Becky and Us

I got home from work and got into the shower. My wife and I were texting dirty (not really sexting) but close to it. She has work tonight so I have the house to myself and even though we said that we'd make time to bang I was thinking about what she said earlier about using the shower head to get off. I started to get hard right away and found myself starting to use the soap as a lubricant and was stroking my cock. I hurried and washed up and decided that I would play with our newly bought blow up doll...we named her Becky.
I got out of the shower and got Becky ready for some anal sex. She's a shemale with a big thick cock and a nice ass hole. I lubed my cock and lay on my bed and put Becky on top of me. I slid deep into her ass and stroked her cock at the same time. Slowly fucking her and taking my time as my wife was at work and wasn't due home for awhile. As I was enjoying myself I heard what sounded like the front door quietly open and closed. It sounded muffled so I assumed it was from up stairs. Picking up momentum with Becky and picturing my wife in on the action I felt as though I was being watched.
Standing next to me wearing thigh highs and a short skirt so short I could see the bottom of her pussy was my wife. She told me to keep going and walked around the bed and went into out sex drawer. pulled out a blindfold and put it over my eyes. I continued with fucking and stroking Becky while my wife just sat and watched. I then felt her climb onto the bed and figured out pretty easily what she was doing to Becky. She sucked on her cock as I fucked her ass and I still had my hand on Becky's cock and could feel my wife's saliva starting to just cover everything. I could hear her gag and spit was everywhere. My wife never sucked my dick like this. She took the whole thing into her throat and I could feel her lips hit my hand which was cupping Becky's balls at the bottom of her cock. I was so hard and started thrusting into her ass harder and faster. My wife told me to stop but I wanted to cum so badly. I felt my wife stand up over us, my cock still in Becky's ass and felt all her weight on top of me. My wife just sat on Becky's thick cock. She had previously told me before she didn't really care for her cock as it was really big and it hurt her a little. But this time she sat right on it and with all her saliva over it it slipped right in. I was not thrusting but as my wife started to ride Becky all I had to do was lie there. My wife was making loud moans and pants as she bounced on Becky's cock. I was pretty sure I was going to blow my load in her ass and just when I was about to my wife stopped. It was like she knew I was close to cumming. My wife somewhere in the room told me not to move and I could hear her in the drawer again. Wondering what she was up to made my dick throb. I could feel the pre cum just oozing out the tip of my dick. I fell her get on the bed. She's at my legs and spreads them apart to get in between them. Thinking she was going to blow Becky again she pulled her off me. I felt something near my ass and knew she had put on her strap on. We have been dipping into some bisexual stuff recently and I was all for this. She put Becky's cock in my face and made me suck her cock. Still dripping wet with her pussy juices and saliva I took the whole thing in my mouth. My wife loves looking at men blowing each other and this was pretty close and I felt her shiver and moan a little while she pulled Becky's cock in and out of my mouth. She told me to do this and I felt her lube up her strapon and fingers. She rubbed her lubed up hands up and down my cock and over my ass hole. The cold lube felt extra silky and I sucked harder and faster in approval. She started to put it in and once it penetrated my hole I let out loud sigh. Slowly in and out of my ass she began to fuck me. My cock is so ready to explode and I feel her spit on it. Stroking me in rhythm of her fucking me. In, down, out, up. I'm moving my body in the same way taking the cock deep in me. I hear a viberator then it muffled the sound as it went into her ass. She's moving in and out up and down now for her own pleasure. Forcing Becky into my mouth I can hear she's close to orgasm. All she has to do is squeeze my cock and it will explode. But he doesn't do that. She cums and I feel her whole body quiver as she yells out a loud yelp. Her body quivers so much so that her cock slips out of my ass and almost sends my cum spewing out. She gets off the bed and pull's Becky from me. I feel Beckys cock up against mine. It makes my cock so small in comparison. My wife spits on us and starts to blow us. She tells me to sit up at the edge of the bed and she continues to suck both of us off. I'm reaching my limit and let it all out over Beckys cock and my wifes face. She slips her tongue all over my cock and takes it in her mouth and sucks out the last drop. Then I she takes off my blindfold and Beckys lying on the bed and she pulls my head over to Beckys cock and she makes me swallow it whole. My cum is sweet and in my own mouth. We both lick up he clean and my wife sticks her tongue in my mouth and kiss me.
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