My First Experience With Dick, JERK and SUCK

Hi there. I want to thank everyone here at xhamster for being so nice. I am glad I did sign up. Everyone is very friendly. Thanks for the support, especially with the English.

Many people have asked me how I started with sex. I have many good stories. But I would like to tell everyone how I discovered sexuality and started liking a lot dick.

I started experimenting very young. It started around seven years ago. I already had developed body with big ass and breast, I always look older. I was in chat room and talking and started chatting with a man named Leon who was around 35 years old. He is responsible for teaching many things.

We chat in chat room and then with cam, he showed me his penis, first time I saw penis. He asked me to show too but I was afraid. We talked many things about sex, he asking me many questions, and of course, I did not know much, only things learned at school. I would get very aroused from talking with Leon.

Weeks passed and I showed him breast, and pussy, and ass. He knew my age and compliment me a lot on body and sexy I was. I watch he jerk and cum on cam. One day, he asked if I wanted to do it for him. I of course said no. After some weeks of chatting, he asked more and more and o say yet. He wanted to come to my house but of course I said no.

We finally decide to meet one Saturday morning. I told mom that I was going to lake near my house with friends, so no problem mom said. I took bikini that Leon asked and met Leon near lake. I was of course very scared. I got in his car and he gave me kiss on cheek and he ask me more questions about sex. I very nervous and he said if I like I could go home, but I was curious.

He drove to quiet area in forest and park car. The windows very dark and he told me no one see. He ask me to show him bikini under so he can be ready for me to jerk. I had normal dress and took off and stay with bikini. He more compliment and ask if he can touch. I say yes and he press my breast and other breast. I was still very nervous and scared, say nothing. He take off my top and press more breast.

He pull his shorts down and his penis very erect. He took my hand and put it on his penis. I hold and look at it. He guide me and I jerk him slowly. I was nervous but excited with holding his penis. He let go my hand and I do it alone. He press my breast more and more and said I was doing good job. He said his penis was dry and wanted me to make wet. He reminded of video he showed me before. He guide my head and I open mouth.

I put mouth and placed tongue on his penis and he pushed my head up and down. I think taste was very salty and wet already. He pushed my head up and down slowly and began caress my back and try to press my ass. I continue to suck and follow his commands. He asked me to stop moving my head but still keep my mouth on penis. He began jerking and told me not to move because he was going to orgasm.

I closed my eyes with my lips around his penis and he began to jerk fast and moan. He held my head and came inside my mouth a lot. I felt a very hot bad taste liquid and try to move my mouth but he hold my mouth. He let go and I spit outside.

I said very few words in the car. I felt that bad taste and he gave me water to rinse. I rinse and he ask if I liked. I said yes and he asked if he wanted to learn more things. I said yes because I felt very excited and wet. He said next time, he will show more new things and would ask always if I want to do it.

That was my first experience with a cock, after feeling that hot cum in my mouth, I loved doing that to men. That is why I love suck cock. I love seeing pleasure face on men.

I will post more stories soon.

I hope you like.

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1 month ago
Great story. Wish you and I could do something like this
5 months ago
I girl very close to me told me a story about her I enjoyed. I'll try to re tell it the best I can . She at the time was a junior in high school.shes very thin and at the time had a poor self image, always trying to make this guy from the football team invites her to this party. When she pulls up there's only a few cars and she thought small party. She worked that night and didn't get there till 11:00. When she walked in she realized there was one other girl there. The guy that invited her came up and gave her a passionate kiss in front of everyone then passed a joint to her,she had never done that. Within a half hour she drunk and stoned and feeling no pain . She then realized the only other girl was leaving and she wanted to go too but her new so called boyfriend started kissing her and telling everyone that she is his new girl. She told then that this guy starts kissing her again on the couch and has her top open and is sucking an her tit.when she looked up there were five guys staring at her.she tried to protest but he then stood up and took off his pants and exposes his 6" cock.this was the first one she had ever seen too.she didn't want to disappoint him and he put it in her face and told her to suck it, which she did. He only lasted ten seconds and came in her mouth. She had no idea it worked like that. He got off her while her small tits are hanging out and pants undone and passes her a stiff drink to wash out the taste. He was holding her when all of a sudden he gets up and says who's next? Sorry so long. She doesn't no what got into her but she now has another cock in her mouth and someone is pulley down her pants. She then feels someone eating her pussy and she's done , as that had never been done to her before. She ended up fucking and sucking them all for the rest of the night. She didn't remember everything but she did remember Monday morning when the new boyfriend walked right passed her with another girl and was a total asshole to her.. There is a sequel to this as she went back one last time if your interested
10 months ago
I love it girl! I don't jerk it, baby, just hold your head in my hands and let the river flow :)
2 years ago
3 years ago
Very exciting. And he was a lucky man.
3 years ago
Amazing story!
3 years ago
3 years ago
damn hot storry
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story
4 years ago
Great story, amazing sexual talent!
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
loved that story cant wait to read more!
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
nice story
4 years ago
Great story, very exciting
4 years ago