Nice cock and i dont resist never. I reach and open mouth to suck his big head. He always play with my hair touch my breast. I close my eyes and imagine his big penis penetrate my hungry pussy. I moan a lot when I suck and he like it very much.


His cock taste very good. I suck his cock for many years and love everytime. I continue to suck going deep and more deep, sometimes I choke. But I continue because I Love suck.

I make his penis more and more wet with my saliva. I begin to jerk him too and suck on head. He say more things to me that I like.

``Vai me fazer gozar putinha gulosa`` - ``you Will make me cum little slut``

I Love He tell me these sexy phrases. I continue to suck his penis much more faster. I begin to taste his pre cum, very salty. I jerk him fast and lick his balls and he moans too louder.

He say he will cum and I put my mouth around his cock to receive his much sperm. I feel his hot sperm in my mouth but I don’t stop. I continue to suck and jerk for more sperm. He hold my head deep and moan loud. I try to swallow all his cum but I gag so only swallow maybe 50%. The rest I spit outside of car.

He comes closer and kisses my breast and feels my pussy.

I go back to clean his cock like always. His cock now not hard but I clean all sperm so not dirty his underwear. He congratulated me again as always.

``que boquinha safada!`` - ``what a slutty mouth``.

Unfortunately our time is limited so don’t have more time for more fun. We drive back to office and he return to work and I go to school.

Hope my English better friends.

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5 months ago
Very hot....what a lucky friend...:)....
3 years ago
I would love to feast on your pussy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime!
3 years ago
that was such an erotic story. I wish I was there.
3 years ago
lucky man!
3 years ago
tá bom, to aki,muita coisa p/ atualizar né?
este comunicador me da nojo, ja te disse...
quer carinho, bb..ou só inspiração? no msn era mais fácil...
3 years ago
boquinha nervosa mas nada atenciosa ...
3 years ago
Wish i had a lunchtime like that to look forwward to! Very much enjoyed.
3 years ago
ur English is good :)
i love all your stories and i wish i can be in one of them one day :P
3 years ago
You´re getting better all the time.
Wish you would have more time to try
and improve your skills in telling
the hot things which happen to you! ;-)
3 years ago
my idea of a perfect lunch
3 years ago
great story ana! that lucky bastard
3 years ago
Very exciting ! Have a break ? ;-)
3 years ago
Very hot story you little slut. Just continue sucking all these cocks.
3 years ago
Awesome. Enjoy milking it baby
3 years ago
i kinda liked it i would to hear more though it was really short bur nice..