He Came In My Pussy Again

Hello there,

So, this time I will tell the continuation of what happened with the same guy from the office i meet at end of week.

On Sunday morning he send me email telling me dirty things and say he want to meet me again. I respond and tell him he tell me a good time for him because he is married and cannot be anytime or at his house.

In afternoon, he send me text message to meet him in a place at 16:00 and I say yes. The place we meet was very strange. It was not distant from my house but it was very poor area. It was drive-in motel with big sauna sign.

I was hesitant first but he say it is right place. I enter with my car and stop next to area he choose. The place , if you can imagine, it is row of garages with space for one car. It has no door but only this big plastic to cover the car and give privacy. I think my car was the best car in the area.

I enter behind the plastic cover and enter his car and give him kiss. He explain me he choose the place because it was very discreet.

We talk for maybe 10 minutes, just talk, and finally he remove his cock and pull my head to suck. It was very clean this time and had a very nice clean smell. It was very nice feeling him in my mouth and he caress my hair and touch my breasts.

We go to outside the car, very dirty place with a dirty sink and small toilet. I try not to touch the area. I remove my clothes and he immediately get very hungry and begin to kiss me and my body. He grab my breasts very hard and give me compliment.

I try to be a good girl and go down and begin to suck him again. He let me suck him for maybe 2 minutes and tell me to stand and get in 4s in backseat of his car. I obey and he bury his face in my pussy and finger me too. It feel very good he was a horny man. He tell me I have a very hungry pussy and begin to lick my ass too.

I ask him to put condom before fuck me and he say and ask to do without since we already did without condom. I said ok to him.

Inside the car, I feel this man enter my pussy very slow and feel very good inside. He goes in very deep inside me slow and remove his cock and repeat. He ask me to get out of car and lean against the car. He enter me again but this time he more rough and fast, really fuck me hard.

He slap my ass few times very hard while fuck me. He did not fuck me very long, maybe 15 minutes and came inside my pussy. After he removes his cock I feel his sperm drip out and he kiss my breast and I stroke his sticky cock.

I go down again and do my clean up job. He had very nice smell sperm. I suck him slow and very good job with clean. It was not a place for me to shower so I go home after with some sperm inside my pussy. I don’t see this man again. Maybe in future.

96% (30/1)
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16 days ago
you promised a new story ages ago
11 months ago
Dirty girls are the best girls ;)
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Nice short and sweet...I like it...
2 years ago
Nice story
2 years ago
2 years ago
you really do sound like the perfect little slut Ana
2 years ago
loved the story.
2 years ago
Great story. You really love to have him please you, going to places like that.
2 years ago
Oh baby,

You are a very naughty girl and should be spanked. Don't ever change. LOL!!!

Spanks and kisses,
Master Padraig
2 years ago
Come to Boston, I'll show you better places. ;-)
2 years ago
i LOVE ur slutty adventures ana! keep sharing!
2 years ago
Another adventure that shows what a dirty little putinha you are.