Mark fucks his s****r in law ... next to his wife.

Mark was sat at his computer looking at porn and wanking himself off before his wife got home.

Tina had sent him an email thanking him for yesterday and telling him that she couldn’t wait until he visited her again today and filled her cunt with his cock and semen.

The email finished with ‘See you at 7pm … but here’s a little something incase you can’t wait either …’ Attached was a video clip.

And that clip, was what Mark was wanking himself off to. His face was getting sweaty and his hand was sliding up and down his erect cock at a quick speed.

He didn’t have time to take it slow. Leah would be home in half an hour.

He stares intensely at the screen and watches Tina spread her legs further apart on her bed. She sits there with no clothes on and her legs wide open. She’s furiously rubbing at her clit with one hand while squeezing her tits with the other. She lets out a moan and quickly jams two fingers inside her wet cunt.

Mark puts his head closer to the screen and grunts when she rolls over and lifts her arse into the air. He loves her arse. She spreads her cheeks so that he can see her puckered hole and she wiggles her bum at the camera.

Leaning over the edge of the bed, the top half of her body disappears for a second before she comes back up with a ribbed dildo. Smiling wickedly at the camera, she rubs the dildo against her clit guides it towards her juicy pussy.

“This is what I have to do when I’m alone Mark.” She whispers to the camera before slipping the dildo inside of her and gasping as she pushes it as far as it will go. She moans and starts bouncing up and down on it, her tits bouncing wildy, her nipples erect.

‘Fuck!” He grunts, as he starts to cum.

“Mark, I’m home!” Leah shouts as she walks in the front door.

He scrambles around for a tissue to wipe up the mess and switch off his computer before his wife figures out what he was doing. He stuffs his cock back into his jeans quickly, cum still on the end of his head and he dashes out the room and down the stairs.

“Hi. How was your day?” He asks her.
“Fine. How was your’s?”
“Good. It was good.” He smiles.
“You’re sweating.” She states, eyeing him suspiciously.

He glances at her before making his way to the fridge and grabbing a bottle of wine. Pouring her a glass, he passes it to her and drops a kiss on her forehead.

“I was thinking of going to the pub tonight, with the boys.” He tells her.
“Oh. Okay then.” She shrugs.”
“Well, we wouldn’t be doing much anyway, so I said yes when they asked me.”
“No problem. I’ll ask Tina to come over.”

Shit he thinks to himself.

“She might still be decorating.”
“And she might like a break.” She replies stonily.

He puts his arms around her from behind and squeezes her then kisses her neck. Strangely, she moves her head to one side to allow him to do this.

“Shall we … go upstairs?” She almost whispers.
“What?” he chokes?

This isn’t my wife! He thinks to himself.

“Well, at work today, the girls and I … we were talking about, sex and I … well, I’m horny.” She blushes.

He doesn’t need telling twice. Minutes ago he had been wanking himself off to his s****r-in-law but he hadn’t even got close to finishing the video clip.

Thinking about Tina naked and playing with herself made his dick go hard almost straight away. He grabbed his wife’s hand and led her upstairs into his office.

She giggled as sat her on the desk and began kissing her neck, her mouth. He ran his hands over chest and squeezed her tits through her blouse before almost ripping the buttons off her shirt. He slipped off her shirt and unhooked her bra before clamping his mouth around each of her breasts and running his tongue over her nipples to get them erect.

He yanks her skirt down and rips off her tights then flips her over until she’s bent over his desk.

“Mark!” She gasps at his sudden ferocity.

“Shusssh.” He whispers to her.

He slaps each of her arse cheeks and smiles as she squeals then he pulls down her panties and runs one of his fingers from her clit, through to her arse hole. Before she can object, he slips a finger into her puckered little anal hole and jams it in further when she tries to squirm away.

“Mark. No. We’ve never …” She trails off as he spreads her cheeks and attempts to slide another finger into her. He struggles push it through so with his free hand, he slides two fingers into her wet cunt and with his thumb, rubs furiously against her clit until he feels her juices seep over his fingers. He takes these out of her and uses her juice to lube up her tight anal hole.

Pulling his finger out of her arse, he whips down his jeans and guides his purple head in-between her arse cheeks. As soon as she realises what he’s about to do, she tries to push herself further over the desk in an attempt to get away, but it only moves her arse further into the air, and closer to his erect cock.

He puts a hand on her head and pushes her head to the desk. Her guides his head to her sweet looking little hole and with his fingers, pushes the tip of his head against it.

She grunts as she feels the pressure against her and jerks once, giving Mark the extra bit of movement that he needed …His cock pushes through the pressure and he feels the tip of his head enter her.

“Urghhhhh!” She grunts as he goes in. “It hurts!” She complains.

He slaps her arse cheek and parts them with his hands then thinking of Tina and her delicious arse, he slams himself against his wife’s butt until his balls are slapping against her pussy.

She screams and stays completely still. He moves in and out of her a couple of times, getting used to the feel. She’s so fucking tight, it’s unreal. His cock is tingling. He increases the speed, pushing himself harder and harder into her with each thrust while she grunts and squirms.

Eventually, she begins to moan, rather than grunt, and he sees her slip her hand between her legs to work on her own clit. He smiles and continues to think of Tina. He closes his eyes and places both hands on her hips before really ramming his cock deep into his arse with every push.

They both climax at the same time, his wife screaming and squirming with her orgasm, and him relishing the thought of Tina and seeping his cum into her.

The phones rings and brings them both back to reality. Mark pulls out of his wife and wipes himself up quickly, he plants a kiss on his wife’s head and rushes to the phone.

“Tina … How are you?” He almost whispers.

He takes the phone to his wife and signals that he’s going to take a shower.

I can’t believe I just fucked my wife while thinking about her s****r he thinks to himself while lathering himself with shower gel.

“Mark, my s****r’s going to come over in about half an hour, so you can go to pub.” She smiles at him in his bath towel before turning the shower back on for herself.

The doorbell rings not long after 6:30 and he opens it to find himself face to face with Tina.

“Hi.” She smiles at him.
“Hi.” He replies. Lost for words.
“Are you going out?” She asks, making her way into the house.
“To the pub. I’ll see you later.”


2 and half hours later, Mark returns home and to find the house quiet. He makes his way up the stairs and into his bedroom where he finds his wife, and Tina, laid on his bed.

He looks at them both for a few moments before taking off his shoes and making his way over to the bed.

His wife is laid on the right, facing him. Her eyes are closed and her breathing is deep. She was always a deep sl**per.
Tina was laid with her back to him, her bum slightly jutting out with her knees pulled towards her chest.

He laid down on the bed and carefully moved closer towards her. He looked at her arse in them jeans and felt his cock twitch. He placed his hand inside his trousers and felt himself getting hard. He unzipped his jeans and slowly took them off, not wanting to wake either of them. He pulled his cock out of his boxers and began rubbing his shaft with his hand, all the time with his eyes on Tina’s arse.

She shivered slightly so he moved to his side and moved closer to her. He placed one arm on hers and pulled her to him slightly. She mumbled in her sl**p and moved herself into him, her arse, now firmly on his naked erect cock.

He froze and wondered if it had woke her but she didn’t seem to have felt it.

He slid his hand down waist, onto her hips then pushed his cock into her arse. This time, she did must have felt it because as he was pulling away, she thrust her backside back onto his hardening cock. He began grinding his cock along her jeans and moved one of his hands around to her tits. Squeezing one of them, he then moved his hand to the top of her jeans and swiftly un-buttoned them. Tugging at the material gently until her arse was on show in her sexy lace thong.

He moaned quietly and placed one of his fingers around her thong, moving it to one side, he used his other hand to guide his raging hard on towards her arse. Placing it in-between her cheeks, he began grinding up and down her slit.

With each grind, she pushed harder onto his cock before slightly rolling her hips so that the tip of his head rolled back towards her pussy and he found himself at the entrance.

He began to leak pre-cum as he felt how wet she was and at the thoughtnof what they were about to do. He adjusted his position slightly so that he could enter her pussy from behind and he slowly began to rub his cock along her cunt slit and clit.

The feeling it gave them both made each of them moan and push harder against each other. He rubbed her clit with his fingers, sliding his fingers down her slit until he reached his cock, then sliding them back up and pressing firmly on her hard little nub.
With one last slide between her soaking pussy lips, he flicked her clit hard and she rolled her hips backwards until she felt his cock hit her pussy entrance. She rolled her hips forward and as he entered her, he grabbed her hips and said “fuck.”
He held her hips while slowing building up his movements inside of her. He looked at his wife, then back at his s****r in law.
This is it. He thought. I’m fucking my s****r in law and it’s right next to me wife!
The feeling was intense and the excitement was enough to make him cum but he didn’t want to cum yet. He wanted to fuck her hard, rough and loud but no, he couldn’t. He sighed and squeezed her hips, pulling her arse further onto his crotch. He bit her neck and suddenly, he couldn’t take it anymore.
He looked at his wife to check that she was still sl**ping then he grabbed Tina’s hips and lifted her up, his cock slipping out of her pussy, he flipped her over and placed her face down on the bed. Her face was now next to his wife’s, her arse in the air.
He rammed his cock back into the sopping cunt and fucked her harder and harder, with every thrust. Her pussy was so wet that the odd sound came from it but this just turned him on even more.
She gasped with each thrust and felt her pussy tightening around his cock as he built up speed. He pushed himself into her as hard as he could, his balls slapping against her pussy lips. She moaned loudly and began to shiver. He smiled, loving the idea that he just made his s****r in law cum next to his wife.
He pulled his cock out of her now flooded cunt and used her juices to lube up her arse hole. Without hesitation, he rammed himself into her arse then leant down over her and began playing with her clit.
Slow down. He kept thinking to himself. Don’t wake your wife.
But he didn’t care. All he wanted to do was fuck his s****r in law. He didn’t care if he got caught.
Pulling out nearly all of the way, he slammed back into her making her moan again loudly. He did this a number of times until she turned her head to smile at him.
“Cum in me baby.” She whispered. “Cum in me.”
“I’m going to!” He grunted, slamming himself into her tight arse once more before he felt his cock ooze pre-cum into her arse, thennerupting his full load deep into her.
Ohh yess. He was thinking He looked at his wife to see if the movements had woken her but she was still fast asl**p.
He rested there for a few seconds before pulling himself out and turning her over to kiss her passionately.
“You don’t have any idea how long I’ve wanted to fuck you. I should have told you yesterday, after our first session.” He whispered in her ear.
“I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long to.” She kissed him firmly.
They went into the bathroom to clean up and began kissing passionately once more. They couldn’t get enough of each other.
As she leant over the bath, washing her pussy, he went in behind her and slid his tongue down the length of her back. He grabbed her tits with both hands and within seconds, his cock was hard once more. He pushed her over the bath and rammed his cock straight back into her cunt and grabbed a handful of her hair. He slammed himself into her again and again until he felt her juices slide over his cock and knees began to shake.
He held her up and continued fucking her roughly.
“Yes! Yes!!” She shouted. She moaned and called out my name. “Fuck me. Fuck me harder Mark!
Yes Ma’am he thought.
He shoved a finger up her arse and f***ed his cock as deep as he could into her pussy. She moaned even louder and her knuckles turned white as he fucked her cunt and fingered her arsehole.
He pounded her cunt as hard as her could, his balls slamming against the back of her arse and just as I felt myself beginning to seize up, she whispered “Cum in me again baby. Cum in me.”
She was groaning out loudly and I slammed into her once last time and erupted a wad of cum deep into her hungry cunt. We both shivered and grunted before pulling apart and cleaning up once more.
We made our way back into the bedroom to see that my wife has moved completely, and that we’d made a mess of the bed cover.
“Oh well.” I whispered to her.
I saw her out after a few more kisses and climbed into bed with my wife. Giving her a soft kiss on her head, I felt a small amount of guilt, but not enough to stop me doing it again.
Thinking of Tina and our three sessions, I fell asl**p, dreaming of her.

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Lucky sod.
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Great story