Sex On Boat With Two Friends

Thanks to everyone for the messages and chat sessions. I really enjoy it.

So, last weekend I had a lot of fun. I was vacation at f****y near beach. I chatted with a friend on msn and he was going to be near my f****y house. We deciced to meet to have fun. He also said his friend would be present too. I look at picture and said ok.

We met and had a nice lunch. I put on a nice tight skirt and strapless blouse. Underneath I had very small bikini. We went to boat and it was very big. Almost like yatch, very beautiful.

Us 3 got on boat and went on the sea. We sailed for maybe one hour and we talked and drank beer and wine and whisky. After we reached calm waters, the boat stopped. Us 3 stayed in front of boat talking more.

I took off my skirt and blouse, they really liked my small bikini. It was very small on breasts and g string on ass. I was sitting down and my friend took off his shorts and called me to suck him.

I had already seen his cock on webcam but it was more pretty in person. It was a little sweaty but i crawled and start to suck his dick. I really got excited, it feel really good in my mouth. I closed my eyes and kept sucking very deep and he liked it.

His friend behind and grabbed my ass and breasts. He took of my bikini and everyone was naked. With no warning, he shot sperm in my mouth which i started to choke. He told me to keep sucking, I had to breathe for a minute and continued to suck. There was a lot of sperm down my chin and neck. He took the extra sperm on his fingers and put it in my mouth.

The other man walked to me and was very rough, that I liked. He grabbed my hair and put all cock in my mouth but i choked again. Im not good in deepthroating. He did very rough in my mouth and called me little bitch and dirty. He hit my cheek with his dick many times.

It was getting very hot and we went inside in the lower level of the boat. It was very nice and cool with air conditionier. I stayed on 4 on the floor and he start to lick my ass. That was really good.

He put a condom on dick and entered my pussy from behind. I was very wet and slided very easy. He was very hard and very fast. I feeled his balls hit my pussy too. He pulled my hair and slapped my but many times. I was very horny and wet.

My friend came in front of me and asked if liked it and i said Yes. He put his soft dick in my mouth and i was getting entered from both ends. Slowly his dick got hard and began sucking. I always think it is difficult to have sex and suck because i get distracted. I moaned a lot and tried to suck.

The other man that was behind me came around and took off his condom. He f***ed in my mouth and cummed too in my mouth. This time i was ready and did not choke. I tried to swallow but too much sperm. I spit some and kept sucking.

I layed on the floor on my back. My friend started fucking my pussy. He was a lot bigger and fast i moaned a lot. His friend stayed wit his sticky dick in my mouth. He also put his balls for me to suck.

My friend fucked me very hard for long time while the other guy went to care for the boat.

We went back to the beach and said good bye.

Hope you liked my weekend. I did.
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8 months ago
I fucking loved the whole writing Ana! Come visit me, I'll give you a dream ride on one of my boats!
3 years ago
Very hot,
4 years ago
4 years ago
loved it!
4 years ago
Damm I would like to fuck you.
4 years ago
very good story your english is not to bad and understandable
4 years ago
very sexy im next