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Washing a Cock

Hi friends.

I really like the aroma and smell from a cock. It has this very exciting and pulling feeling that gets me very wet.

I do however have a small routine and kind of fetish, when I have the chance, of thoroughly washing a cock before having a more intimate and fun relationship. I learned this from a man that like for me to wash his cock first before sucking it and I maintain this habit when I can so I will tell my routine.

Of course we are in the shower and talking and I ask if he let me wash it. I put soap in my hands and rub my hands a lot with soap so my hands become very slippery with soap.

I grab the penis, usually not hard, and begin to stroke gently. Immediately the penis becomes hard because it is like masturbation and very slippery. I make sure to get much soap and slide back and forth. If it is uncircumcised, pull the skin much back and close hand around head of cock and really rub it to remove all the dirt between.

After the cock is very hard, I put more soap on my hand and go to wash the testicles. I get and do same routine but more gentle, washing between the thighs and under the cock.

Usually i remove soap with water and repeat the treatment. The man is already ready to get out for fun. Sometime I start a blowjob in shower with the very fresh clean cock before continuing to bed.

Posted by anitabrausa 2 years ago
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2 months ago
Wow! I like how you think little doll! Only one correction in my case, I would be so hard BEFORE we got in the shower. Just thinking of how wonderful it will feel having you fondle and wash my cock n balls would make me so hard before we get undressed! I luv this GR8 little write up sweety!
5 months ago
rinse it well and no problem
5 months ago
There is only one or two body washes on the market that I am allowed to use. Most brands leave an unpleasant taste in my wife's mouth. When she goes shopping, she tastes a drop from the bottle in the store.
5 months ago
It's a great start to lovemaking for both partners to wash each other and learn about each other's bodies it can also help make things taste and smell a little better too.
I'd love to help you wash
5 months ago
I could tell u how i would like u to wash my cock
; )
7 months ago
I always thought that hygienic can be fun
9 months ago
9 months ago
You could call it clean fun! Or fun clean :-)
1 year ago
Would love to get that kind of treatment on mine
1 year ago
Ohh Ana,Please give my Cock a Good washing and then Suck it for me too...
I'll Lick, Suck & Eat Your Squishy Wet Pussyand Swallow your Juices as a Reward!
I'm Naughty Johnny Stroking my Cock with excited anticipation in Los Angeles, California
2 years ago
How I so need a ball washer in my life.
I also like to return the favor and make sure that pussy is kissing fresh.

and it's fun too.
great story
2 years ago
Hot and Smart =)
2 years ago
How thoughtful! A sensual routine - mmmmm
2 years ago
do it for me please!
2 years ago
Oh god Yessss Sweet Sexy Ana... wash my Massive, Hard 7-1/2" Cock in just the way that described... and I'll push you up against the Shower wall to Fuck You Standing up right there in the shower!
Johnny being a Naughty Boy in Los Angeles...
You wanna See it... Click Here:
2 years ago
Hehehe, I love it ... U can clean my cock any time Ana
2 years ago
sounds fantastic Ana
2 years ago
Ana, this is so so so so very hot!

I want you to wash my cock---so it's nice and clean before you suck it and it fucks you in all 3 of your girl holes!

Contact me so we can get together for this fun!

Peace, dncntlvr
2 years ago
I don't know if my cock will be soft when you start. Under the shower with you will make it hard very fast.
2 years ago
Sounds good, what day is good for you? :D
2 years ago
Very erotic reading, love it! :)
2 years ago
I would love for to do this for me slutty ana I want it bad
2 years ago
I want this treatment!
2 years ago
Oh baby,

So erotic! Thank you.