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Grocery store seduction, part 2

Part 2

Once inside, she dropped all her clothes and her purse on the couch the turned around smiling
“So, what would you like to have for breakfast?”
“You” I responded, and pushed her on the couch.
Before she could do anything, I was between her legs using my hands to spread her pussy wide open and running my tongue on it sideways. She giggled then moaned again, and I pushed my tongue harder on her pussy, shaking my head sideways as fast as I could. Her moans were getting louder and louder, and I slid two fingers in her pussy again, twisting them to form a hook and started tapping her g-spot. I could feel her juices on my fingers, and I started fingering her. My fingers were moving really fast in and out and she was now moaning really loud but I wasn’t going to stop. My fingers were moving really fast, then pushing all the way in and pushing the fingertips against her g-spot. Her moan was now a long continuous one. Her pussy grabbed my fingers, and squeezed them. My sliding has gotten faster and faster, and her moans louder and louder. I knew she was ready so I go for it one more time; my fingers moved very fast for a little longer then I pushed hard all the way in and using my fingers as a hook I pulled up, pushing against her g-spot. She moaned loud and then it started. She was squirting and I immediately covered her pussy with my mouth, tasting and enjoying every drop of her cum. She had an amazing taste, and I was extremely turned on by her.
After a few minutes of more hard breathing, she said “I don’t think my pussy can take any more, she needs a break”. I smiled and said “might be, but I am not done”. I slowly slid my cock in her pussy for a few seconds, moving slowly, making sure she was okay. After a few seconds, I pulled out then asked her to turn around. My cock was full of her juices, but she wasn’t ready for it next, so I used my tongue to soften her ass, sliding it and out and licking thoroughly around it.
As she was on her knees facing the bed, I slowly slid my cock in her ass, now all ready for me then started moving back and forth slowly. My balls were bouncing, hitting her clit while my cock was sliding in and out of her ass. She started moaning again, and reached down to her clit. She was now rubbing her pussy while I was taking her ass hard. I reached forward and ran my hands through her hair, once again pulling her head back a little, while still sliding in and out of her ass.
“My knees are hurting” said her after awhile.
“Okay” I responded “lay on your back”.
She laid on her back on the floor, and I pushed her legs backwards, and slid my cock back in her ass. My hand was now rubbing her clit, and I used the other hand to direct her cute foot in front of my face. I started kissing it softly, then started sucking on her big toe while my cock was still sliding in and out of her ass. I was getting ready to cum when she came unexpectedly, so I changed my plan. I pulled out of her ass, and put her legs on the floor, closed and extended. I got up and stood above her boobs, masturbating. She spread her legs and started to do the same while I was getting harder and harder again, and ready to cum. I felt it coming, so I stroked faster, until I exploded on her boobs, then started to move backwards leaving a trail of cum on her body all the way to her pussy. That caused her another loud orgasm.
I kneeled down and kissed her hard, for a long while then smiled and her and said “well, now I am ready for some true breakfast”.

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