Fucking Daddys Friend All Day Long PART 2

Sorry about the delay in finishing the story. I have been very busy with school.
Hopefully my English has improved.

So, after cumming a river a semen on my chest, i continued to jerk him and look at him with a slut face. He caressed my hair and called my nice naughty names, like "nice little slut". He laid on the bed with his penis half erect and invited me to clean him off. I obeyed and licked his penis clean very slowly since it was so sensitive.

I laid down next to him on the bed and we talked for some time. He asked me about my sexual history and i told him some great stories which i will share later on. I told him about my first and previous experiences. He asked me details and i shared them. This got him really excited again and i saw he was getting hard. Personally i was dying to be fucked, i could still smell and taste the sperm that dried on my chest.

He began to caress my vagina that was so wet. We began kissing and he started to slowly massage my clit. He said he wanted to fuck my mouth again because i was so good at it. He got on top of me and squated with his erect cock on my face almost sitting on my chest. He kept squatting and slapping his cock on my face which i found delightfull. I caressed his buttocks as he teased me with his penis. I tried to suck it but he kept just slapping me with it, telling me that i deserved to be fucked everyday. He finally gave in and began to slowly mouth fuck me. The angle wasnt the best so he kept readjusting his squatting. He would put it in my mouuth and try to get me to deepthroat but the angle did not help. He alternated by having me suck his testicles.

I really wanted to be fucked at this moment. I was aching. I told him to "come fuck me" but he kept teasing me and mouth fucking me. He then began to tit fuck me as i sucked on his fingers. He asked me to sit down and he stood, and he began to really mouth fuck me. He would go in as deep as he could and this time i was gagging. It is not the best feeling in the world to gag, but it is rather dominating. He fucked me mouth for a good 5 minutes before going back to dick slapping me. Without warning he gave a handful of thrusts and bursted deep, very deep, down my throat. I pushed him away as i almost vomited. I coughed and kept jerking as he came more on the bed. I still remembered exactly what he said after....


I responded.......coughing "You could have told me you were cumming".

I was very wet, my throat burning, covered in cum..i needed a shower. I ran to the bathroom and got immediately in the shower. I gargled to get the taste of cum out of my mouth and soaped my breasts which were covered in dry cum.

He walked in the bathroom and got in the shower with me. He asked me if I was ok and i said yes. He hugged me and scrubbed my back. He asked to clean hid dick off again. Of course, i happily got on my knees and gave him a good suck to take off the remaining sperm.

We stayed in the shower talking again and washing each other's back. He ran his hand all over my body as we talked. i slowly jerked him as we chatted. As i we got out of the shower, he told me to go to the bed and wait for me on ALL FOURS with me legs spread that he was going to "rip me in half".

Guess what i did?
You got it.
I dried off and went to the bed and got on all fours with my ass up in the air. He came over and complimented the view while runing his hands on my butt and moist pussy.

He positioned his cock right at the entrance and easily, very easily, slided in. I moan soooooooooooooo loudly as he entered me. I had goosebumps all over. He fucked me slowly but with lot of f***e in the beginning. I moaned more and more. I took some very good slaps to the ass. This man was fucking me so good. He pumped me hard all of a sudden and i felt those heavenly jets if sperm fill my vagina.

Unfortunately, his phone rang and he had to leave. We quickly got dressed and said good bye.

Hope you enjoyed it.
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10 months ago
mmmh! missing my hand around you fingering your bug clit for a violent orgasm?
10 months ago
Have to take a break while you shower! My favorite cocksucker is a great storyteller too!
2 years ago
great story, more please
2 years ago
2 years ago
yes i did ...but i wanna jizz all my sper in your vagina..can i?¿¿
2 years ago
veery good
3 years ago
And now, daddy wants to fuck ur brains out
3 years ago
great story, some of the best i've read around here
3 years ago
All of your stories are great
i came reading most of them :)
4 years ago
yes i enjoyed it , soo much in fact that i masturbated thinking of how nice you would be under me..
4 years ago
Nice Ending
4 years ago
u certainly pleased him!
4 years ago
very nice one , yhank you !
4 years ago
very good ending is there more of this? or do you have another story?
4 years ago
This is a nice end :-) I hope you will next publish a new story.